Monday, December 1, 2008

Contest time for Me

I know I should post more... but it's just to enter this contest. An update on me would be I've gained a solid 10-13lbs since the summer. Suck. I know. and now it's right in the middle of baking season... and I have totally mis-placed my motivation. I think I may have left it somewhere on that 5k course from the summer as that was the last time I had any. But other than that life is good. Crazy busy with the kids, they drive me insane most days, but I'm surviving. (barely).

I entered the Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Giveaway!
Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So just touching base... i'm still around... kinda in a holding pattern still.. it's a tuff time of year! We have thanksgiving this weekend, then it's my cruise (Oct 19 whoot whoot) and then halloween (but i've been feeling the effects of that already) and so on... it also doesn't help that I have been in a baking mood latley. I've found a great recipe for cinnamon buns and then I whipped up a creamcheese frosting to go on to, cookies galor, carmel popcorn, turtle cheesecake, the list goes on and on.
When I went back home last weekend for a funeral (my Nanny; she was 90) ppl still said it' looked like I was still looking slimmer/loosing. My brother made a odd, comment. At diner none the less "it looks like your boobs are smaller". Errr thanks bro, I think. What are you doing looking at my boobs?
So what else is new in my life...hmmmm, just plugging along.. constantly cleaning and doing laundry, bleh. It's starting to cool off here, today it was 0 C. Not sure what that in is F. but it's just right at the freezing level here. I think the snow is coming. Perfect time for a cruise. Did I mention how FREAKING EXCTIED I am for my cruise? The husband as already made a request.. that we sleep neked for the whole cruise, lol. I think he thinks we won't be leavign the room as we'll be 'occupied' the whole time, (well I will be :0 ) opps that was kinda naughty! It will be a very nice, needed break and quality husband wife'ie time.
ok off to vacume.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Steps

So I weighed this morning and I was 225.6 which I am neither happy nor sad about... but on a NSV side I did some fall shopping and comfortably bought 16+ size pants/jeans and I love them! I love more than I am defiatly a 16 (plus still though). I bought some regular size sweater vest top thingies too that I like, in a large to boot! It kinda motivates me a bit to get back on track...kinda. Thanks for the support while i've been unmotivated :)

Other than WL, things are good here, just busy with live, weddings (go GRandma) sickness, laundry, getting ready for my cruise (5weeks!) and general life stuff.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here, but just in spirit


Still around, but haven't found the wagon. I did get on the scale the other night, it was scary but not What the Hell am I doing scary (well OK almost) It was 229.8 .... in the before AF. So now I'm in the middle of AF, who in their right mind starts a *diet* during AF I ask? ... so when she is gone... I will try really really hard to get back on track...(can you tell I am not so sure yet?)

On to funner things.. I bought another dress for my cruise.. and it' makes my boobs look amazing...if I wear it as a strappy little sundress.. but I'd be to self conscious... so I'll pair it with a cute little t I got for .94 cents! Oh and I ordered a couple little *ditties* (as my GF's and I use to call them) for 'desert' wink wink if you know what I mean... ha ha. Better than the moo-moo I was thinking of bringing to laze around our cabin in.

ok. chow for now.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No News is Bad News...

Yup, you caught me. I am offically off the wagon. I'm not sure I can even see the wagon anymore.. and you know what that sounds familular to me..i'll have to go back and see if I already used that one.

So i'm struggling because of vacations/camping, a baby that is back to waking up every 2hrs, beyond frustration with my toddler girls and potty training, and being bumbed out seeing pics of me when I thought I was doing/looking good but realising I look just as [fat] *I hate saying that work* as ever. I feel like I am doomed in the 220's and my body won't let me leave. I know a bit of a pitty party, and I know what i'd say to the person if I was reading this blog and not typing it... but that is where i'm at. My cruise in less than 2m isn't even motivation as I think i'm going to gain 10lbs on it anyways...

So I hope to find the motivation soon, but really i'm not too motivated to find the motivation either....


Saturday, August 9, 2008


So I said i'd be back... and I guess I kinda forgot....whooooops! So I next morning post-vac. WI was I think...227? This morning I was down to the 224's so getting back in the right zone. I still feeling incredibly 'eaty' meaning I am full but still want to munch munch munch! But trying to be *good* (fruit has been my savior).

So I guess I have a NSV though... while on holidays, I donned the 'ol swim suit.... not the granny boring one I sometimes post before/after pics of but my 'cute ones' and well they were just too darn big! One kept ridding up my but, it drove me nuts! I guess my bee-hind was big enough to hold it down. At one point I got so fed up with picking it out of my a*s that I just let it sit up there. Nice Lara, nice....

My other suit... a cute 2pc 'tankinie' style, well the empire on this is suppose to be tight enough to hold the girls up, well nope. They kept sliding down so they were kinda hanging out of the bottom, then causing the top 'cup' part to ride up. A nice look also...nothing like super saggy boobs on show.

So I went swim suit shopping tonight, just to get something for the cruise in Oct as I doubt I'll find much for swimwear up north here past Aug. So I ended up getting a cute brown number that DEFIANTLY does the girls justice and a more 'normal' black/red jobbie that I can do what ever in and everything stays in place and I still register somewhere on the cute factor. If you're good, I may even post pics :) Oh did I mention my old suits are 20's and the new ones are a 14 and 16 !!! oh yaaaaa baby!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm baaaaack (and so are some poooounds....)

Stay tooned for my offical post-vacation weigh in tomororw morning... but I jumped on 'er around lunch, fully clothes and a tummy happy with some morning chocolate... I was 228.2. The morning we left I was 218.8 the way did I mention that??? I'll have to go read my blog and see. but yes I got up early (6am) and ran and came home and WI on an empty tummy and I was 218.8.
Vacation was great! The kids did so great camping, which makes things all the more better! I'll post some pics in a few days!
I also ran a 5k race during the first few days of my vacation and let me tell you, it kicked my A*S! Lets say I need to get off the treadmill and hit the pavement!... and that was the last time I ran... July 26th.. it's now Aug. 5th...

and for the record I didn't bring my scale but I think I should have as it would have kept me in line more... I did good the first day and a half...then it all went to hell.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1/2 Way to a Healthy BMI

Yup today I am half way thru my battle with 'releasing' my excess weight (I don't want to lose it as when you lose something you tend to find it again someday). I have released 43.4lbs so far (since June 07) and I have 43.4lbs to release and I will be in the healthy BMI range!! I also only have 7lbs to release and I will not be considered obese anymore! Whoot whoot!

I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow so prob. won't be able to post much... I'll be back Aug 4/5th and will check in then... I think i'm going to bring my scale on vacation with me keep accountable; am I hard core or WHAT!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Run Yet

So I had my best run yet today! I wish I could figure out how to post my little Nike+ running graph! I ran for 50min today--straight--no stopping!!! It felt pretty good, I was determined to run more than 45 which is what I have been doing on a good day. I'm starting to realize how 'fit' I am becoming and it feels great. Shorts I could barley get over my booty last year (and were waaaaaay to tight to actually wear out in public) are loose straight out of the washing machine and soon will be too loose to wear period. I think my back fat rolls are turning in to back fat bumps; meaning that they aren't rolling over now but just still there a bit, kinda a crease under them. I can see my waist line attempting to come out of hiding also.

So we go on vacation on Thursday for 10-14 days. Just visiting the in laws and trying out some camping.. (did I tell'ya all that we bought a new trailer? 30ft, queen bed + quad bunks in the back!). and then finishing off with a family reunion on my step mom's side... but I know I need to stay OP. That little 4 day episode proved that to me. Ya I might be eating all 35FP but I need to be accountable and not just go hog wild. I SO need to get out of the 220's I feel like I've been here for EVER!

Ok my back is getting sore from sitting at the 'puter.. chat later...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I made it to the gym yesterday... and had a good 44min run. Did I tell you guys I got the Nike /Ipod thingy? I quite like it. It's awsome it tracks my work outs, it can even 'train' me if I decide. The weight is slowly coming back down. It really surpirzes me that I can gain that much in that short of time! really I went from 221.8 on Fri. to 227 on Thurs. Can I really blame all that on low water & AF? Or does 5 days of horrible eating really = 5 lbs gained...I think I have to realize I can't just go from one extream to the other (eating totally OP/good to fast food and chocolate all day long). I had a goal to be at 224 for July 1st, which I was... then my next goal was 214 for Aug 1st...ummm I don't think that will happen. and to look back and realize i'm at the exact spot I was at July 1st, and it's now 19 days later... is a big depressing! I guess I still have 2 weeks so I will *hopefully* be under 200 but at the same time we go on holidays July 24th...uhggg.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back; me and the weight...

So i'm back from my little jaunt the beginning of this week (left sat afternoon, back wed. night) It was busy; always so much to do... and we went specifically for my one dd's Dr. appt. which went well but the test it's self (VCUG) was not fun.

So I ate, and ate and ate and ATE the entire time. Didn't help that af came, I was away from *my* kitchen, my step mom is a great cook, I am week for chocolate and fast food. I don't think I drank more than 1 cup of water the entire 4 days. Seriously. Why do I go so off kilter? I brought my work out gear, but of course had no time to work out. So today at the gym SUCKED as I feel like i'm back at square one.

