Monday, December 31, 2007

ahhhh my last post for 2007

So I am assuming this will be my last post of 2007, crazy if you ask me, that we are hours away from the year 2008. Crazy.

So today I thought I'd do a backwards type resolution thing, not that I did the reslolution thing last year, but sort of a re-cap of positive things from this past year that I am proud of.

1-the new addition to my family, Keera whom we adopted in Oct.
2-Hubby and me celebrating our marriage of 5 years!!
3-Finally being settled in our new house, (our old one took 8m to sell and I was stuck out in a small town I hated)
4-Losing 15-20lbs this past year...and hopeing more this coming year (of course)
5-starting and maintaining a blog for 6m (though sometimes things got kinda slow)
6-Finally cutting my hair after double diget years.
7-Off and on activity at the gym
8-Getting a better relationship with my bioDad and that side of the family
9-Crossing over in to the mini-van world. Though not overly 'proud' of this, it has made life easier.
10-We had a great vacation to Cuba last Jan, though it seems like 5y ago not just barley 1.

So for this next year? Really it's the same old,
1-eat better, loose weight, exercise, healthy habits.
2-try and be a better Mom (i'm a yeller and I hate it)
3-put out more for dh. He deserves it.

So wishing everyone success in their goals in 2008.

On another note...I was thinking of doing Slim Fast for Jan to kick start things, but today is my third day and a girl can't live on chocolate shakes alone. I think I should dig out my WW stuff and get back to tracking. Really it's the most easiest, reliable, real-life program out there. I've always had success with it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I did it, and it wasn't pretty...

So I hoped on the scale, in the evening but my rational for that was; I KNOW it will be high because it's in the I was bracing for a high number and well I sure got it. 251 point something. Yikes! Now I know I'm still dealing with my lovely AF visiting, and it was in the evening after a good feed but uhhhggg. So I get on in the morning and it's still 250's!!! So needless to say I need to get busy. I really didn't notice it in my clothes, you'd think I'd notice a solid 6lb gain...It's also at the point that I want to get back on track as I was getting so close to the 230's but now I'm back floating around the 250's which is an ugly thing.

So I need to start potty training my girls but I soooo don't want to. It seems like such an impossible task. My oldest will be 3 the beginning of Feb. and my youngest will be 2 the end of Jan. I think just do them both together. I've been half a*sed trying but the 3yo is so not interested. But come on all the other mom's are going to laugh at me if she turns 3 and isn't potty trained. Plus I want her to start going to pre school and that requires her to be using the potty. Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Cliche...

I feel like everyone else who will 'get back on the wagon' and have the same New Year's resolutions...but oh well.

I have been holding pretty well I think. I have not been on the scale for a while, and will do so as soon as AF leaves..but I went shopping yesterday. (In Canada, the day after Christmas is our big shopping day) and I bought some jeans, one pair in a 20, the other in an 18 and they both fit and are wearable in public places!!! Last year this time I was wearing a tight 22, sometimes 24!!!! So quite happy. I bought jeans not too long ago, prob. 6m ago and they were 22's but loose/comfortable and it wasn't very long till they were just too big. So I am quite excited that I can get 18's on and done up but just need a bit more to get they comfortable. Yaaaa for me.

So my new goal is to be under 200 by my 35th b-day the begining of June. I was hopign to be that for Christmas/New Years, but life happens eh? It is doable, just hope I can work in a plan and exercise and maintain it. I know I can it's just a matter of doing it, wanting it bad enough to do it.

Everybody who reads this, who has ever dieted, we all KNOW what to do. We all KNOW how to do it, we just lack the 'stay power' and/or DAILY motivation. It's not that we are missing some magic weight lose key, that we haven't' been told the secret way to shed pounds. It's simple. Eat healthily, balanced meals. Consume a lower caloric intake that what we naturally burn, and exercise. Do what are bodies are made for, moving, doing things. Our bodies weren't designed to lie on the couch and be still.

Ahhh I talk a good game. Now can I cash the check my mouth has been writing, we'll see....

Oh and I forgot to tell you ladies...I won a cookie baking contest here in my city. It was put on by the local radio station. I got a gift certificate for $100 at a grocery store. I was quite excited! I made a yummy peanut butter cookie with a Reese buttercup piece in side. They are super good, if I do say so. The announcer even said it was unanimous!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thought I needed to post before it got to a month since my last post

I read other WLB daily, but don't hardly blog myself. It's probably because I don't have any successes to report, and really things are pretty boring in my world, and I'm sure people don't want to hear me go on and on about the struggles of toddlers.

I should adjust my weight, but I just can't bring my self to do it. I think I am more about the 245 mark rather than 242.8...I am trying (but not really doing anything to represent 'trying') to maintain through out Christmas. I really need to get on the band wagon in January, along with the other few million who's New Years resolution this will be. and I kinda hate that but what ever. I really really want to try going back to the gym. I think now that I have the 2 kiddo's that they will do pretty good in child care. and I know the break will really do me wonders! but it's scheduling it is the problem.

So I am almost ready for Christmas. Have to buy hubby 1 more thing, and also wrap the kids presents. Also do stocking stuffers for the girls...I think Christmas will be quite fun. We are staying put, with the in-laws coming to visit. I have really great in-laws too.

I made homemade Carmel's last week, and finished them off last night. Sooooo yummy. but so hard to get to the exact right temperature! For those that don't know, Carmel's are probably the worst candy to have, their ingredients are all the things that are our enemies. ie: 1c butter, 2c sugar, 2 c corn syrup, 2 c cream. Yup that is all that is in them. but I think I might make more today....eekkkkkkk. (see what I mean about not doing anything to maintain??)

OK I'll be back, can't promise when but I'll be back....