Monday, December 31, 2007

ahhhh my last post for 2007

So I am assuming this will be my last post of 2007, crazy if you ask me, that we are hours away from the year 2008. Crazy.

So today I thought I'd do a backwards type resolution thing, not that I did the reslolution thing last year, but sort of a re-cap of positive things from this past year that I am proud of.

1-the new addition to my family, Keera whom we adopted in Oct.
2-Hubby and me celebrating our marriage of 5 years!!
3-Finally being settled in our new house, (our old one took 8m to sell and I was stuck out in a small town I hated)
4-Losing 15-20lbs this past year...and hopeing more this coming year (of course)
5-starting and maintaining a blog for 6m (though sometimes things got kinda slow)
6-Finally cutting my hair after double diget years.
7-Off and on activity at the gym
8-Getting a better relationship with my bioDad and that side of the family
9-Crossing over in to the mini-van world. Though not overly 'proud' of this, it has made life easier.
10-We had a great vacation to Cuba last Jan, though it seems like 5y ago not just barley 1.

So for this next year? Really it's the same old,
1-eat better, loose weight, exercise, healthy habits.
2-try and be a better Mom (i'm a yeller and I hate it)
3-put out more for dh. He deserves it.

So wishing everyone success in their goals in 2008.

On another note...I was thinking of doing Slim Fast for Jan to kick start things, but today is my third day and a girl can't live on chocolate shakes alone. I think I should dig out my WW stuff and get back to tracking. Really it's the most easiest, reliable, real-life program out there. I've always had success with it.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I did it, and it wasn't pretty...

So I hoped on the scale, in the evening but my rational for that was; I KNOW it will be high because it's in the I was bracing for a high number and well I sure got it. 251 point something. Yikes! Now I know I'm still dealing with my lovely AF visiting, and it was in the evening after a good feed but uhhhggg. So I get on in the morning and it's still 250's!!! So needless to say I need to get busy. I really didn't notice it in my clothes, you'd think I'd notice a solid 6lb gain...It's also at the point that I want to get back on track as I was getting so close to the 230's but now I'm back floating around the 250's which is an ugly thing.

So I need to start potty training my girls but I soooo don't want to. It seems like such an impossible task. My oldest will be 3 the beginning of Feb. and my youngest will be 2 the end of Jan. I think just do them both together. I've been half a*sed trying but the 3yo is so not interested. But come on all the other mom's are going to laugh at me if she turns 3 and isn't potty trained. Plus I want her to start going to pre school and that requires her to be using the potty. Wish me luck.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Cliche...

I feel like everyone else who will 'get back on the wagon' and have the same New Year's resolutions...but oh well.

I have been holding pretty well I think. I have not been on the scale for a while, and will do so as soon as AF leaves..but I went shopping yesterday. (In Canada, the day after Christmas is our big shopping day) and I bought some jeans, one pair in a 20, the other in an 18 and they both fit and are wearable in public places!!! Last year this time I was wearing a tight 22, sometimes 24!!!! So quite happy. I bought jeans not too long ago, prob. 6m ago and they were 22's but loose/comfortable and it wasn't very long till they were just too big. So I am quite excited that I can get 18's on and done up but just need a bit more to get they comfortable. Yaaaa for me.

So my new goal is to be under 200 by my 35th b-day the begining of June. I was hopign to be that for Christmas/New Years, but life happens eh? It is doable, just hope I can work in a plan and exercise and maintain it. I know I can it's just a matter of doing it, wanting it bad enough to do it.

Everybody who reads this, who has ever dieted, we all KNOW what to do. We all KNOW how to do it, we just lack the 'stay power' and/or DAILY motivation. It's not that we are missing some magic weight lose key, that we haven't' been told the secret way to shed pounds. It's simple. Eat healthily, balanced meals. Consume a lower caloric intake that what we naturally burn, and exercise. Do what are bodies are made for, moving, doing things. Our bodies weren't designed to lie on the couch and be still.

Ahhh I talk a good game. Now can I cash the check my mouth has been writing, we'll see....

Oh and I forgot to tell you ladies...I won a cookie baking contest here in my city. It was put on by the local radio station. I got a gift certificate for $100 at a grocery store. I was quite excited! I made a yummy peanut butter cookie with a Reese buttercup piece in side. They are super good, if I do say so. The announcer even said it was unanimous!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thought I needed to post before it got to a month since my last post

I read other WLB daily, but don't hardly blog myself. It's probably because I don't have any successes to report, and really things are pretty boring in my world, and I'm sure people don't want to hear me go on and on about the struggles of toddlers.

