Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 20.8 times

Today I can post that I have offically lost 20 pounds, 20.8 to be exact! I am quite excited, and what a day to hit it at eh? lol.
It's been a journey to get here, I'm even trying to remember when I started...seriously....was it April...May..June...crap..I'll have to see if I have it posted somewhere.

So today I WI at 244. Only 4lbs to go to get in to the 30's. I think once I get there I will start feeling pretty good. I remember when I dieted before and when I hit the 20's I was feeling and thought I was *starting* to look good/better.

Gotta go dye my moms hair...more later..


Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm ready for bed

Another wild and crazy Saturday night is almost behind me...Let me tell you, this Mama of 2 really knows how to rip up a Saturday night....It all started with a early diner of Hamburger helper, a quick tidy of the kitchen...I then moved the party downstairs where I tryed to finish up a project I was working on (a cute Halloween quilt type decoration) but the other party goers were getting cranky and it's hard to party with a couple wineie girls underfoot. It's then I decided to move the party all the way to the top floor...and pull out a couple tricks to liven things up...including a jet tub...neked bodies...bath toys...yup you guessed it bath time. Things got really wild watching the girls drink their own bath water (why why WHY do kids do this; it is beyond gross...) so I decided these 2 were cramping my party style, who wants to party with 2 off to bed they go. Now, NOW I'm ready to really let loose, I mean really show people what Saturday night is all about, I slip in to my best Saturday night out fit (white with pink stripe Capri t-shirt pants, snug enough to let me know I am still 80lbs over weight, topped off with a red sweatshirt, oh and bra-less of course...let them D's be free I say). Back down stairs and I assume the position... the one that gets me the most satisfaction on Saturday nights.....horizontal on the couch baby...and tune in to "Flip that house" (or is it Flip this house, maybe Flip the house; who really knows with all the Flip'n shows on these days). So I get feeling a little naughty...started having some baaad thoughts, you know what I'm talking about...I get dh to throw me a hand full of tootsie rolls...ahhhhhh just what my Saturday night needed. So now that it is getting crazy late this Saturday night (11:14pm) I think it's best I turn in, before things get even more out of hand.
phffff and I thought I partied hard in my 20' 20's have noth'n on my 30's.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I gained weight today...

but for a really REALLY good reason...I weigh a couple ounces more... I got diamond stud earrings from dh today for our 5y anniversary next week (he'll be away in Vegas)....they sure are purdy. Maybe I should put out tonight.... naaaaahh 2 nights in a row would spoil him *smirk*

Hey y'all

Thought I'd do a quicky post, to try and get in the habit of posting more....
I think I am still hovering where I was/am weight wise... I need to drink more water...a body can't survive on diet pepsi alone... and I need to stay away from the Halloween candy, but that said I am starting to get sick of the maybe that's a sign.

ok shortie post...but gotta go....

Monday, October 22, 2007

A new a good way!

This morning I weight in at an all time low (for this round of 'dieting') I was 245.6 lbs! It is great to see the 245's !! and seems this has been with out really trying, just being a busy Mom, that is great! I have that light feeling this morning and it's wonderful. I put on a pair of pants this morning and they are comfortably; they are fresh out of the laundry and are ususally the type that you need to wear for 1/2 a day to be comfortable in!!

That if for today....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Time to blog my tall friend"


ha ha...ya I know I've been slacking...sorry just been insanely busy! This mamma of 2 buisness is hard!! The new addition her self has had good and bad days, she was sick (I think pretty much has it beat now) and it's hard dealing with a cranky kid and not knowing how to 'help'. My in laws are in town, they are really great people. I am lucky to have such great in laws! We've just been hanging out...not doing anything too exciting.

But this is a weight loss blog so i should touch on that....I am holding at 246/247...but also my girlie cycle is beyond screwed up... I am 2 days away from having my visitor for 2 full weeks, fun fun joy joy. I thought she was done, but nope she came back....I am chalking it up to not sure how that is affecting my weight loss either... You know how I said I was getting back on the wagon? Well it more turned in to "stepped on the wagon, stepped off the wagon". It seriously is too much right now...I need my is saving me from the mental institute. seriously. We are doing more walks so that is a +. and at night I just don't have the energy to get off my f*t *ss and go upstairs and get that is good too.

So this is short and sweet (well, he he maybe not so sweet, sounds probably a bit bitchy to me...sorry!).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh my GOSH!

I don't even know where to start...the past week and a half have been so very crazy, filled with everything you could imagine from tears to STRESS to even weight loss!

I'll start with the weight loss, as this IS my weight loss blog. I have found the elusive magic plan to loosing weight. Travel by your self with your 2yo, stay at your Mom's and her husband (who is anal compulsive about tidieness) adopt a 1.5yo and try and be everything to each of your kids, the 2yo how is wondering all of a sudden why she has to share Mom (and missing Daddy) and a 1.5yo who is wondering who the HECK you are and why are you acting like my Mom. All the while trying your best to clean up the cyclone of a mess that follows these 2 where ever they go. Doing this has helped me shed 5lbs (did I mention I got my period while doing all this as well, AND that weight loss is a *during mensy* WI!!!)

So we are back home now, and *trying* to settle in, well really we got home yesterday at supper time so haven't even been home 24h. My newest daughter also now has a raging cold, complete with constant runny nose, congestion, and CRANKY-ness. So fun to deal with. My eldest dd is doing pretty ok, but wants everything the new one touches. And the new one FREAKS OUT when ever dd goes near her if she is playing with someone (she comes from a foster home of 7 kids).

So that is the scoop. It has been so trying emotionally, and physically for that matter. But the good is we now have a new wonderful little girl. When she isn't sick she is such a sweetie, and has the cutest laugh. Also all of this has given me a new *shove* in the WW direction. Seems I'm back on the good side of 245 and not . whatever closing in on 250, I thought I'd get back on the horse. So I started tracking today....ummm in saying that I just realized I was not keeping count of how many Halloween candies I just pounded....OPPPPPSSSS.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Signing off....

It seems like all my posts lately are about "is it really September already? has it really been 2 weeks since I posted, boy time is flying by" I'm beginning to see a pattern here for my life. Especially since I originally was going to title this post "Is it really October 1st" but I won't/didn't'. At this point not sure what I will title it...but by the time you read this it will have a title...

So the weight loss has slowed to well, stopped. I have not yet started going backwards, which really surprises me...but I'll do my best to not go back...but not sure when I'm going to get back on the WW wagon...I am holding at 248.8 as of this am. It doesn't help that it's Halloween candy hubby went out and got a box tonight. Of course everyone knows my will power when it comes to chocolate...

So I love reading every one's blogs...I check them daily and think, ahhh I wish they'd post more...then realize I don't post that often so I can't talk! I read and found it ummm interesting and somewhat stimulating lol!! If hubby offered rewards like Colette's hulk, i'd be down 90lbs in no time!

So I am heading down to spend some time with our new daughter on Wednesday, and we'll be coming home with her the following Thursday! I can't wait. It's been such a long time coming and seemed to draaaaaaaaag on and on, but now we have a light at the end of the tunnel! yaaa hoooo. I think I will be a busy busy bee but it will be worth it. Maybe with lots of walks to the park it will get things moving. he he.

So I'd like to think that I'll be posting more regularly, but we'll just have to see how things go. I always read every one's blogs, good vegg-out therapy for me...but not always the time to write...

Signing off as a mother of 1 for the last time.... :) When I'm back I'll be a Momma of 2! ~I will be back...I promise...