Plus today was such a crappy day. Just really sucky.. the girls were driving me CRAZY, had me in tears this morning, which I hate and has only happened once or twice before.. some days I just don't like my life very much. Which I hate saying... but it's true. A tell-a-marketer called tonight at bedtime, and I told him, it was bed time and NOT a good time, so he asked if he could call earlier tomorrow, to which I replied "my life is hell right now, no time is a good time." I think he actually hung up on me, after a hurried "oh i'm sorry".
Sorry this is turning more in to a rant... i'll be fine in a day or two once the hormones level out and I get back in to my routine...oh and my back hurts to top it off...oh and I saw 227 this morning. blah.

ok good night....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another boring post about Gym Time!

So another great day at the gym, 45min on the treadmill (7m walking/talking, 38min running) felt really good. So I think my body does pretty good if it can have a day off between runs...not saying I will do that, but just expect less on back to back work out days. So this is day #3 this week at the gym. I have full intentions on going to the gym tomorrow as well, so it will make it 4 days.

I think I am starting to pms...sore boobs ect so I am preparing myself for a lull in weight loss for a week or so. Trying to mentally prepare for that week of not much movement on the o'l scale.

Also I was reflecting on my struggles about 2 weeks ago regarding being so frustrated with maintaining...and I think the problem was I was just eating too many points. Plain and simple. I was eating my daily points (28) plus all AP's I earned plus a good portion of my flex points. That worked fine and dandy 30-40 pounds ago. But my body changed so my points needs changed. I needed to eat less points and exercise more. Wise old advice I know. These days I am eating right about 26pts a day... period. I might throw in a once a week splurge meal to stir things up, but for now this is what is working for me! I think we have to remember that our bodies are changing and evolving all the time and they adapt AMAZINGLY well to what ever we throw at them so we have to change it up all the time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whoot Whoot

So went to the DR. today to request a cholesterol test (I have on the high side) and want to see if my weight loss and exercise is having a ++ impact on it. So Dr. weights me, at 4:30 in the afternoon, fully clothed and I was....drum roll please.... 219 and 3/4!!! I was so excited! His scale does weigh a few pounds lighter than mine, but to know I am that close to the teens on mine was exciting and felt great! Another good thing, is first he weighed me in kilograms and I was 99.7 so that means I just broke out of the triple digit's for kg's!!!

Oh I forgot to mention the other night I bought 2 dresses for my cruise (haven't even booked the cruise yet!) I couldn't resist, one was a cute t-shirt style knit dress, turquoise for $10, the second was a cotton short sleeve turquoise plaid button front with a cute little tie at the waist, again $10! I bought in REGULAR sizes one a large the other an XL, I can get both on and the button one mostly buttoned up but is very tight so I think it will look great in 20-30lbs, and I'll be in a regular XL, that to me is INSANE!

Gym Time

So i've been 2 days in a row! Yesterday was a great day, you know the kind where you feeling like you could run forever, or your usual routine feels easy? I ran 45min (5min warm up) and sweated like a PIG and I loved every minute of it. I went today and well as soon as I started I knew it wouldn't be like yesterday, so I ran 25min, and biked 13min and did a couple sets of leg weights. I'm taking tomorrow off and then back thurs & fri as we are heading out of town Sunday to WEd. so I doubt i'll be able to squeeze in a work out, but i iwll bring my runners, just in case!
Also I got a Nano last night! I told hubby I was interested in getting the Nike Apple Sport ipod thingy and well he said ok! So now I just have to buy the Nike part when we are in a bigger centre next week! i'm excited for my new gadgets!

I feel really good about my new way of eating. I feel like i'm eating very clean, no processed food, artificial sweeteners, treats ect. I know the shakes are very processed but when I ease off them I feel ready to make more 'clean' meals and not so many processed ones. Even laying off the snack packs, thins, fugsicles, crystal light ect!

ok nap time for the kiddo's = couch time for tallmama!!
This tag comes from MissJulynotyet .
I'm supposed to tell you 6 random things about me...

1~ I use to kick box; (back in 1997/1998) and retired undefeated. I fought competitors from Saskatchewan to East Los Angles. My last fight weigh in was 162lbs.

2~All 3 of my children were adopted, with much love, after finding out that husband has an extra X chromosome (XXY) that left him sterile.

3~I back-packed by my self to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia a few years after college for 11m.

4~I'm LDS

5~I have my college diploma in Fashion Design. (went to school in Toronto; righ out of high school)

6~I love being naked, even at 265lbs I could care less about being naked.

The rules:Link to the person who tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post.Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

My first time tagging goes...
Diary of an Aspiring Loser

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not so Mad today...

So thinks are a bit better, for now...I got frustrated enough that I'm doing a 9 day cycle of my husbands Isagenix that he didn't quite finish. 2 day cleanse, 5 shake days (2 shakes, 1 meal) and 2 cleanse day. I needed to do something. Things seem to be moving, but I guess that will happen when you don't eat for 2 days (well I did have some nuts and hard boiled eggs) but I think it's what I and my body needed to get a shift going. Now that I'm on 'shake' days I will make sure I am eating my 26 pts. I come quite close to it with their program but just need to make sure I have some of the suggested 'nuts' for snacks. We all know those rack up the points. I think maybe I was eating too many treats (chocolate) with my points and maybe needed to cut back on eating flex points and activity points. So we'll see how things go!

So I'm on a 16 week count down to my cruise. I figure I could do a minimum of 16lbs lost (209lbs) to a max. of 32lbs lost (189lbs) THAT number seems insane to me that I could be that low by end of Oct. but that is only calculating a 2lbs WL per week. Honestly I seem to average out at 1.5lbs per week which would be 24lbs down (201lbs). So enough analyzing what I COULD do and just start doing!!

I'm back to the gym tomorrow, I hope to be back running my 3M but I haven't been able the past couple times (Thur. and Sat.) but will be there all the same!

Friday, July 4, 2008


I can't tell you how stink'n MAD I am about ALWAYS seeing either 227 something or 228 something. Like for the past freak'n 2-3months. I'm tired of it TIRED I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Talk About Some Up's and Downs!

So not sure how posting gets away from me.. but it does and I'm sorry... I keep thinking about blogging... "oh I should post about this...or that".

Well the first thing was that on July 1st (Canada Day, yah Canada) I weighed in at 224.6lbs!! That was 40.2 down (yes you may recall I posted this accomplishment a few weeks ago, but the weight did not stay off). So I was super pumped. The good think also was that I felt 224.6lbs meaning I finally felt a tiny bit slimmer than I had in a that was all good and fine till my BBQ that night. Now I didn't go hog wild, but I defiantly wasn't couting points. I knew I'd be up but 5bls come ON!! and day 2 of 229 is not making me happy. It seems like I touch in the #'s i'd like to be, then back up to these stink'n high 220's. It's PISSING ME OFF!!!

I missed 2 days at the gym (1st and 2nd) and got back on the wagon today, though it was a struggle and I could not run the 3miles that I had been doing, but all the same I went to the gym and I left sweaty, yah me.

So my Mom said (after I asked) that she would watch the kiddo's in Oct. for hubby and I to go on a CRUISE!!! I have been needing a vacation for awhile; I loooove traveling and haven't been away since Jan 07. (I know it's not that long ago). So we are looking at a 4 day Bahamas cruise out of Miami. I get so excited just thinking about it. Anybody cruise before? Hubby's been on 1 and I haven't' been before. We are just doing a shorter one as it's our first time leaving the kids and for us to fly to Miami is a good day's travel so it's a 6-7 day trip. Any parent knows that even 1 day away is rejuvenating in it's self so 4 will be magical! It's also the week before our 6 year anniversary so we'll tie that in too! So another reason to stick with the program, even thru my frustration!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Night Check In

So as requested (by Colette) i'm posting..

So things have been pretty good since switching to 26pts. It's funny you wouldn't think going down only 2pts would make a difference (on your food intake) but I find myself cutting out one extra treat a day to make sure I don't do nuts with my points. I think my weight is shifting a bit, but today was the first morning of a little bit lower # (226.0) so we'll see what Mr. scale has to say tomorrow morning.

On the exersize front it's been going good! Last week I ran a total of 9miles and walked for 50min. When dh came home sat I insisted on me being able to go to the gym. This was at supper time, if you are like me my energy levels just get lower and lower as the day goes on... so I was not super pumped to go, but I also don't want to go 2 days in a row with out working out.. so I made myself and of course felt great afterwards. I ran 3miles in 40min. No record but I sweated a ton and felt good and it's been YEARS since i've been able to run no-stop that long. I earn 10-12 Ap's each run, which really is ALOT! Now the effort will be to find a sitter for tomorrow so I can go..the child care is cloesed as we have a holiday on the 1st (Canada Day, yay Canada!) so alot of buisnesses just close for the monday too... hubby's working so not sure if I will get a work out in or not...Also we are having a Canada DAy BBQ so I want to do as much as I can tomorrow so the 1st isn't too hecktic... but we'll see.

And my last thought... I had a NSV today, someone FINALLY noticed I've been losing weight. Serioulsy this is the first comment since starting last June! But it felt nice none the same!

