Monday, December 31, 2007

ahhhh my last post for 2007

So I am assuming this will be my last post of 2007, crazy if you ask me, that we are hours away from the year 2008. Crazy.

So today I thought I'd do a backwards type resolution thing, not that I did the reslolution thing last year, but sort of a re-cap of positive things from this past year that I am proud of.

1-the new addition to my family, Keera whom we adopted in Oct.
2-Hubby and me celebrating our marriage of 5 years!!
3-Finally being settled in our new house, (our old one took 8m to sell and I was stuck out in a small town I hated)
4-Losing 15-20lbs this past year...and hopeing more this coming year (of course)
5-starting and maintaining a blog for 6m (though sometimes things got kinda slow)
6-Finally cutting my hair after double diget years.
7-Off and on activity at the gym
8-Getting a better relationship with my bioDad and that side of the family
9-Crossing over in to the mini-van world. Though not overly 'proud' of this, it has made life easier.
10-We had a great vacation to Cuba last Jan, though it seems like 5y ago not just barley 1.

So for this next year? Really it's the same old,
1-eat better, loose weight, exercise, healthy habits.
2-try and be a better Mom (i'm a yeller and I hate it)
3-put out more for dh. He deserves it.

So wishing everyone success in their goals in 2008.

On another note...I was thinking of doing Slim Fast for Jan to kick start things, but today is my third day and a girl can't live on chocolate shakes alone. I think I should dig out my WW stuff and get back to tracking. Really it's the most easiest, reliable, real-life program out there. I've always had success with it.

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Swizzlepop said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on things finally getting resolved with Keera and that she is a permanent part of your family!
Yay for getting back on the wagon and diggin out your WW stuff. It really is a great plan that works for real life long term results instead of a quick fix. Hope the new year has treated you well so far and I look forward to seeing more posts from you! :)