Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I'm perplexed... I'm back up to 229 point what ever. Ya I just finished AF but by now I'm usually super low for 3-4 days..but I'm high, high, HIGH right now. I've been OP with one day off (and not super bad eating) water intake has been not 100% but not horrible. I'm wondering if I need to drop to 26pts (WW says at 225lbs to drop from 28 pts to 26pts) 'cause really I've been floating around these #'s for FOR-EVER! What does the peanut gallery think? For the rest of this week (till Friday) I'm only eating daily points and activity points, no flex points. I need to see #'s move and STAY gone!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sometimes that old bag AF can do crazy things to your body... Don't sweat it. Drink a bunch of water, just eat your daily points and I bet in three days you'll be right back down. She's nothing, if not inconsistent!

Colette said...

Lara lots of women have had success with the "Wendi plan" Basically you eat more points one day and less the next.... sorta like tricking your metabolism!
Unfortunately for me it did not work!! But Core sure does and I love it!! I thought I would miss the processed junk but I haven't!! I definately think its making a difference with me!!
Hugs.. I know you will be on the low end again soon!!