(i'm too tired to spell check; sorry)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm making a Corporate Decision

So my corporate decision is that I am going down to 26pts. I've been at 28pts for FOREVER ( I looked back 7months i've been at 28pts) and I 'm hovering around these 226-229 range (normaly you go down to 26pts at 225lbs) with dips either way. I will try it for a week and see what gives. I also want to note that I am kicking it up a notch at the gym and will be eating most if not all of my AP's (yesterday I earned 11-12pts) and I tend to eat most of my FP so I don't think I will be lacking points but I feel like there has to be a 'shift' somewhere.

I looked back and I started (again) back on track May 25th weighing in at 232.4 and now, 5 weeks later I am 227.2 so that is about 1 pound a week. Which I guess is respectable, but I would have (hoped) thought that with my exercising it would be more. I would hope for a 1% loss each week, which would be at least 2lbs at my present weight.

So on the exercise note, I am loving running and yesterday I ran 3miles! I did it in around 40min and I also did a 5min warm up and 5min cool down so on the treadmil for 50min. Boy was I sweating! I have a mini schedule I'm going to follow/work up to during the summer and if I do good and feel good about it I might have bigger plans come the fall!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hail to Becky... oh Thou Wise Woman

So Becky was right.... I just had to wait out those nasty hormones, drink my water and my weight would magically settle to where it was...

I was 226.8 today.. I had seen 225's before AF but I suspect in the next few days I'll be back there. It just perturbs me I have to basically write off an entire week of potential weight loss to stupid AF. She serves me no purpose, yet I'm forced to put up with her and her antics each month. Phewy on her...

On the exercise note, I am hitting my stride at the gym again; 2 days so far this week (Mon + Tues) and today I ran for 45min! Yup! Well 5min walking warm up, run 35min straight, walk 5min cool down. It felt great, and really wasn't much of a strain. I only started breathing thru my mouth the last 5min when I kicked up the rpm's! I'm feeling pretty good and might poke around at races next spring and see what I might feel up to; either 10k, 1/2 marathon or full. Heck I bet I could do a 10k sometime this fall... well see.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I'm perplexed... I'm back up to 229 point what ever. Ya I just finished AF but by now I'm usually super low for 3-4 days..but I'm high, high, HIGH right now. I've been OP with one day off (and not super bad eating) water intake has been not 100% but not horrible. I'm wondering if I need to drop to 26pts (WW says at 225lbs to drop from 28 pts to 26pts) 'cause really I've been floating around these #'s for FOR-EVER! What does the peanut gallery think? For the rest of this week (till Friday) I'm only eating daily points and activity points, no flex points. I need to see #'s move and STAY gone!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

insert witty title here...

So I've been sorta MIA only because, well I've been busy! I'm still totally on plan, exercising -yes I drag 2 toddlers and a newborn to the gym to work out. I laugh at myself because by the time I get everyone organized and in the van, I have broken a sweat (really!!) and I think I don''t need to go to the gym I just need to go somewhere everyday :). It really does feel great to work out. I'm not doing anything too major right now, just walking around the track for 45+min but I sweat and can feel it a bit. Soon I think I'll start leaving the baby too with child care and do the treadmill/bike that I use to do. I want to get back in to running, I WAS at running for 30min before baby, but alas...I fell off that wagon sort of abruptly.

Also this week is AF I haven't been to crazy about the scale. I think that is the reason for the fluctuation between the 225's and 228's. I'll just have to wait till miss thang leaves and I will have the true verdict. (I'm also the ultimate lowest right after AF).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Up.....WAYYYYYY up

So I think that day was just a fluke as I haven't seen a number that good in a couple days. Yesterday 227.4 today 228.8. I think today's WI is a direct result of yesterdays filling my face non-stop with chocolate and bread sticks. Did I mention AF will probably be officially arriving today? So that explains it but does not excuse it.

We'll just have to wait till AF is pretty much done and see what the scale says. 2 days in to this 'week' and I'm 14-18points in to my FP...Yikes! I have full intentions on going to the gym tomorrow. I will do my very best today... I think I just need to go upstairs and throw out the rest of the bread sticks I made yesterday (It was raining, I HAD to bake.. I thought I'd be safe with bread sticks, ummm NO)

Friday, June 13, 2008

McDonald's = Weightloss????

So what's up with that eh? I almost don't believe my scale, but I got on 'er like 5 times and it was between 224.6 and 225.0, SERIOUSLY! I usually go up and do a second weighing session after my second munchkin is up... about an hour after the first; just for fun. So we'll she what #'s I get in a bit... but really??? 224.8 (I'll take the middle..) That means F O R T Y P O U N D S gone, done, lost never to be seen again! I'll do my official happy dance in a bit, after confirmation...

(PS Colette; here I come!!!)

Edited to add: ok so it's been an hour and I went back up to weight and I was 225.0 to didn't dip in the 224's so I will go with an official WI as 225.0...lets see what happens tomorrow!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whyyyyyyy (as the song goes)

So I had my lowest WI today in a while, 227.0 and what do I have for lunch???? McDonald's... Why do I do that? I just don't know. Really it was 14 pts which I consider high-ish, but not insane because a) it was a lunch meal so if I go light on diner, not so bad right? b) I still have 7pts left which is acceptable. c) I do have 28pts to eat in a day...
I know crappy justification, but that's how I have it worked out. Why do I love it so much? Plus all that sodium alone I'm sure will bump me up a pound or 2. What ever.

I'm 2.2 away from the 40 mark, my 'half way' is anywhere from 40-45lbs... so getting close to that too. (If I can stay away from Micky D's)


So I'm up kinda early, can't really sleep in these days. My body must be getting use to minimal sleep. So I was kinda bummed because I couldn't get a hold of our boot camp guy and my insecurities got the best of me and I was thinking he didn't want some overweight housewife doing his camp and possibly pulling down his image... I guess it turns out he had to go home for the week due to a family emergency, so boot camp was canceled this week. So I feel a bit better about this. I'm actually looking forward to doing it on a regular bases. Mostly because it's such a kick a#s work out I know it will help in my weight loss.

Hmmm what else can I tell ya all??? I don't think my brain functions too well yet so we'll leave it at that.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So this stuff is everywhere it seems. I watch it now, well look to see how much is in the food I eat and I am SHOCKED! I think it would be harder to be on a low sodium diet than on a low fat diet, seriously. I live on WW meals for lunch... those are high, so last week I thought hmm I'll just have a nice big salad, with feta, I love feta. I put 3 servings on as it was really the only thing counting on my salad...well at over 500mg of sodium PER SERVING I ate over 1500mg of sodium on my salad, just about double a WW meal. Geesh.
Really the only way to say away from this stuff is to eat clean. No processed foods ect, just foods in their natural state. But that's rarely possible in my household. I'm all about fast and convience. But I also know my body defiantly reacts to sodium... what's a girl to do?

Anyways that is my sodium vent....

Hubby's been busy!

So hubby built my pergola on his days off! and we got the gravel all spread and he built the kids a sand box! I'm so excited! I just have to lay patio stones for the "floor" of the pergola and I bought some fabric to add some drapes to it. I'm so excited for my yard to be done and the way I've envisioned it. The girls love playing outside and now I'll enjoy being out there too! Yaaa hubby.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one handed post

So this is a one handed pot while I feed the boy. I finally dropped a few pounds....i'm surprized I didn't drop it right after the bootcamp but I think my body was retaining as I was drinking and drinking but hardley peeing...
I was 228.8 so a total of 36lbs down. So close to the 40lb mark! More later when I have 2 hands free!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I got my A$$ kicked today

Ok folks, I got a good old fashion butt kicking at the gym today. I say yesterday at the gym a sign for 'Boot Camp'; you can sign up for 2x, 3x, 4x, or 4x a week and they offer several different times thru out the day. I thought hmm maybe this is what I need. So I went for a freebie session this morning... holy crap!

I was sweating and thinking what the crap from about the first 5min. We did good old fashions stadium stairs, with ankle weights ALSO holding a 5lb weight, we also ran the main stairs at the gym, then we did a circuit type thing on the track including but not limited to: skipping, lunges, these side to side things, all types of ab's, push ups, jumping jacks, resistance running and so on. I think this is the closest I've come to vomiting while working out. I haven't had a work out like this since my kickboxing days. When I got back to my van, I was like where am I? Do I have kids? Where are my kids? What planet am I on? I seriously thought of nothing while working out except survival!

So did I sign up? Some what hesitantly, but I did, this will get my butt in shape in 1/2 the time I'm sure! (but only 2x a week, I'm not insane!)

I figured I earned 9AP's today, and I feel like I E-A-R-N-E-D every single one! We'll see if I can walk tomorrow....

