Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Run Yet

So I had my best run yet today! I wish I could figure out how to post my little Nike+ running graph! I ran for 50min today--straight--no stopping!!! It felt pretty good, I was determined to run more than 45 which is what I have been doing on a good day. I'm starting to realize how 'fit' I am becoming and it feels great. Shorts I could barley get over my booty last year (and were waaaaaay to tight to actually wear out in public) are loose straight out of the washing machine and soon will be too loose to wear period. I think my back fat rolls are turning in to back fat bumps; meaning that they aren't rolling over now but just still there a bit, kinda a crease under them. I can see my waist line attempting to come out of hiding also.

So we go on vacation on Thursday for 10-14 days. Just visiting the in laws and trying out some camping.. (did I tell'ya all that we bought a new trailer? 30ft, queen bed + quad bunks in the back!). and then finishing off with a family reunion on my step mom's side... but I know I need to stay OP. That little 4 day episode proved that to me. Ya I might be eating all 35FP but I need to be accountable and not just go hog wild. I SO need to get out of the 220's I feel like I've been here for EVER!

Ok my back is getting sore from sitting at the 'puter.. chat later...

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Michelle said...

Yay! 50 minutes is AWESOME!!

You'll do great on your vacation. You've got a plan and a goal. Have fun!