Friday, February 29, 2008


"If this was easy, everybody would be doing it"

I saw this on our gym board (as you enter the gym) today, I actually saw it on my way out, after a tiering work out where I really didn't feel like being there. It actually made me smile a bit, because it's so TRUE!

On another gym note...I decide to mix up the routine the trainer gave me, I'm not crazy about some of the exercises. I threw in some more upper body (I secretly covet women with super toned arms). So I'm doing some shoulders and it was getting difficult and I found my face doing some ugly things. I was making ugly strenuous gym faces!!! It also made me laugh a bit and the harder I tryed not to do them, the more I did them. Thankfully the free weight area was pretty quiet. I kinda do this side lip sneer thing. Not attractive.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

233 BABY

Favorite Recipe

I wanted to post about a fav. of mine. Quick, easy, cheap. I usually do it for lunch.

1 WW pita
1-2 TBS of your favorite BBQ sauce
2-3 handfuls of sliced peppers (red, green, orange ect)
onions if you like
what ever point value of cheese (I like Mozz. best) you like

lay your pita flat, smear your BBQ sauce on it, toss on your peppers/onions, sprinkle with your cheese, pop under the broiler for 3-5min or until cheese is bubbly and yummy. Slice up like a pizza and enjoy. It's so yummy! and you can really vary the point value on it if you like. It's great with some chicken too. I'll take a pic next time I make it (diner maybe??) and post that, I know that always temps people in to trying recipes.

While I'm on the recipe kick, here is another I just made up and LOVE. (the kids loved it too!)

Spaghetti (what ever point value you like, I do 4- 1cup)
1-2 cups frozen veggies (I like the long green+yellow beans with carrots)
Parmesan cheese ( I usually do 2 tbs = 2pts)
Grated Mozz cheese ( I use about 30g = 2pts)

Toss all together. It's so yummy!!! I will sometimes add a tsp of butter, just to yum it up a bit. I love that is cheap, easy, fast and most ingredients on hand.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting There

So inch by inch, I'm getting back on track, and more importantly back to weight loss! I am 234.0 this morning. It did bounce in to the 233's but I had 234.0 consistently so I'll go with that. I can taste the 20's they are so close! I am taking a day off from the gym today, don't want to totally over do it, and then I will work out thurs + Fri. which will give me 4 days of work outs. I tryed really hard, and succeeded last night with not consuming any chocolate. I have such a weekness and I know i have to curb my after supper eating/snacking. Instead I opted for a berry smoothie with only frozen berries and a tbs of honey. (I didn't really like the honey but am trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners).

I also love now that I am back working out, I haven't even touch my flex points. I've earned more than enough AP's each day to cover my over daily #. The two weeks I didn't work out I went over both weeks on my FP's (by maybe 5).

Well I gotta get ready for my Dr's appt to check out my ear.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A New Low

Well I think a day of working out, watching my sodium, and drinking water has helped me re-focus and get back on the weight loss. I am 234.4 this morning which is a total loss of 30.4 pounds, 14.8lbs since Jan 1st. So that equals an average of 1.85 lbs per week. It brings me average down since January, but I can blame that on being sick and not working out (and not staying strictly on plans, not drinking water, high sodium).

On another note...I read in the latest WW magazine that a good rule of thumb for reading nutritional info and deciding if sodium is 'high' or not is if it is 5% or LESS for your daily average percent thing (on the info label) then it is acceptable, but if it is more than 5% than it's probably too high and proceed with caution. I like this rule as I was kinda at a loss as to how much was too much sodium. Sodium is a hard thing to get away from! If it's not fresh meat or veggies/fruit, it has sodium!

Well time to get the crew ready for the gym...have a great day all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on the Wagon

The WW wagon that is. I went to the gym today and it was wonderful! I had a great work out; 40min on the bike and 20min on the treadmill and included 10min of straight running! I was sweating pretty good and did 60min total of cardio. Not sure exactly how many points that is but I gave my self 8-10points; courting most of it as high as my heart rate was at 80%.

I still don't feel 100% but feel good about going to the gym. Also more on track w/ my eating, not that it was off lots, I guess just back to drinking water. What a difference that makes! I'd really like to do a push and get in to the 20's (4-5lbs to lose!)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I guess I'm pretty boring when I'm sick!

So still nothing to crazy exciting to post. I'm still not feeling 100% found out I ruptured my eardrum with my infection, hence the pain. I had some crazy gross stuff come out, (ha ha which I saved just to show hubby. He didn't want to look, but I made him. I guess I owe him one now. Probably to look at some giant poop he's had. YES he's asked me in the past and I've refused.) OK I know that was waaaaaay too much info for a weight loss blog...

So I just figured my weight loss for the past 4 weeks and it looks like it's between 3-4lbs. Which I wasn't too excited about. But I guess I have been sick...and haven't worked out hardly ever, and have gone over points/plan more than 1 occasion. I really WANT to get back on track, I feel like I am so close, even though I still have 60 lbs to loose, it feels attainable. And attainable by our anniversary (Nov) and/or Christmas. Either way, this year I will be at goal.