Thursday, June 5, 2008


No, i'm not 35 years old and 2 days...I'm down 35.2 lbs since starting WW (june 2007). And I'm in the "Twenties" woot woot.
Sorry on the short side, but nap times over...on to the diner rush...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reflecting on My Last Year

So since it's my one year anniversary from starting WW last June. I remember feeling so fat (as much as I hate that word) last year as we were at the in laws for a mini family reunion and we did pics. Well when I saw the pics that night...uhhhggg. I seriously was disgusted. I knew my weight was scary close to 265... and realizing I was defiantly closer to 300 than to 200 made me get my butt in gear. Of course I'm no where near where I thought I'd be, heck I could have been at goal if it wasn't such a busy/changing year. But really to be down anything from last year is great, and I just need to stick with it. It's not like I'm heavier than I was last year! I know I had *really* wanted to run a marathon or some race at the least for my 35th b-day. But being diagnosed (after severe back pain) with 2 herniated disks... I new that dream was quickly fading. I've now set a goal to run a marathon by my 40th (in 5 years) I have always wanted to do this and I know I will. But I have to realize being where I am right now, it's not a super fast attainable goal. In 5 years all my kids should be in school and with in 2years they'll start going so I'll (hopefully) regain some personal time. That's really my main goal. Of course to be skinny, look hot and wear what ever I want is up there too.

Really when I look back at the challenges I've had this past year I feel pretty good about any loss and sustained loss! Back problems,selling a 2nd property, toddler adoption, pins and needles about possible 3rd adoption, infant adoption, LACK OF SLEEP, 3 kids 3 and under (2 home with in 6m of each other), a hubby who works alot... ahhh I could go on and on... but that's life eh? We can't and won't ever have just a perfect time conducive to weight loss where everything is peachy keen and roses. There will always be something going on, challenging us and making us think "i deserve a treat". There's aways a reason to not make right choices, but there also is always reasons too make healthy choices. We just have to focus on the right reasons.

So a current goal of mine is to be wedding weight by my 6y anniversary (Nov. 1st) wedding weight was 195lbs. Really I look at my photos and think dam, if I could look like that again I'd be loving it! (but goal really is 174 (healthy BMI). I just also found out that my grandma is getting married again (2nd) and it's early Sept. so of course that is motivation through out the summer... I like have a 2-3m event/goal thing to look forward to. Better than just always looking long long term. If I do the math, there isn't any reason not to be at goal for the new year...but I'm not officially setting that goal yet...

Ok so this has been sort of a long winded post... off to be a Mom...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Becuase DC+Z is a perv and asked to see me in a swimsuit....

Mothers Day 2007 (about 2 weeks before starting WW)
June 2nd 2008 (34lbs down)

Current back June 2008

Jan 2008 back (20lbs ago)

Jan 2008 front

June 2008 front (20lbs lighter)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tips from Tallmama...

So I had a (I thought) brilliant idea tonight. We had about 4 bananas getting too ripe. Usually I throw them in the freezer for banana bread, which we know is not the best thing to make...exp. if you are weak to the baked goods like I am (and someone else I know...). So I thought hmmm lately I've loved my banana strawberry smoothies... so I chunked them up and froze them smoothie ready! I think they are going to work great!

a side note...I was going to post some before and after pics...but there really isn't a huge difference! The before pics are only from Jan/08, my lovley swimsuit shots...and I'm down *almost* 20 since then, so not a huge amount...


No, it's not how much weight I am down (well almost!) It's how OLD I am today. Yup you guessed... it's mah birthday, it's mah birthday, party like it's my birthday!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finishing up first week

Jett's fussing in the back quickly..

Down 2.6 this week. Ya me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My new deck and Gazebo...

My big boy Jett: 2 months old and 14lbs, 24"

I'm heading in the right direction

So the #'s are coming down; I'm 231.4 today (was 234.6 on Friday). I wasn't drinking my water so I'm sure that accounts for most of it. It's been going fairly good, no issues as of late. Yesterday I didn't even go in to my 35's..(though they are 1/2 gone, but I do always eat them).

We got a gazebo for our new deck (that hubby built on our May long weekend 17-19th). I love it! It's 10x12 and I bought a patio rug and some hanging baskets and it's pretty much what I had envisioned! The girls love playing out side, but we have a south facing back yard so not a stitch of shade and it was too hard to try and have Jett out there too, so now he can chill on the deck in shaded comfort and I can soak up rays or enjoy the shade as well. I took pics last night but am too lazy to run upstairs right now! Now we just need grass, lol. The guy we have lined up to finish our yard says he'll start the end of this week or beginning of next, ya! I have big plans for hubby to build a pergola and patio, and we are also doing a cool rock garden thingy and a fairly large sand box for the kiddo's. I'm so excited to have a nice yard, we haven't really for the 6 years we've been married, between moving to new builds barley getting the yard done and moving again!

I'm off to take Jett for his 2m shots today. I hope the little guy does OK. It seems like such a necessary evil. He's been a bit on the fussy side lately so hope this doesn't add to it!

On a side note: Thanks to DC&Z for your comments! it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who finds it a huge challenge being home with all these little critters! Some days I wonder how I'm still (somewhat) sane.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...sneaking in the back door...

If I haven't posted in a while, it means I'm off program. and I'm tired of just coming to blog when I'm doing good (or on program). I do have tentative plans to get back on track as we approach my 1 year anniversary officially starting to lose weight (June 3/4th). I am down from then, but no where near where I thought I'd be. But also in retrospect, alot has transpired since last June also. I had high hopes to run some sort of race (marathon) by this June for my 35th b-day but that's not going to happen... maybe for my 36th? I think for sure by my 40th.
Anyways... I'm going to blog when I can/feel like it and not have guilt when I don't. I read a good selection of blogs on almost a daily basis and I think I'll make more of an effort to comment on those blogs, than post on mine. Maybe I'll decide to do a beginning of the month check in... we'll see....

Other than the diet/weight loss front life it BUSY. Seriously how do Mom's do it? My life is a blur of Landry, food, poop, fighting ect... I have a secret; I can't wait till school starts (which is still 2years for my oldest). I think I'll be a much better Mommie if my life isn't day in day out, all day long, never ending toddler hood.

Ok well. off to bed. Nighty night.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back on Plan today

Ok so I hesitantly write this...but I know I need to get back on I am done my girly stuff so I figure time to hop back on the wagon. Though somewhat reluctant as I think how can I add counting points to my daily routine; I feel over loaded as it is...but we'll try. I think I will also use the points value determined by the new system (also found on Roni's sight, quite handy!) It says a daily point value of 30 (32 if I stand all day but I can't gauge between 'sit all day' and stand all day, but really I think I'm pretty active dealing with 3 kids) I was doing 28 daily points. I'm kinda nervous also because I just can't fit exercises in right now. I don't have enough energy to do basics so I don't want to deplete it with exercise. Maybe when Jett is sleeping mostly thru the night.
I have to go weigh my self and will post that later today.

So yesterday I had to call on a friend to take the girls in the morning. I felt kinda like a failure but I was SOOOO tired I just couldn't deal with them. Jett had a bad night and that topped with minimal sleep for the past 5 weeks = an extremely tired tallmama!

Ok I'm outtie....

Edited to add: Today's WI was 229.4 which I am pleasantly surprised on! I'm still in the 20's! Whoot Whoot. It's 5 weeks to my birthday (35 YIKES) so my 5 week goal is 10 lbs so then I will be in the teen's. It will also be the 1 year anniversary to when I officially started to lose weight (starting @ 264.8) Of course I figured a year later I'd be at goal for sure (175 lbs) but thinking positively down 45 (HOPEFULLY) pounds by then will be an accomplishment.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Side note

Ok so I like doing these video posts...but not sure how I manage to have such a goofy face for the start of both of them...ha ha bear with me :).

ohhh I like this....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

NoTe to my faithful readers (all 2 of you probably, he he)

If I go's because I am buried in a mountain of calories and fat. Talk about WAAAAAAAY off program. I've watched the scale climb up up UP! Last WI I was somewhere around the 232-233 range (last *good* WI was 226.4!!). I guess I've kinda lost my self while managing a new household of 5...and have found comfort in my old friends, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate...

Hopefully I'll be *back* soon....

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Um life is busy with 3 kids. Very busy. I'm glad my Mom is here, but I wonder how the heck i'm going to manage when she goes.... So I am still losing weight. Not to sure how that is happening but i'm liking it! I was 227.4 this morning! and I am now in the 20's in the morning and at night! Yaaa hoooooo

Thanks to all for the well wishing comments. I feel bad that I cant' post more often or comment on others blogs. I do read them...maybe not everyday but I do, I promise.

Jett is doing great, he's crashed out on my lap after doing a big poop. So I guess I should go change his cute tiny bum.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Home and now a tallmama of THREE kiddo's

So we have a son! We named him Jett and we got him on March 29th. We got back home yesterday (30th) and are getting sorted out after being gone sooooo long. He is doing really good. He's 11 days old today, and such a sweetie! Oh and I'm down weight wise. Who knew, you would NOT think I would be the way I was eating (lots of chocolate!) I am 230.2 sooo close to the 20's!!! so that is a total loss of 34.6 and since Jan a loss of 19 pounds!

Friday, March 28, 2008

im alive

this will be short, but by request I am alive...we should know today if we will have a baby BOY joining our family or not. It has been beyond stressful waiting, and there is always something putting a twist in to things but hopefully today we'll know. We are still away from home, I havent' been home since my last post and that has been hard too. I promise I will post when I have some news and TIME.
~Hearts~ tallmama

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Made it to the gym ...and off on a road trip

Hey so I made it to the gym and had an amazing work out. I ran 3x 10and1's for a total run time of 30min (38 incl walking) and 30min on the bike. I calculated AP's at 14. Does that sound crazy? It does to me. But it's probably because I am running with so much extra weight still. It really felt good though.
I am switching my days to wed. so Mon and Tues have been floater days. I haven't been great but I haven't been horrible. and with 14 aps today I think I'll do OK.
I'm off to visit my in laws, then probably my mom so will be gone for 1-2 weeks. May be back with a baby, may not. We'll just have to see....