I should adjust my weight, but I just can't bring my self to do it. I think I am more about the 245 mark rather than 242.8...I am trying (but not really doing anything to represent 'trying') to maintain through out Christmas. I really need to get on the band wagon in January, along with the other few million who's New Years resolution this will be. and I kinda hate that but what ever. I really really want to try going back to the gym. I think now that I have the 2 kiddo's that they will do pretty good in child care. and I know the break will really do me wonders! but it's scheduling it is the problem.

So I am almost ready for Christmas. Have to buy hubby 1 more thing, and also wrap the kids presents. Also do stocking stuffers for the girls...I think Christmas will be quite fun. We are staying put, with the in-laws coming to visit. I have really great in-laws too.

I made homemade Carmel's last week, and finished them off last night. Sooooo yummy. but so hard to get to the exact right temperature! For those that don't know, Carmel's are probably the worst candy to have, their ingredients are all the things that are our enemies. ie: 1c butter, 2c sugar, 2 c corn syrup, 2 c cream. Yup that is all that is in them. but I think I might make more today....eekkkkkkk. (see what I mean about not doing anything to maintain??)

OK I'll be back, can't promise when but I'll be back....

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I've been MIA, my apologies. I haven't gone anywhere, done anything fun, or have a really good excuse. If there is anyone I can blame it on, it would be my daughters. I am finding my life pretty busy with these to little ones. By the end of the day I am so spend physically and emotionally I can't wait to just plop on the couch and get lost in TV land. I honestly never knew it would be this exhausting being a SAHM, or Mom for that matter. The days seem like a blur of meal times, screaming, dirty diapers, squabbling, whining, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and a few smiles and of course tons of laundry.

I haven't even thought much about weight loss. I thought a bit about it when I watch Oprah earlier this week, with all her before/after people, but honestly didn't find it overly motivating. Usually those types of shows get me back on track. I am holding about 245, I'd love to be in touch with the 30's as I think that would be a big boost, but honestly this time of year I know it's best if I can just 'hover' at my current weight. So come January I will have to re-evaluate my goals. When I started in June I know I hoped to be close to 200 by Christmas/New Years...but also I wasn't planning on have a 1.5y/o join our family in the fall either. Now I will be lucky to be around 200 by my 35th b-day in June...on well, If I do that then I'd have lost 65lbs in a year, which is nothing to snuff off.

My hubby and I are planning our first Date Night in a looooong time. We never really needed them till now. We are realizing with the 2 little ones we are getting no quality time together and just feel stressed out at the end of the day. So we have a sitter (2 actually) for Saturday night and are doing some shopping, then diner and maybe a movie...I am excited but of course a bit nervous leaving our girls, and having someone else put them down...but it's gotta happen sometime.

So though it's been 2 weeks since my last post...nothing much has changed. I am boring, sorry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

So I put up the Christmas decorations today. I know it may be early for some, and crazy early for the scrooges out there. but for's great. I didn't decorate last year so I am making up for it. Granted I don't have the tree's up yet. Well 1 is up but it's not decorated and I still have my grown-up tree to put upstairs.

40 days till Christmas....

My Report

My report is all went well at the Dr. I did not drop him an early Christmas present. Thankgoodness. :0

I love how they get all chatty and personal (no pun intended) when they are doing what they do down there. "So when was your last vacation?" asking all about ect. All the other time they are strictly business....but I guess that's fine. It's not like I want a detailed report while things are in progress....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not a good position I put my self in....

I made beans last night for diner.... and I have my annual PAP today....that puts me in a bad position to 'hold' things in.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Halloween at our was a zoo.


ya I'm bored too..I really should be going to bed, it is after midnight as I type this...... So I took on Diet C's tagger challenge thingy...I don't know how to do those fancy link things...but this is who I'm talking about..

The Rules:1-Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog2-Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird3-Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs4- Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog

1~I have a little dent and bald spot on the top of my head from the Dr. inducing my Mom when she was pregnant with me. Basically he poked to high and got me!

2~My left boob is bigger than my right (not so weird as every woman has a bigger one)

3~I have a diploma in Fashion Design, but dress like I have a diploma in frumpy housewife

4~I really really REALLY wished I could have experienced being preggers.

5~I use to compete in Kickboxing and retired undefeated (100lbs ago)

6~My hubby and I waited till marriage.

7~I love being neked.

I don't really know who to tag...I only have a couple 'regulars' that I know of if you read this and haven't already done so....TAG you're it....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Howdy Howdy

I am really trying to post more...even if I don't have much to say. I am holding at 244 ish. I had 'dipped down' to 243.8 which was wonderful to see, but now I'm floating some where in the 244's. I really want to make an effor to get to the 30's...that would be COOL!

