Tuesday, June 17, 2008

insert witty title here...

So I've been sorta MIA only because, well I've been busy! I'm still totally on plan, exercising -yes I drag 2 toddlers and a newborn to the gym to work out. I laugh at myself because by the time I get everyone organized and in the van, I have broken a sweat (really!!) and I think I don''t need to go to the gym I just need to go somewhere everyday :). It really does feel great to work out. I'm not doing anything too major right now, just walking around the track for 45+min but I sweat and can feel it a bit. Soon I think I'll start leaving the baby too with child care and do the treadmill/bike that I use to do. I want to get back in to running, I WAS at running for 30min before baby, but alas...I fell off that wagon sort of abruptly.

Also this week is AF week..so I haven't been to crazy about the scale. I think that is the reason for the fluctuation between the 225's and 228's. I'll just have to wait till miss thang leaves and I will have the true verdict. (I'm also the ultimate lowest right after AF).