Monday, March 10, 2008


I've fallen off the wagon, and can't get back on.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I think I need to change the Day my Week Starts

So I've noticed ever since I switched to Monday being my new start day...I slack off pretty bad come the weekend. I self talk myself by saying that it's only 2 (1) more days till I start a new week. I feel like I can be easy and not track as I'm starting a new week so soon. But we all know this rationalization doesn't work. When I started Tues was my start date and it seemed to work well. But if I switch I think I'll switch to Wed. right in the middle...but those 2 days till I get to my new start date might be kinda crazy!

I also had another mishap with some chocolate today. I think TOM is around the corner, and also just stress in general is taking it's toll. My 3 year old has been an absolute BEAR this past week. That stresses me out. I also am on pins and needles re: this whole baby thing. I hope something happens this coming week.

Anyways...I know I need to get back on track as I am so close to the 20's; I really don't want to start going in the wrong direction!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


21 points of chocolate I ate tonight. I guess I won't be expecting the scale to be down tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A new low...

Soooo close to the 20's I can just taste them...(and no, they don't taste like chocolate). Check out my stats...

I also tryed on some of my skinny'er' clothes, some fit and some were quite close. It felt great. I also have a small batch that won't fit till close to goal, and I am quite excited to where them again!

Ok off to watch BB.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Great Cardio Day

So I had a great work out at the gym today. I think I defiantly prefer cardio days. I did 30min on the bike at a level 8 and then 30min on the treadmill; walk 3min run 10min walk 3min run 5min walk 1min run 5min walk 3min so in total running, 20min! TWENTY MINUTES PEOPLE! I was quite excited and felt great. A weird thing...I run better if I bike first. I've tried running first but it just doesn't work well for me! I was sweating alot and it was fantastic. I am excited to see what the scale is tomorrow am...I am hoping in the 231's somewhere! well seeeeeeeeee

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Does it do it to you too?

..the scale, does it not want to give you a constant #? Am I the only one who is on and off; searching for a constant #? Today I had everything from 230.8 to 232.2 ... weird. I keep weighing until I get the same # 2 or 3 times. Today I settled on 232.0 ya for me. But we'll see what it is tomorrow as I am fasting today and weighed my self about 1:30pm on a very empty stomach. So I'm guessing it won't be that low for tomorrow, but we'll see. I'll take it for now, even if it's just for a day.
My hubby is on days off starting tomorrow, but came home early sick today. I hope he feels better really fast. I need him in regular mode not sick mode for his days off. Plus I am hoping to go visit a friend that just had a baby (girl) last Tuesday. She's only 2.5h away and I'd love to see such a new little bubie. I'm so scarred I'll never have that again, and I don't know many people that are having kids that I could hijack and enjoy a cuddle or two.
And on another note...I turn 35 in 3months from today. YIKES! I remember in Sept (07) I had made a goal to run a marathon on my 35th b-day but then shortly after found out about my 2 herniated disks and that was out of the question. I feel so great about starting running again, but need to take it really slow. Maybe I'll look for a 5k around here....

Friday, February 29, 2008


"If this was easy, everybody would be doing it"

I saw this on our gym board (as you enter the gym) today, I actually saw it on my way out, after a tiering work out where I really didn't feel like being there. It actually made me smile a bit, because it's so TRUE!

On another gym note...I decide to mix up the routine the trainer gave me, I'm not crazy about some of the exercises. I threw in some more upper body (I secretly covet women with super toned arms). So I'm doing some shoulders and it was getting difficult and I found my face doing some ugly things. I was making ugly strenuous gym faces!!! It also made me laugh a bit and the harder I tryed not to do them, the more I did them. Thankfully the free weight area was pretty quiet. I kinda do this side lip sneer thing. Not attractive.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

233 BABY

Favorite Recipe

I wanted to post about a fav. of mine. Quick, easy, cheap. I usually do it for lunch.

1 WW pita
1-2 TBS of your favorite BBQ sauce
2-3 handfuls of sliced peppers (red, green, orange ect)
onions if you like
what ever point value of cheese (I like Mozz. best) you like

lay your pita flat, smear your BBQ sauce on it, toss on your peppers/onions, sprinkle with your cheese, pop under the broiler for 3-5min or until cheese is bubbly and yummy. Slice up like a pizza and enjoy. It's so yummy! and you can really vary the point value on it if you like. It's great with some chicken too. I'll take a pic next time I make it (diner maybe??) and post that, I know that always temps people in to trying recipes.

While I'm on the recipe kick, here is another I just made up and LOVE. (the kids loved it too!)

Spaghetti (what ever point value you like, I do 4- 1cup)
1-2 cups frozen veggies (I like the long green+yellow beans with carrots)
Parmesan cheese ( I usually do 2 tbs = 2pts)
Grated Mozz cheese ( I use about 30g = 2pts)

Toss all together. It's so yummy!!! I will sometimes add a tsp of butter, just to yum it up a bit. I love that is cheap, easy, fast and most ingredients on hand.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting There

So inch by inch, I'm getting back on track, and more importantly back to weight loss! I am 234.0 this morning. It did bounce in to the 233's but I had 234.0 consistently so I'll go with that. I can taste the 20's they are so close! I am taking a day off from the gym today, don't want to totally over do it, and then I will work out thurs + Fri. which will give me 4 days of work outs. I tryed really hard, and succeeded last night with not consuming any chocolate. I have such a weekness and I know i have to curb my after supper eating/snacking. Instead I opted for a berry smoothie with only frozen berries and a tbs of honey. (I didn't really like the honey but am trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners).

I also love now that I am back working out, I haven't even touch my flex points. I've earned more than enough AP's each day to cover my over daily #. The two weeks I didn't work out I went over both weeks on my FP's (by maybe 5).

Well I gotta get ready for my Dr's appt to check out my ear.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A New Low

Well I think a day of working out, watching my sodium, and drinking water has helped me re-focus and get back on the weight loss. I am 234.4 this morning which is a total loss of 30.4 pounds, 14.8lbs since Jan 1st. So that equals an average of 1.85 lbs per week. It brings me average down since January, but I can blame that on being sick and not working out (and not staying strictly on plans, not drinking water, high sodium).

On another note...I read in the latest WW magazine that a good rule of thumb for reading nutritional info and deciding if sodium is 'high' or not is if it is 5% or LESS for your daily average percent thing (on the info label) then it is acceptable, but if it is more than 5% than it's probably too high and proceed with caution. I like this rule as I was kinda at a loss as to how much was too much sodium. Sodium is a hard thing to get away from! If it's not fresh meat or veggies/fruit, it has sodium!

Well time to get the crew ready for the gym...have a great day all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on the Wagon

The WW wagon that is. I went to the gym today and it was wonderful! I had a great work out; 40min on the bike and 20min on the treadmill and included 10min of straight running! I was sweating pretty good and did 60min total of cardio. Not sure exactly how many points that is but I gave my self 8-10points; courting most of it as high as my heart rate was at 80%.

I still don't feel 100% but feel good about going to the gym. Also more on track w/ my eating, not that it was off lots, I guess just back to drinking water. What a difference that makes! I'd really like to do a push and get in to the 20's (4-5lbs to lose!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I guess I'm pretty boring when I'm sick!

So still nothing to crazy exciting to post. I'm still not feeling 100% found out I ruptured my eardrum with my infection, hence the pain. I had some crazy gross stuff come out, (ha ha which I saved just to show hubby. He didn't want to look, but I made him. I guess I owe him one now. Probably to look at some giant poop he's had. YES he's asked me in the past and I've refused.) OK I know that was waaaaaay too much info for a weight loss blog...

So I just figured my weight loss for the past 4 weeks and it looks like it's between 3-4lbs. Which I wasn't too excited about. But I guess I have been sick...and haven't worked out hardly ever, and have gone over points/plan more than 1 occasion. I really WANT to get back on track, I feel like I am so close, even though I still have 60 lbs to loose, it feels attainable. And attainable by our anniversary (Nov) and/or Christmas. Either way, this year I will be at goal.

Not sure if I've mentioned this....but March will prove to be a stressfull/happy/pins and needles kind of month. The girls birth mom is pregnant again and due in March (16th). A DNA test needs to be done to determine paternity. If it's potential BF (birth father) #1, then we will be able to (and will) adopt baby. If it is potential BF #2 then the chances are slim as he wants to parent. Sooo we'll have to see how things go. I think I'm busy now...ha things could be ALOT different in 4 weeks (or maybe not but then we know that we are done and this is our family). Really I am good either way. I know that was is to be will happen. I know that I have the children that I am meant to have.

