Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Night Check In

So as requested (by Colette) i'm posting..

So things have been pretty good since switching to 26pts. It's funny you wouldn't think going down only 2pts would make a difference (on your food intake) but I find myself cutting out one extra treat a day to make sure I don't do nuts with my points. I think my weight is shifting a bit, but today was the first morning of a little bit lower # (226.0) so we'll see what Mr. scale has to say tomorrow morning.

On the exersize front it's been going good! Last week I ran a total of 9miles and walked for 50min. When dh came home sat I insisted on me being able to go to the gym. This was at supper time, if you are like me my energy levels just get lower and lower as the day goes on... so I was not super pumped to go, but I also don't want to go 2 days in a row with out working out.. so I made myself and of course felt great afterwards. I ran 3miles in 40min. No record but I sweated a ton and felt good and it's been YEARS since i've been able to run no-stop that long. I earn 10-12 Ap's each run, which really is ALOT! Now the effort will be to find a sitter for tomorrow so I can go..the child care is cloesed as we have a holiday on the 1st (Canada Day, yay Canada!) so alot of buisnesses just close for the monday too... hubby's working so not sure if I will get a work out in or not...Also we are having a Canada DAy BBQ so I want to do as much as I can tomorrow so the 1st isn't too hecktic... but we'll see.

And my last thought... I had a NSV today, someone FINALLY noticed I've been losing weight. Serioulsy this is the first comment since starting last June! But it felt nice none the same!

(i'm too tired to spell check; sorry)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm making a Corporate Decision

So my corporate decision is that I am going down to 26pts. I've been at 28pts for FOREVER ( I looked back 7months i've been at 28pts) and I 'm hovering around these 226-229 range (normaly you go down to 26pts at 225lbs) with dips either way. I will try it for a week and see what gives. I also want to note that I am kicking it up a notch at the gym and will be eating most if not all of my AP's (yesterday I earned 11-12pts) and I tend to eat most of my FP so I don't think I will be lacking points but I feel like there has to be a 'shift' somewhere.

I looked back and I started (again) back on track May 25th weighing in at 232.4 and now, 5 weeks later I am 227.2 so that is about 1 pound a week. Which I guess is respectable, but I would have (hoped) thought that with my exercising it would be more. I would hope for a 1% loss each week, which would be at least 2lbs at my present weight.

So on the exercise note, I am loving running and yesterday I ran 3miles! I did it in around 40min and I also did a 5min warm up and 5min cool down so on the treadmil for 50min. Boy was I sweating! I have a mini schedule I'm going to follow/work up to during the summer and if I do good and feel good about it I might have bigger plans come the fall!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hail to Becky... oh Thou Wise Woman

So Becky was right.... I just had to wait out those nasty hormones, drink my water and my weight would magically settle to where it was...

I was 226.8 today.. I had seen 225's before AF but I suspect in the next few days I'll be back there. It just perturbs me I have to basically write off an entire week of potential weight loss to stupid AF. She serves me no purpose, yet I'm forced to put up with her and her antics each month. Phewy on her...

On the exercise note, I am hitting my stride at the gym again; 2 days so far this week (Mon + Tues) and today I ran for 45min! Yup! Well 5min walking warm up, run 35min straight, walk 5min cool down. It felt great, and really wasn't much of a strain. I only started breathing thru my mouth the last 5min when I kicked up the rpm's! I'm feeling pretty good and might poke around at races next spring and see what I might feel up to; either 10k, 1/2 marathon or full. Heck I bet I could do a 10k sometime this fall... well see.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I'm perplexed... I'm back up to 229 point what ever. Ya I just finished AF but by now I'm usually super low for 3-4 days..but I'm high, high, HIGH right now. I've been OP with one day off (and not super bad eating) water intake has been not 100% but not horrible. I'm wondering if I need to drop to 26pts (WW says at 225lbs to drop from 28 pts to 26pts) 'cause really I've been floating around these #'s for FOR-EVER! What does the peanut gallery think? For the rest of this week (till Friday) I'm only eating daily points and activity points, no flex points. I need to see #'s move and STAY gone!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

insert witty title here...

So I've been sorta MIA only because, well I've been busy! I'm still totally on plan, exercising -yes I drag 2 toddlers and a newborn to the gym to work out. I laugh at myself because by the time I get everyone organized and in the van, I have broken a sweat (really!!) and I think I don''t need to go to the gym I just need to go somewhere everyday :). It really does feel great to work out. I'm not doing anything too major right now, just walking around the track for 45+min but I sweat and can feel it a bit. Soon I think I'll start leaving the baby too with child care and do the treadmill/bike that I use to do. I want to get back in to running, I WAS at running for 30min before baby, but alas...I fell off that wagon sort of abruptly.