So I went and got my hair chopped last night!!! I got a good 5-6" off, and I quite like it. the ends were so dead and frizzy and just gross looking. So I went from about bra strap length to about shoulder length. A big change and it's been years (10+) since i've been this short, but I was just so sick of it. I think it helped loosing 20lbs so far, I didn't feel as long hair is/was such a security blanket of the last thing on me that 'looked good'. I am curiouse how hubby will like it, he's back home tonight and doesn't know i got it cut! ha ha ha.

I'll post pics once he brings my camera home...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween 20.8 times

Today I can post that I have offically lost 20 pounds, 20.8 to be exact! I am quite excited, and what a day to hit it at eh? lol.
It's been a journey to get here, I'm even trying to remember when I started...seriously....was it April...May..June...crap..I'll have to see if I have it posted somewhere.

So today I WI at 244. Only 4lbs to go to get in to the 30's. I think once I get there I will start feeling pretty good. I remember when I dieted before and when I hit the 20's I was feeling and thought I was *starting* to look good/better.

Gotta go dye my moms hair...more later..


Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm ready for bed

Another wild and crazy Saturday night is almost behind me...Let me tell you, this Mama of 2 really knows how to rip up a Saturday night....It all started with a early diner of Hamburger helper, a quick tidy of the kitchen...I then moved the party downstairs where I tryed to finish up a project I was working on (a cute Halloween quilt type decoration) but the other party goers were getting cranky and it's hard to party with a couple wineie girls underfoot. It's then I decided to move the party all the way to the top floor...and pull out a couple tricks to liven things up...including a jet tub...neked bodies...bath toys...yup you guessed it bath time. Things got really wild watching the girls drink their own bath water (why why WHY do kids do this; it is beyond gross...) so I decided these 2 were cramping my party style, who wants to party with 2 off to bed they go. Now, NOW I'm ready to really let loose, I mean really show people what Saturday night is all about, I slip in to my best Saturday night out fit (white with pink stripe Capri t-shirt pants, snug enough to let me know I am still 80lbs over weight, topped off with a red sweatshirt, oh and bra-less of course...let them D's be free I say). Back down stairs and I assume the position... the one that gets me the most satisfaction on Saturday nights.....horizontal on the couch baby...and tune in to "Flip that house" (or is it Flip this house, maybe Flip the house; who really knows with all the Flip'n shows on these days). So I get feeling a little naughty...started having some baaad thoughts, you know what I'm talking about...I get dh to throw me a hand full of tootsie rolls...ahhhhhh just what my Saturday night needed. So now that it is getting crazy late this Saturday night (11:14pm) I think it's best I turn in, before things get even more out of hand.
phffff and I thought I partied hard in my 20' 20's have noth'n on my 30's.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I gained weight today...

but for a really REALLY good reason...I weigh a couple ounces more... I got diamond stud earrings from dh today for our 5y anniversary next week (he'll be away in Vegas)....they sure are purdy. Maybe I should put out tonight.... naaaaahh 2 nights in a row would spoil him *smirk*

Hey y'all

Thought I'd do a quicky post, to try and get in the habit of posting more....
I think I am still hovering where I was/am weight wise... I need to drink more water...a body can't survive on diet pepsi alone... and I need to stay away from the Halloween candy, but that said I am starting to get sick of the maybe that's a sign.

ok shortie post...but gotta go....

Monday, October 22, 2007

A new a good way!

This morning I weight in at an all time low (for this round of 'dieting') I was 245.6 lbs! It is great to see the 245's !! and seems this has been with out really trying, just being a busy Mom, that is great! I have that light feeling this morning and it's wonderful. I put on a pair of pants this morning and they are comfortably; they are fresh out of the laundry and are ususally the type that you need to wear for 1/2 a day to be comfortable in!!

That if for today....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Time to blog my tall friend"


ha ha...ya I know I've been slacking...sorry just been insanely busy! This mamma of 2 buisness is hard!! The new addition her self has had good and bad days, she was sick (I think pretty much has it beat now) and it's hard dealing with a cranky kid and not knowing how to 'help'. My in laws are in town, they are really great people. I am lucky to have such great in laws! We've just been hanging out...not doing anything too exciting.