So we'll wait.....and see....and hopefully I don't eat too much chocolate in the mean time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So just plugging along here...nothing exciting to say...still been too sick to work out, and I hate that. Also TOM is showing up, which is fine, I was wondering when she was coming, as she's a few days late. But maybe I'll see a shift on the scale with her arrival (or a few days after).
Hubby is on days off so just hang'n w/ him and the girls. We go for family pics tomorrow. I hope the 2 + 3 yo's don't act their age and things go well. Also I am having date night w/ hubby tomorrow night. I've already planned out my meal w/ the online nutritional guide I found online. I am quite excited to eat totally guilt free! I know how many points I need, I can eat accordingly though out the day and then indulge! Last time we went out I just *guessed* and felt I made a good choice (citrus shrimp salad) and I got home and found out about the nutritional guide....UMMMM 60 grams of FAT later! I was so disappointed. I could have had frys and a burger for almost the same points!

Tomorrow night I am having 11oz(12pts) or 8oz (9pts) steak, maybe frys (8pts) or garlic mashed potatoes (3pts) and if I have the lower point side, i'll probably have calamari (9pts) to start. So I figure I need to budge 20-26 pts.

Well I'm off to beddy dream of my steak........

(ps. yaaaa spell check is working again!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Am I ever going to work out again?

I just can't get back to the gym, and it's not for lack of wanting. I was fully prepared to go today, bag all packed by the front door, MP3 player updated with new songs (lots of old skool R&B remixs, yea baby), and a genuine excitement to go. But.....

I was up all night with the worst earache in history. I mean it HURT! So much I came down to the internet to see what I could do. Let me tell you I found some pretty weird 'natural' methods to help:
1) pee in a cup and put a couple drops of your own urine in your ear {EWWWW}
2) try a couple drops of mouthwash in your ears {mmm hubby might get the wrong idea}
3) cut an onion in half and stick it on your ear. {husband would think I fell off the rocker}

What I opted to try and I think helped (or could have been the 3 extra strength Advil I downed) was a few drops of warm olive oil in my ear, and a hot compress. I also found I needed to sleep elevated. Doing this afforded me 4h of sleep. I then sat in the emerg. room for 3+ hours to get a much needed perscription. If it doesn't work, don't be suprized to see and extra long post tonights, or lots of comments on your blogs.

So needless to say I didn't make it to the gym, and not sure when i'll be back. This really urks me. If you are able to go, go for me. Pleeeeeeeese.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Helpful find

So I found this tool (via WW message boards) and it's quite handy and free! Click here It analizes your recipes and gives you nutritional break down! I just did my cookies in there and they are 4pts each..not that I was expecting them to be low...but just so I know, as I ate the last one this morning..

I had full intentions on going to the gym today; was all packed up, dressed in the gear (aka- had my 'the girls don't budge' bra on) and thought...hmmm maybe i'll call the gym just to confirm the child care it open (it's a holiday today here..but I did ask the lady on friday and she said it was open) well it's not. I am bummed because I so need to get back in to my routin. I guess I could get on my treadmil, but it's not the same... So instead of earning 4 AP's...I ate 4 points I didn't need. Blehhhh.

(hey anyone know why spell check isn't working? I hate not having it!!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Caved

....that's all I have to say. Sorry Tina, couldn't hold out...though your comments did slow me down by about 45min....

My mind is else where....

So I am down here on the computure when i'd rather be upstairs making chocolate chip cookies and eating all the dough. I am just CRAVING it! It's all i've thought about since i've come home from church. I am trying to be strong, but the flesh is weak, so very week. I am wishing af would just hurry up and come so I can be done with the cravings that hit me and pull me in to the gutters of diet h*ll.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Mistake

So I made a mistake today. I thought I was being good, I had good intentions, and thought I was taking the high road. Let me begin by I love to bake, really love it. It is a bit more challanging with 2 toddlers that are right in there helping away. But I still love it. I also havent' baked since my Christmas baking. I thought hmm cookies, mmm to hard to resist, all that dough and then even if I get some made, they'll be gone soon. So hmmm what can I bake. Bread. Bread would be a good thing to bake. AHHHHH NOT. You try resisting warm, fresh out of the oven bread, with the butter only 2 ft away. The flesh is weak. Very week. I have no more Flex points left now, and to be honest, I probably went over by 3-5. I didn't even eat my chicken as I had devoured so much soft goodness.

oh well. Guess I just need to put my baking gloves up for a while.

(ps. My spell check is not working, sorry for the errors. I hate spelling)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahhhhh nothing like getting back to your routin

So I realized this past week (my week of sickness) how attached I got to working out. Even though I was still dropping weight (even though I wasn't working out) I was dissablingted I couldn't work out. I felt like I was loosing all that I had worked for the past month an a half. I craved going to the gym, but I just had no energy. Today we finally went. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like crap, and have to blow my nose every ten minites and also cough up half a lung a day. But we went! I just did 45min of moderate to easy riding on the bike. I didn't want to kill my self, and it has been a whole week since my last work out so didn't want to shock my body. But sick and all it still felt really wonderful to get a sweat on!

I realized that I am confortably in the 30's now. With scale readings day and night in the 30's. That's huge!! It happened kinda fast, and I'm not sure when, but all I know is TWENTY'S HERE I COME!!! I figure that I can get to goal by my anniversary; Nov 1st 2008, but will give my self till Christmas (who's kidding who, till Dec. 1st then HOLD). But to realize that I can do it this year is a great feeling!

I think I want to take some more pictures. I did that online thing where you send in a before pic of you and they send you an after pic back. I wasn't too impressed with the after. They didn't get my body shape right at all (i'm a pear all the way and they 'aftered' me as an apple; these thunder thights ain't going nowhere, even after I drop 90 lbs)

Peace out, the girls are awake....

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well folks I am down 30 lbs today. Yup. I can hardly belive it my self. This since my 'official' start begining of June 2007, with a hiatus from Sept. to Jan 1st. This is 14.4 lbs since Jan 1st 2008 as well. Thought I am sick and hope I don't put the weight back on, i'm still eating my points, but just have not gotten back to the gym. I am going today, mostly to let the girls have time away from their grumpy Mom, I may just do the recumberant (sp?) bike just take it very easy.

Oh and happy ~*..~* Heart Day *~..*~

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Good News + The Bad News

The bad news, i've been away since Thurs and stopped tracking as it was just too busy and cayotic (bad excuse I know) Eatting at someone elses house, who is a good cook, managing 2 busy toddlers, running here there and everywhere and a spur of the moment date night w/ hubby = bad news.

Good news? I lost 2.6 lbs.(238.6 to 236.0) How the HECK does that happen? I mean seriously? I didn't work out at all, ate moderatly bad, didn't track or even attempt to, and I lose some seriouse weight in 5 days? hmmmm. Plus it's the week before af, so if anything I should be retaining...weird.

I can draw 1 conclustion (and I'd like to hear your thoughts too) that maybe i'm just not eating enough while i'm at home on my 'regular' routin. (working out like a made woman + eating all AP's (at least 4/day) and eating about 10-15 FP total through out the week). I am not feeling 100% so it will be a day or 2 before I get back to the gym, which I hate the thought of (not going) as it will end up being a week since I went.

Anyways, I am tired and need to go curl up the couch.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WI day today

So I am slipping on my blogging. But not on my WW journey, so don't worry (ha not that anyone would). I'm not dropping as fast as when I started, but I think that is pretty universal. I WI at 239.0 today, which from last week I belive is a .6 loss, but now just updating my 'stats' and 'daily WI' and I am the exact same as I was 11 days ago; which is kinda frusterating. In these past 11 days I have dipped as low as 237 on the scales but then I seem to bounce up a bit. I have been exersizing like mad still. Today I did 30min on the bike at a level 10 and then on to the treadmil for 20 min, 12 of which I ran STRAIGHT no breaks. I figure that in it's self if HUGE! I mean when I started in Jan, I was doing walk 1min/run 1min, and struggled with that. I couldn't even do 18min of it, I had to throw a couple 2min walks in there. So I feel really good about that. I think I might start playing around with my points, see if that's where I am stuck a bit. I eat all my AP's ever day and the past 3 weeks I only ate 10-16 of my Flex points. I am going away this weekend so I am pretty sure I will eat all 35 this week, and have 4 days in a row of no exersize, which scares me. (Haven't gone 2 days in a row with out working out). I have started light weight training so maybe I am building a bit of muscle, which we all know weighs more than fat. Really I am not too worried. I KNOW I am doing everything right. It will work out. and for me to say that and belive that, THAT is huge!

Tomorrow is my daughters 3rd b-day. I really can't belive it. Where did the time go. I was going thru some of her baby clothes and was reminsing, and I can't belive she was sooo tiny. Ahhhhh.

ok off to watch my taped AI.

(spell check wouldn't work, so now everyone knows what a bad speller I am)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well I made it. Almost 8 months after starting I've lost 10% of my body weight. 26.2 pounds to be exact. Woot Woot!

I was 238.6 this morning, last June, by 34th b-day to be exact, I weighed in at 264.8 and i remember thinking, I don't know that I can even lose 10%, it seems like so much but here I am. I had a hiatus from about August to January 1st, with a 5 pound loss in Oct, but a 5lb gain at Christmas.

So next goal, 20 more pounds to bring me to my previouse 'lowest loss amount' at WW almost 3 years ago.