Not sure if I've mentioned this....but March will prove to be a stressfull/happy/pins and needles kind of month. The girls birth mom is pregnant again and due in March (16th). A DNA test needs to be done to determine paternity. If it's potential BF (birth father) #1, then we will be able to (and will) adopt baby. If it is potential BF #2 then the chances are slim as he wants to parent. Sooo we'll have to see how things go. I think I'm busy now...ha things could be ALOT different in 4 weeks (or maybe not but then we know that we are done and this is our family). Really I am good either way. I know that was is to be will happen. I know that I have the children that I am meant to have.

So we'll wait.....and see....and hopefully I don't eat too much chocolate in the mean time.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

So just plugging along here...nothing exciting to say...still been too sick to work out, and I hate that. Also TOM is showing up, which is fine, I was wondering when she was coming, as she's a few days late. But maybe I'll see a shift on the scale with her arrival (or a few days after).
Hubby is on days off so just hang'n w/ him and the girls. We go for family pics tomorrow. I hope the 2 + 3 yo's don't act their age and things go well. Also I am having date night w/ hubby tomorrow night. I've already planned out my meal w/ the online nutritional guide I found online. I am quite excited to eat totally guilt free! I know how many points I need, I can eat accordingly though out the day and then indulge! Last time we went out I just *guessed* and felt I made a good choice (citrus shrimp salad) and I got home and found out about the nutritional guide....UMMMM 60 grams of FAT later! I was so disappointed. I could have had frys and a burger for almost the same points!

Tomorrow night I am having 11oz(12pts) or 8oz (9pts) steak, maybe frys (8pts) or garlic mashed potatoes (3pts) and if I have the lower point side, i'll probably have calamari (9pts) to start. So I figure I need to budge 20-26 pts.

Well I'm off to beddy dream of my steak........

(ps. yaaaa spell check is working again!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Am I ever going to work out again?

I just can't get back to the gym, and it's not for lack of wanting. I was fully prepared to go today, bag all packed by the front door, MP3 player updated with new songs (lots of old skool R&B remixs, yea baby), and a genuine excitement to go. But.....

I was up all night with the worst earache in history. I mean it HURT! So much I came down to the internet to see what I could do. Let me tell you I found some pretty weird 'natural' methods to help:
1) pee in a cup and put a couple drops of your own urine in your ear {EWWWW}
2) try a couple drops of mouthwash in your ears {mmm hubby might get the wrong idea}
3) cut an onion in half and stick it on your ear. {husband would think I fell off the rocker}

What I opted to try and I think helped (or could have been the 3 extra strength Advil I downed) was a few drops of warm olive oil in my ear, and a hot compress. I also found I needed to sleep elevated. Doing this afforded me 4h of sleep. I then sat in the emerg. room for 3+ hours to get a much needed perscription. If it doesn't work, don't be suprized to see and extra long post tonights, or lots of comments on your blogs.

So needless to say I didn't make it to the gym, and not sure when i'll be back. This really urks me. If you are able to go, go for me. Pleeeeeeeese.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Helpful find

So I found this tool (via WW message boards) and it's quite handy and free! Click here It analizes your recipes and gives you nutritional break down! I just did my cookies in there and they are 4pts each..not that I was expecting them to be low...but just so I know, as I ate the last one this morning..

I had full intentions on going to the gym today; was all packed up, dressed in the gear (aka- had my 'the girls don't budge' bra on) and thought...hmmm maybe i'll call the gym just to confirm the child care it open (it's a holiday today here..but I did ask the lady on friday and she said it was open) well it's not. I am bummed because I so need to get back in to my routin. I guess I could get on my treadmil, but it's not the same... So instead of earning 4 AP's...I ate 4 points I didn't need. Blehhhh.

(hey anyone know why spell check isn't working? I hate not having it!!)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Caved

....that's all I have to say. Sorry Tina, couldn't hold out...though your comments did slow me down by about 45min....

My mind is else where....

So I am down here on the computure when i'd rather be upstairs making chocolate chip cookies and eating all the dough. I am just CRAVING it! It's all i've thought about since i've come home from church. I am trying to be strong, but the flesh is weak, so very week. I am wishing af would just hurry up and come so I can be done with the cravings that hit me and pull me in to the gutters of diet h*ll.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Mistake

So I made a mistake today. I thought I was being good, I had good intentions, and thought I was taking the high road. Let me begin by I love to bake, really love it. It is a bit more challanging with 2 toddlers that are right in there helping away. But I still love it. I also havent' baked since my Christmas baking. I thought hmm cookies, mmm to hard to resist, all that dough and then even if I get some made, they'll be gone soon. So hmmm what can I bake. Bread. Bread would be a good thing to bake. AHHHHH NOT. You try resisting warm, fresh out of the oven bread, with the butter only 2 ft away. The flesh is weak. Very week. I have no more Flex points left now, and to be honest, I probably went over by 3-5. I didn't even eat my chicken as I had devoured so much soft goodness.

oh well. Guess I just need to put my baking gloves up for a while.

