Saturday, December 29, 2007

I did it, and it wasn't pretty...

So I hoped on the scale, in the evening but my rational for that was; I KNOW it will be high because it's in the I was bracing for a high number and well I sure got it. 251 point something. Yikes! Now I know I'm still dealing with my lovely AF visiting, and it was in the evening after a good feed but uhhhggg. So I get on in the morning and it's still 250's!!! So needless to say I need to get busy. I really didn't notice it in my clothes, you'd think I'd notice a solid 6lb gain...It's also at the point that I want to get back on track as I was getting so close to the 230's but now I'm back floating around the 250's which is an ugly thing.

So I need to start potty training my girls but I soooo don't want to. It seems like such an impossible task. My oldest will be 3 the beginning of Feb. and my youngest will be 2 the end of Jan. I think just do them both together. I've been half a*sed trying but the 3yo is so not interested. But come on all the other mom's are going to laugh at me if she turns 3 and isn't potty trained. Plus I want her to start going to pre school and that requires her to be using the potty. Wish me luck.

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Swizzlepop said...

I have no idea what you have been eating but I bet that it's not 6 pounds of fat. I'm sure at least 2 pounds are water weight since you mentioned TOM. Good luck wiht the potty training. I hear it's a pain but there are lots of books on it and also my mom's way of putting the children on a timer and takign them to the bathroom every hour or so. Not sure of all teh legistics but she potty trained 3 of us that way (all girls) and one boy cousin and all in less than 2 weeks.