Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back on Plan today

Ok so I hesitantly write this...but I know I need to get back on track...so I am done my girly stuff so I figure time to hop back on the wagon. Though somewhat reluctant as I think how can I add counting points to my daily routine; I feel over loaded as it is...but we'll try. I think I will also use the points value determined by the new system (also found on Roni's sight, quite handy!) It says a daily point value of 30 (32 if I stand all day but I can't gauge between 'sit all day' and stand all day, but really I think I'm pretty active dealing with 3 kids) I was doing 28 daily points. I'm kinda nervous also because I just can't fit exercises in right now. I don't have enough energy to do basics so I don't want to deplete it with exercise. Maybe when Jett is sleeping mostly thru the night.
I have to go weigh my self and will post that later today.

So yesterday I had to call on a friend to take the girls in the morning. I felt kinda like a failure but I was SOOOO tired I just couldn't deal with them. Jett had a bad night and that topped with minimal sleep for the past 5 weeks = an extremely tired tallmama!

Ok I'm outtie....

Edited to add: Today's WI was 229.4 which I am pleasantly surprised on! I'm still in the 20's! Whoot Whoot. It's 5 weeks to my birthday (35 YIKES) so my 5 week goal is 10 lbs so then I will be in the teen's. It will also be the 1 year anniversary to when I officially started to lose weight (starting @ 264.8) Of course I figured a year later I'd be at goal for sure (175 lbs) but thinking positively down 45 (HOPEFULLY) pounds by then will be an accomplishment.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Side note

Ok so I like doing these video posts...but not sure how I manage to have such a goofy face for the start of both of them...ha ha bear with me :).

ohhh I like this....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

NoTe to my faithful readers (all 2 of you probably, he he)

If I go MIA...it's because I am buried in a mountain of calories and fat. Talk about WAAAAAAAY off program. I've watched the scale climb up up UP! Last WI I was somewhere around the 232-233 range (last *good* WI was 226.4!!). I guess I've kinda lost my self while managing a new household of 5...and have found comfort in my old friends, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate...

Hopefully I'll be *back* soon....

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Um life is busy with 3 kids. Very busy. I'm glad my Mom is here, but I wonder how the heck i'm going to manage when she goes.... So I am still losing weight. Not to sure how that is happening but i'm liking it! I was 227.4 this morning! and I am now in the 20's in the morning and at night! Yaaa hoooooo

Thanks to all for the well wishing comments. I feel bad that I cant' post more often or comment on others blogs. I do read them...maybe not everyday but I do, I promise.

Jett is doing great, he's crashed out on my lap after doing a big poop. So I guess I should go change his cute tiny bum.