Also this week is AF I haven't been to crazy about the scale. I think that is the reason for the fluctuation between the 225's and 228's. I'll just have to wait till miss thang leaves and I will have the true verdict. (I'm also the ultimate lowest right after AF).

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Up.....WAYYYYYY up

So I think that day was just a fluke as I haven't seen a number that good in a couple days. Yesterday 227.4 today 228.8. I think today's WI is a direct result of yesterdays filling my face non-stop with chocolate and bread sticks. Did I mention AF will probably be officially arriving today? So that explains it but does not excuse it.

We'll just have to wait till AF is pretty much done and see what the scale says. 2 days in to this 'week' and I'm 14-18points in to my FP...Yikes! I have full intentions on going to the gym tomorrow. I will do my very best today... I think I just need to go upstairs and throw out the rest of the bread sticks I made yesterday (It was raining, I HAD to bake.. I thought I'd be safe with bread sticks, ummm NO)

Friday, June 13, 2008

McDonald's = Weightloss????

So what's up with that eh? I almost don't believe my scale, but I got on 'er like 5 times and it was between 224.6 and 225.0, SERIOUSLY! I usually go up and do a second weighing session after my second munchkin is up... about an hour after the first; just for fun. So we'll she what #'s I get in a bit... but really??? 224.8 (I'll take the middle..) That means F O R T Y P O U N D S gone, done, lost never to be seen again! I'll do my official happy dance in a bit, after confirmation...

(PS Colette; here I come!!!)

Edited to add: ok so it's been an hour and I went back up to weight and I was 225.0 to didn't dip in the 224's so I will go with an official WI as 225.0...lets see what happens tomorrow!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whyyyyyyy (as the song goes)

So I had my lowest WI today in a while, 227.0 and what do I have for lunch???? McDonald's... Why do I do that? I just don't know. Really it was 14 pts which I consider high-ish, but not insane because a) it was a lunch meal so if I go light on diner, not so bad right? b) I still have 7pts left which is acceptable. c) I do have 28pts to eat in a day...
I know crappy justification, but that's how I have it worked out. Why do I love it so much? Plus all that sodium alone I'm sure will bump me up a pound or 2. What ever.

I'm 2.2 away from the 40 mark, my 'half way' is anywhere from 40-45lbs... so getting close to that too. (If I can stay away from Micky D's)


So I'm up kinda early, can't really sleep in these days. My body must be getting use to minimal sleep. So I was kinda bummed because I couldn't get a hold of our boot camp guy and my insecurities got the best of me and I was thinking he didn't want some overweight housewife doing his camp and possibly pulling down his image... I guess it turns out he had to go home for the week due to a family emergency, so boot camp was canceled this week. So I feel a bit better about this. I'm actually looking forward to doing it on a regular bases. Mostly because it's such a kick a#s work out I know it will help in my weight loss.

Hmmm what else can I tell ya all??? I don't think my brain functions too well yet so we'll leave it at that.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So this stuff is everywhere it seems. I watch it now, well look to see how much is in the food I eat and I am SHOCKED! I think it would be harder to be on a low sodium diet than on a low fat diet, seriously. I live on WW meals for lunch... those are high, so last week I thought hmm I'll just have a nice big salad, with feta, I love feta. I put 3 servings on as it was really the only thing counting on my salad...well at over 500mg of sodium PER SERVING I ate over 1500mg of sodium on my salad, just about double a WW meal. Geesh.
Really the only way to say away from this stuff is to eat clean. No processed foods ect, just foods in their natural state. But that's rarely possible in my household. I'm all about fast and convience. But I also know my body defiantly reacts to sodium... what's a girl to do?

Anyways that is my sodium vent....

Hubby's been busy!

So hubby built my pergola on his days off! and we got the gravel all spread and he built the kids a sand box! I'm so excited! I just have to lay patio stones for the "floor" of the pergola and I bought some fabric to add some drapes to it. I'm so excited for my yard to be done and the way I've envisioned it. The girls love playing outside and now I'll enjoy being out there too! Yaaa hubby.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

one handed post

So this is a one handed pot while I feed the boy. I finally dropped a few pounds....i'm surprized I didn't drop it right after the bootcamp but I think my body was retaining as I was drinking and drinking but hardley peeing...
I was 228.8 so a total of 36lbs down. So close to the 40lb mark! More later when I have 2 hands free!