My Mom is in town visiting and we are having a cold snap here, with wind chill tempatures around -45 to -50C (sorry American friends not sure what that is in Farenhight). My youngest daughter Keera turned 2 yesterday and my oldest Ella will turn 3 in a for the next 10 days I have 2- 2 year olds, wish me luck! (hmmm seems maybe I already posted that, please forgive me if I have).

I did 45min at home today on the treadmil and it felt great, oh and I also got my hair cut today and I love it...maybe I should post a picture...hmmm well see.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

~~**.~""Happy Dance, Happy Dance""~.**~~

So I am in the THIRTY'S!!!! I am quite excited! I was 239.0 this morning. So that brings me also to another milestone, I am down a total of 25.8 pounds (hitting the 25 mark). I am also only .8 away from having lost 10% of my body weight. Which when I started I thought would be a feat, and well it has and realistically it's taken me 8 months to do it (which is *only* 3.25 pounds a month) but I know this year things will go faster. Heck I've lost 10.2 pounds since Jan 1st!! Now I am quite excited, as I said in an earlier post I *only* have 19 more pounds to go to get to my lowest previous WW weight, which I was starting to feel quite good at, and people defiantly noticed (220) and then from there only 20 to get under 200 and be the weight hubby met me at, 198/199ish.And then from there it's only 20-25 to get to goal, 175-180 ish. Though we'll have to see how goal is, I remember feeling good at that weight, but I've notices other tallies (I'm 5'11) ie Becky, who are going in to the 60''s/50's so maybe I could get that low too...but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I would love to get to 164.8 because then I would have lost 100 pounds. Right now I am officially 1/4 of the way there!

On to other stuff..hubby is finally getting home today, he's been away since Tuesday, so I've been home with the 2 toddlers, which has gone better than I thought, but I still can't wait for him to get home. Though I did have a really awful dream last night. I dreamt that he wanted to divorce me!! Just out of the blue, wouldn't really give me a reason why, just wanted me out of the house and I was just SO sad, and in disbelief. I trust my husband more than I trust any other human on this earth and know that we'll always be together, heck he married me for time and all eternity so I KNOW he plans on being around. Now that I am typing this, I am remembering that I watched Oprah yesterday and it was on divorce adult children, and the one mom was still chocked at her hubby leaving her with 3 young girls and she had to go back to work and was quite bitter, I and I remember thinking, ya I'd be bitter too, so I'm guessing that's where it all came from. Whewwwww that makes me feel better!

Ok off to check out the blogs....Happy Saturday all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Official Weigh In Day...

So I am 240.6 this close to the 30's...I should be there next week as af has finally arrived so we get be done with that hormone show-down for about 2 weeks. So that is an official loss of .2 from last week, with a grand total of 24.2 lbs lost (9 lbs since Jan 1st). Woot woot.

I have a friend visiting from out of town, so that explains my absents a bit...

Monday, January 21, 2008

ohhh Contests...I love Contests....

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Saturday, January 19, 2008


I didn't mean for it to get so many days before I posted, I was trying to post daily...but then life got in the way a bit. Mostly I think because it was dh days off, so we were busy, not sure doing what, oh and then I have to share the computer too, so that didn't help. Also I've been a bit frustrated with my numbers to haven't been anxious to post about them.

But I've come to a few realizations. I have PMS. and it's defiantly worse than it ever was in my 20's. I might even step out there and say I am starting the perimenopause thing, I have a handful of the 'signs' and it would help explain things this past year. I am realizing that my hormones reek havoc on my system the last 2 weeks of my cycle, progressively getting worse till AF finally arrives. So much so it's affecting my life, and just this past week I started going to see a counselor. She's the one that suggested it might be hormonal, though granted as she said I do have significant environmental things going on as well. I was so apprehensive going to someone, it was my first time and to be frank, I don't' want the stigma that goes along with it. She suggested visiting a local health food store, which I did and have gotten some Estrosence and Evening Primrose Oil, which they recommended. Hopefully they help balancing out this rage that happens with in. Yesterday I was hit with the heavy sore boobs and I want to stay in bed all day and eat chocolate part. I even had a bagel at 8:30pm last night. I was just craving carbs. But I was fine the first week to 10 days when I started, could care less about chocolate/carbs. Anyways...enough on this note....

I had my second personal training session on Friday (first on Tues, not sure if I posted about it, mmm don't think so). It went pretty good, though I found we have to be really cautious of my back (2 herniated disks) some exercises I could feel my back 'tweeking'. which is unfortunate, as it felt so good to pump weights. She also wants me to lay off the running while we are introducing weight training to my body. I'm kinda sad about this, but I have to realize, I'm not as young as I think I am, my body is 70lbs over weight, I do have 2 herniated disks that I DO NOT want to will all just take time. So I am proud to say that this week I went to the gym I think everyday but 1! But next week will be a challenging as I have a friend coming in to town Mon/tues/wed.

Ok off to read to dd...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

he loves me, he really loves me

The scale that is. This is a micro fast post. I am 240.8 this morning!!!! and that is with out doing my business!! So that brings me to a grand total lost of 24lbs!! yaaa hooo.

Monday, January 14, 2008


So I am realizing now on the eve of my WI, that maybe there is a reason that I am not down as much as I thought I *should* be. The first week I ate only 11 flex points (+ almost all AP's earned, eaten day of earned) and this past week I at 33 flex points & almost all AP's earned. So really that is alot of *extra* points, even though I am exercising. So this week I think I will try to mimic week 1's eating. Heck it's worth a try...

Can we say CRANKY!!!

If there is a sure sign AF is coming it's soon after miss-cranky appears. It just feels like I'm walking around with this dark cloud over head. I hate being cranky, mostly because my level of tolerability with the 2 kiddo's goes out the door. OUT THE DOOR.

I know I haven't drank enough water today and tomorrow is my *official* weigh in day and I'd like to give my body the most chances to give me a good #.

Thanks all, sorry too cranky to post more. I'm off to watch Dora.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Getting There

So my WI this morning has me at 243.0, so hopefully I can maintain or keep this, as it will have me at a (small) loss for my *official* WI Tuesday morning. Funny how all this week I've been struggling to get back to my last WI number, so much for really losing again! But it's nothing to complain too much about.


So I had a great afternoon, we went and walked around the indoor track for an hour! and my friend is tall like me so we were able to do a good pace that was comfortably challenging. We only ran one lap as we were chatty chatty. We then went to the movies where I had a regular sized chocolate bar and a diet pop. Yummm. I just realized now that it was my first full sized chocolate bar since Jan 2nd! For me that is amazing!! I then went (because the husband was home at a decent time yaaaa) and grabbed some groceries. I decided that I wanted yesterday to be a high point day as I haven't has a point day over 33 since starting the program (I eat at 28pts/day). So I got a mini toberlone and also ate 11pts worth of nuts!!! So I ended the day eating 45 pts!! But I feel good about it, I feel like my body needed a blast of calories, and funny enough, I am good with it, and don't feel the need to pork out today! I haven't weighed in yet, as dd was screaming to get up and i had to get her up before she woke her sister. BBL

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Post

So we're getting there....244 this morning. It touched back in the 243's but I couldn't do it consecutively. I have a funny thing of weighing 3 times, and then I need to see the same # twice to 'believe' it. Funny how much the scale can fluctuate getting on and off it. And I haven't done any 'business yet' which I usually like to have done before I weigh in. So I probably won't see the 30's at next weigh in, but that's fine, I should by Feb.

I am defiantly going to have some treats today, my 1/2 a me day. I am thinking a chocolate bar at the show. I had their popcorn last time and unfortunately it wasn't worth the points. I'll also have a diet pop, but that is not really indulging. hmmm don't know what else I could have...I like to try and have a day or 2 that is high points but I've been barely been able to eat me AP's never mind touching my FP's!!!

I am going with a friend today, she also wants to stop by an open house around the corner. We actually live about 7-8 houses away from each other, which is nice. and it's her daughter who is babysitting my girls. Also hubby *might* be home early-ish today so if he is I might just stay out till he gets the girls to be, ha ha. I don't know what I'd do, go work out again, go get groceries and be really slow about it?

Oh and I had BOTH girls wake up last night around 12:30am, not sure why or who was first but it wasn't fun being up, as they have both slept so good for a long time. Keera didn't settle back down for about 2h, so I had to go in a couple times. Not sure what the problem was...just hope it's over and done with tonight!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yummy smoothie

So I bought my husband a mini blender thingy for his shakes, and I thought I'd try it out today, and I LOVE IT!!! I'm on my second smoothie of the day! I'll have to buy me one now as he plans to take his to work. It's a hamilton beach single serve blender and it makes a good smoothie. Today I just made a simple frozen fruit, sweetener (spenda or honey), and water, so low low points (if any). I also thew in a handful of whole cranberry's, because they are so good for you and it's amazing! I just used the frozen berry mix (raspberry's, blueberry's, blackberry's etc). And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of me enjoying my Friday night smoothie, fresh out of the shower, hence my 'hat' and 'fresh' face.

It's Friday It's Friday...(but really that means nothing to me!)

Love my catchy title (not!) I'm not very creative this morning... So I am down a bit today, 245 so I think if this week ends (on tues) with me being the same as last weeks WI, I'll be doing good. That would still be a 6lb weight loss in 2 weeks which is good!