(ps. My spell check is not working, sorry for the errors. I hate spelling)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahhhhh nothing like getting back to your routin

So I realized this past week (my week of sickness) how attached I got to working out. Even though I was still dropping weight (even though I wasn't working out) I was dissablingted I couldn't work out. I felt like I was loosing all that I had worked for the past month an a half. I craved going to the gym, but I just had no energy. Today we finally went. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like crap, and have to blow my nose every ten minites and also cough up half a lung a day. But we went! I just did 45min of moderate to easy riding on the bike. I didn't want to kill my self, and it has been a whole week since my last work out so didn't want to shock my body. But sick and all it still felt really wonderful to get a sweat on!

I realized that I am confortably in the 30's now. With scale readings day and night in the 30's. That's huge!! It happened kinda fast, and I'm not sure when, but all I know is TWENTY'S HERE I COME!!! I figure that I can get to goal by my anniversary; Nov 1st 2008, but will give my self till Christmas (who's kidding who, till Dec. 1st then HOLD). But to realize that I can do it this year is a great feeling!

I think I want to take some more pictures. I did that online thing where you send in a before pic of you and they send you an after pic back. I wasn't too impressed with the after. They didn't get my body shape right at all (i'm a pear all the way and they 'aftered' me as an apple; these thunder thights ain't going nowhere, even after I drop 90 lbs)

Peace out, the girls are awake....

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well folks I am down 30 lbs today. Yup. I can hardly belive it my self. This since my 'official' start begining of June 2007, with a hiatus from Sept. to Jan 1st. This is 14.4 lbs since Jan 1st 2008 as well. Thought I am sick and hope I don't put the weight back on, i'm still eating my points, but just have not gotten back to the gym. I am going today, mostly to let the girls have time away from their grumpy Mom, I may just do the recumberant (sp?) bike just take it very easy.

Oh and happy ~*..~* Heart Day *~..*~

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Good News + The Bad News

The bad news, i've been away since Thurs and stopped tracking as it was just too busy and cayotic (bad excuse I know) Eatting at someone elses house, who is a good cook, managing 2 busy toddlers, running here there and everywhere and a spur of the moment date night w/ hubby = bad news.

Good news? I lost 2.6 lbs.(238.6 to 236.0) How the HECK does that happen? I mean seriously? I didn't work out at all, ate moderatly bad, didn't track or even attempt to, and I lose some seriouse weight in 5 days? hmmmm. Plus it's the week before af, so if anything I should be retaining...weird.

I can draw 1 conclustion (and I'd like to hear your thoughts too) that maybe i'm just not eating enough while i'm at home on my 'regular' routin. (working out like a made woman + eating all AP's (at least 4/day) and eating about 10-15 FP total through out the week). I am not feeling 100% so it will be a day or 2 before I get back to the gym, which I hate the thought of (not going) as it will end up being a week since I went.

Anyways, I am tired and need to go curl up the couch.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

WI day today

So I am slipping on my blogging. But not on my WW journey, so don't worry (ha not that anyone would). I'm not dropping as fast as when I started, but I think that is pretty universal. I WI at 239.0 today, which from last week I belive is a .6 loss, but now just updating my 'stats' and 'daily WI' and I am the exact same as I was 11 days ago; which is kinda frusterating. In these past 11 days I have dipped as low as 237 on the scales but then I seem to bounce up a bit. I have been exersizing like mad still. Today I did 30min on the bike at a level 10 and then on to the treadmil for 20 min, 12 of which I ran STRAIGHT no breaks. I figure that in it's self if HUGE! I mean when I started in Jan, I was doing walk 1min/run 1min, and struggled with that. I couldn't even do 18min of it, I had to throw a couple 2min walks in there. So I feel really good about that. I think I might start playing around with my points, see if that's where I am stuck a bit. I eat all my AP's ever day and the past 3 weeks I only ate 10-16 of my Flex points. I am going away this weekend so I am pretty sure I will eat all 35 this week, and have 4 days in a row of no exersize, which scares me. (Haven't gone 2 days in a row with out working out). I have started light weight training so maybe I am building a bit of muscle, which we all know weighs more than fat. Really I am not too worried. I KNOW I am doing everything right. It will work out. and for me to say that and belive that, THAT is huge!

Tomorrow is my daughters 3rd b-day. I really can't belive it. Where did the time go. I was going thru some of her baby clothes and was reminsing, and I can't belive she was sooo tiny. Ahhhhh.

ok off to watch my taped AI.

(spell check wouldn't work, so now everyone knows what a bad speller I am)