Friday, June 6, 2008

I got my A$$ kicked today

Ok folks, I got a good old fashion butt kicking at the gym today. I say yesterday at the gym a sign for 'Boot Camp'; you can sign up for 2x, 3x, 4x, or 4x a week and they offer several different times thru out the day. I thought hmm maybe this is what I need. So I went for a freebie session this morning... holy crap!

I was sweating and thinking what the crap from about the first 5min. We did good old fashions stadium stairs, with ankle weights ALSO holding a 5lb weight, we also ran the main stairs at the gym, then we did a circuit type thing on the track including but not limited to: skipping, lunges, these side to side things, all types of ab's, push ups, jumping jacks, resistance running and so on. I think this is the closest I've come to vomiting while working out. I haven't had a work out like this since my kickboxing days. When I got back to my van, I was like where am I? Do I have kids? Where are my kids? What planet am I on? I seriously thought of nothing while working out except survival!

So did I sign up? Some what hesitantly, but I did, this will get my butt in shape in 1/2 the time I'm sure! (but only 2x a week, I'm not insane!)

I figured I earned 9AP's today, and I feel like I E-A-R-N-E-D every single one! We'll see if I can walk tomorrow....

Thursday, June 5, 2008


No, i'm not 35 years old and 2 days...I'm down 35.2 lbs since starting WW (june 2007). And I'm in the "Twenties" woot woot.
Sorry on the short side, but nap times over...on to the diner rush...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Reflecting on My Last Year

So since it's my one year anniversary from starting WW last June. I remember feeling so fat (as much as I hate that word) last year as we were at the in laws for a mini family reunion and we did pics. Well when I saw the pics that night...uhhhggg. I seriously was disgusted. I knew my weight was scary close to 265... and realizing I was defiantly closer to 300 than to 200 made me get my butt in gear. Of course I'm no where near where I thought I'd be, heck I could have been at goal if it wasn't such a busy/changing year. But really to be down anything from last year is great, and I just need to stick with it. It's not like I'm heavier than I was last year! I know I had *really* wanted to run a marathon or some race at the least for my 35th b-day. But being diagnosed (after severe back pain) with 2 herniated disks... I new that dream was quickly fading. I've now set a goal to run a marathon by my 40th (in 5 years) I have always wanted to do this and I know I will. But I have to realize being where I am right now, it's not a super fast attainable goal. In 5 years all my kids should be in school and with in 2years they'll start going so I'll (hopefully) regain some personal time. That's really my main goal. Of course to be skinny, look hot and wear what ever I want is up there too.

Really when I look back at the challenges I've had this past year I feel pretty good about any loss and sustained loss! Back problems,selling a 2nd property, toddler adoption, pins and needles about possible 3rd adoption, infant adoption, LACK OF SLEEP, 3 kids 3 and under (2 home with in 6m of each other), a hubby who works alot... ahhh I could go on and on... but that's life eh? We can't and won't ever have just a perfect time conducive to weight loss where everything is peachy keen and roses. There will always be something going on, challenging us and making us think "i deserve a treat". There's aways a reason to not make right choices, but there also is always reasons too make healthy choices. We just have to focus on the right reasons.

So a current goal of mine is to be wedding weight by my 6y anniversary (Nov. 1st) wedding weight was 195lbs. Really I look at my photos and think dam, if I could look like that again I'd be loving it! (but goal really is 174 (healthy BMI). I just also found out that my grandma is getting married again (2nd) and it's early Sept. so of course that is motivation through out the summer... I like have a 2-3m event/goal thing to look forward to. Better than just always looking long long term. If I do the math, there isn't any reason not to be at goal for the new year...but I'm not officially setting that goal yet...

Ok so this has been sort of a long winded post... off to be a Mom...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Becuase DC+Z is a perv and asked to see me in a swimsuit....

Mothers Day 2007 (about 2 weeks before starting WW)
June 2nd 2008 (34lbs down)

Current back June 2008

Jan 2008 back (20lbs ago)

Jan 2008 front

June 2008 front (20lbs lighter)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tips from Tallmama...

So I had a (I thought) brilliant idea tonight. We had about 4 bananas getting too ripe. Usually I throw them in the freezer for banana bread, which we know is not the best thing to make...exp. if you are weak to the baked goods like I am (and someone else I know...). So I thought hmmm lately I've loved my banana strawberry smoothies... so I chunked them up and froze them smoothie ready! I think they are going to work great!

a side note...I was going to post some before and after pics...but there really isn't a huge difference! The before pics are only from Jan/08, my lovley swimsuit shots...and I'm down *almost* 20 since then, so not a huge amount...


No, it's not how much weight I am down (well almost!) It's how OLD I am today. Yup you guessed... it's mah birthday, it's mah birthday, party like it's my birthday!