I have my appt for personal trainer set up for Tuesday, I am quite excited! I've worked out in gyms on and off for many years, but it will be nice to have a good starter program to follow. I love working out with weights, and some day, in like 70lbs, I'd like to have a really strong, somewhat muscly body. My goal is to be fit fit fit (the proverbial 'best shape of my life') by the time I'm 40, which is in 5.5 years. I know that seems like a long time, but it will take at least this year to get down to my goal weight, and then time to tweek things. And ultimately I'd still love to run a marathon. It was my goal to do it for my 35th b-day, which is in June but I don't think that will happen this year..but I'm sure I could do something by then (10km, 20km ect).

So my exciting day includes going to the gym this morning, attempting to tidy this messy TV/toy room, and maybe hit walmart this afternoon. I have arranged a babysitter for tomorrow afternoon. This rotation of my hubbys schedule (8 working 4 off) is dragging, and I need a break. So I plan to go have a good work out then go see P.S. I Love You, by myself. I haven't gone to see a movie by myself since way long ago after I broke up with a boyfriend and I wanted to prove my independence and went to a movie by myself (weird I know). I've put it out there to my 2 'friends' here, but both are busy Mom's and it is a Sat. so I am not counting on it, and would be quite happy going on my own. Personal time for me these days is at a bare minimum.

Potty training is not going worth a crap. I hate it. I'll leave it at that.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Candace insists I post on my pooping the past couple days...

"... it could be, ahem, food retention. How goes that - ..."

So if you MUST know Candace (he he just teasing), it's
going just fine, it's the perfect kind of poop, just like Dr. Oz on Oprah says
it should be... and is a daily event. Though it hasn't happend yet today, but I
highly doubt I am going to drop a 3 pound log today.

I appreciate everyone's comments and I think they all account for the issue....

Roni said:

"no doubt the WW meal is the culprit. So full of salt!! I'm not kidding, I can
gain 5 lbs of water after one of those. "

Are they really that bad? I ate another one today, I acually have a frezer full of them as I thought they'd be an easy lunch... might have to re: think this one...

Becky said:

"...Don't believe the scale, he is a notorious liar sometimes..."

I thought my scale and I had a good relationship...maybe he's just testing me right now...

And after Candace got off the poop subject she has these valuble points...

" more points earlier in the day ... if you're carb-sensitive ...focusing your carbs in the first half of the day... For supper try just meat and veggies ..."

I was thinking that I would try all the suggestions...hopefully things will 'shift' and settle back to the range I was liking...

I don't understand

I don't understand...I really don't. I am 246.6 this morning. That is a 3.2 pound gain since Tuesdays WI. I have totally been OP, the only 'bad' thing I ate was a WW choc. cake tues. night...This was my menu from yesterday

BF~Cereal + milk 4pts
L~ WW meal 6pts
L~ veggies + dip 2pts
S~ Chocl. milk 4pts
D~ 3 homemade chicken
wraps w/ lettuce and
cheese + Veggies and
cheese sauce 15pts
daily pt goal 28, total AP's earned 6 (only 3 used)

Any thoughts? I don't feel like i've gained weight, I drank a ton of water yesterday had a really good work out (i'm just on the treadmill and bike so I doubt I am putting on muscle.)

It's frustrating when you are doing things by the book and things don't make sense. Last week was spectacular, but now I don't know what is going on! I am not due for AF for a good 10days...hmmph.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I love how I can gain 2 lbs in one day

So the scale said 245.2 this morning. Hmph.

I know I didn't gain 2lbs yesterday, It's not like I ate anything 'bad' or went way off program. I think it may be a water thing or a bigger diner, which maybe have been a bit salty (fries; ok I know you ask your selves, ahhh Tallmama, you just said you didn't eat anything bad..well the fry's were 2pts for 85g which fills your 2 hands shaped in a bowl, which is a nice size, so I had 2 helpings, only 4pts and all in all diner was only 10-11pts). But that being said they were frys and i'm sure had salt on them. I did eat some chicken skin (you know, the stuff off those store rotisery chickens, can you say YUM!) but I did count it. Anyways that was alot of meaningless blabering.

So I am just back from the gym and it went well. Ella (oldest dd) was left in tears at the gym child care, Keera could care less (which is a good and bad thing). I did 30min on the treadmill with the usual walk/run pattern, and I also did 15 min on the bike. I didn't do sprints this time, but did do a level 6 and kept my rpm's up. My heart rate was actually higher on the bike than walk/run on the treadmill. And also, you'll be so proud of me, I signed up for a personal trainer!! I am getting 1h consultation and 2h in the gym training. I am excited. I need to do more than just cardio.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Results Week 1

So today marks the end of week 1, results as follows:

Starting weight 249.2 pounds
Ending weight 243.2 pounds
TOTAL LOST 6 pounds

# of days AP's earned-4 days
Total AP's earned- 23 pts

# of Flex points used- 11 pts

# of Days chocolate was consumed- 3 days

So that is my summary. On a different note, you'll see I posted my lovely before pictures before. I only did that as I am pretty there are under 5 people who read this blog :). and really who cares. I was kinda surprised I was not a 'bumpy' as I thought I'd be. I wish I had a good official start pic (at 264.8 lbs). I think I have one from Cuba last year.... anyways I am getting sidetracked from the story I am wanting to tell you.

So I took dh pics last night too, he is starting isagenix today, and then he took my pics, of course I was not in my swim suite all day, so I did a quick strip in the basement and he took my pics, he then stays "ohhh this is turning me on". LOL!! taking pics of your {fat} wife who does NOT look hot in a swim suit. Then he was trying to talk me in to a quickly in the spare room "it's our last chance to do it as fat people". Ha ha ha ha. So it feels nice that he's still very much attracted to me. I was cracking up all night about it. (no we didn't do it in the spare room, we did when we went to bed :0 )

Monday, January 7, 2008

Before Pics... they arn't pretty that's why they are 'Before'

This pic is from May 2007 and I started in June 2007 Side view on Jan 7th 2008
Back view Jan 7th 2008

Front view Jan 7th 2008

The joys of motherhood

Pre-curser, if you don't enjoy "joy's of parenting" antidotes, don't worry about reading this post.

So I am potty training my 35m old dd. (that equals almost 3yo!!) and we are on day 5 today, last night the end of day 4 we FINALLY had something in the potty, poop! yaaa. So today we go all day with nothing in the pot and a couple pee accidents. So I know she has to go pee at super so I remove her booster seat and replace it with the potty. She's eating away and then is "done" "done" so I go over and she is half way getting out of her chair, with her foot in the potty and low and be hold, there is liquid in it. I realize her apple juice is just about empty so I wonder; is it pee or is it apple juice. I don't want to giver her a prize for pouring her apple juice in her potty. So how do I figure out what it is you ask? Well I tried smelling, that didn't work, so I dipped my finger in it, warm, yup it's pee.
I love motherhood some days.

First Video Post

So with the new year we thought we'd get the family on a healthy track....

Zip lock bags

I love these things. I love them so much I think about how much I love them every time I use them. I use them to store stuff, frozen veggies, a couple diapers and wipes (wipes alone in smaller zip locks), puzzles, leftovers you name it, it's in a zip lock at my house. I just feel so organized when I use them. I have all my dry pasta in them even.

Oh and I got on that treadmill that sits behind me today for 30 min. The youngest was trying to get on with me but other than that they were fine. Oh and they found it quite funny when ever I would run. Hmmmm maybe they were laughing and the BOING BOING BOING.

Teeter-totter anyone?

So I am down again this morning; 243.6 woo hoo! I guess we just have to realize that our body's are constant fluctuating machines and to get the same number constantly, or a consistently lower number is near impossible. I'll accept that.

So the treadmill is all moved in, and sitting a mere 4 ft from where I sit typing this...I think I might try tackling it when I put the girls down for a nap...or maybe before lunch. I'm just not sure how the girls will react with me on it...we might have to fence me in, lol!

So right now it seems quite achievable to be in the 30's by Feb, that would be so awesome! It will then seem like things are happening. I will only have about 20lbs to lose at that point to where I *know* I start feeling good and looking better (it's where I stalled out on previous weight loss attempts in 2005). And then from that point it's only 20lbs to my wedding weight, and then only 20lbs till goal, so it all seems so attainable once I get in the 30's.

Well maybe I'll go get the girls a snack, and me a piece of fruit.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So I was right

The scale was up a bit this morning, which I kinda thought it would. But still I kinda wonder why it went so low on Friday? Weird. I am 246 which is still great, that still means just over a 3lbs lose so far this new year. I also made it to the gym yesterday for another good work out; I was on the treadmill for 30 min and did 10 1-minute walk cycles. Then I hoped on the bike for 10 min. I am still a bit perplexed on how to count my AP's. What I am doing is an average between High and Moderate...for now. After a month or so I'll drop it down to just moderate as my body will be getting accustom to it by then.

Also my husband got a buddy from church to help him move the treadmill back inside today! That will be interesting with the toddlers, I'll have to see if they will *let* me work out. At minute I should be able to wake up early and do some exercise. I feel really motivated and pumped this time and hope this lasts! Not sure why but I just do. It also truly feels so good to work out, I think that helps!