But this is a weight loss blog so i should touch on that....I am holding at 246/247...but also my girlie cycle is beyond screwed up... I am 2 days away from having my visitor for 2 full weeks, fun fun joy joy. I thought she was done, but nope she came back....I am chalking it up to not sure how that is affecting my weight loss either... You know how I said I was getting back on the wagon? Well it more turned in to "stepped on the wagon, stepped off the wagon". It seriously is too much right now...I need my is saving me from the mental institute. seriously. We are doing more walks so that is a +. and at night I just don't have the energy to get off my f*t *ss and go upstairs and get that is good too.

So this is short and sweet (well, he he maybe not so sweet, sounds probably a bit bitchy to me...sorry!).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh my GOSH!

I don't even know where to start...the past week and a half have been so very crazy, filled with everything you could imagine from tears to STRESS to even weight loss!

I'll start with the weight loss, as this IS my weight loss blog. I have found the elusive magic plan to loosing weight. Travel by your self with your 2yo, stay at your Mom's and her husband (who is anal compulsive about tidieness) adopt a 1.5yo and try and be everything to each of your kids, the 2yo how is wondering all of a sudden why she has to share Mom (and missing Daddy) and a 1.5yo who is wondering who the HECK you are and why are you acting like my Mom. All the while trying your best to clean up the cyclone of a mess that follows these 2 where ever they go. Doing this has helped me shed 5lbs (did I mention I got my period while doing all this as well, AND that weight loss is a *during mensy* WI!!!)

So we are back home now, and *trying* to settle in, well really we got home yesterday at supper time so haven't even been home 24h. My newest daughter also now has a raging cold, complete with constant runny nose, congestion, and CRANKY-ness. So fun to deal with. My eldest dd is doing pretty ok, but wants everything the new one touches. And the new one FREAKS OUT when ever dd goes near her if she is playing with someone (she comes from a foster home of 7 kids).

So that is the scoop. It has been so trying emotionally, and physically for that matter. But the good is we now have a new wonderful little girl. When she isn't sick she is such a sweetie, and has the cutest laugh. Also all of this has given me a new *shove* in the WW direction. Seems I'm back on the good side of 245 and not . whatever closing in on 250, I thought I'd get back on the horse. So I started tracking today....ummm in saying that I just realized I was not keeping count of how many Halloween candies I just pounded....OPPPPPSSSS.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Signing off....

It seems like all my posts lately are about "is it really September already? has it really been 2 weeks since I posted, boy time is flying by" I'm beginning to see a pattern here for my life. Especially since I originally was going to title this post "Is it really October 1st" but I won't/didn't'. At this point not sure what I will title it...but by the time you read this it will have a title...

So the weight loss has slowed to well, stopped. I have not yet started going backwards, which really surprises me...but I'll do my best to not go back...but not sure when I'm going to get back on the WW wagon...I am holding at 248.8 as of this am. It doesn't help that it's Halloween candy hubby went out and got a box tonight. Of course everyone knows my will power when it comes to chocolate...

So I love reading every one's blogs...I check them daily and think, ahhh I wish they'd post more...then realize I don't post that often so I can't talk! I read and found it ummm interesting and somewhat stimulating lol!! If hubby offered rewards like Colette's hulk, i'd be down 90lbs in no time!

So I am heading down to spend some time with our new daughter on Wednesday, and we'll be coming home with her the following Thursday! I can't wait. It's been such a long time coming and seemed to draaaaaaaaag on and on, but now we have a light at the end of the tunnel! yaaa hoooo. I think I will be a busy busy bee but it will be worth it. Maybe with lots of walks to the park it will get things moving. he he.

So I'd like to think that I'll be posting more regularly, but we'll just have to see how things go. I always read every one's blogs, good vegg-out therapy for me...but not always the time to write...

Signing off as a mother of 1 for the last time.... :) When I'm back I'll be a Momma of 2! ~I will be back...I promise...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So shall we try again? The proverbial 'New Week' is only a sleep away...

Is it really the middle of September? Seriously, where did the begining of September go? For that matter if anyone has tabs on the end of August, I have some unfinished buisness with them as well.

Did people ever tell you when you were younger (>15)that you're life will pass you by when you get older? and you thought 'Ya RIGHT! that'll happen; it takes for-e v e r for the school year to go by..' and now as a 30 something (I'll hold on to that title as long as I can as soon it will be "mid-thirties") and feel like I blink and a week goes by....

So I baked today. I love to bake. I love to eat my baking. I especially love to 'eat the dough' ...hmmm maybe that's where all the dough on my body has come from! The daughter had a short nap, so I had extra time to kill between end of nap time and supper time so we baked. I made mini banana loafs, mini chocolate cupcake/brownie things, and sugar cookies cut out with my new mini Halloween cookie cutter set. Yes I just noticed the theme "mini" hmmm does that mean mini calories or points...ahhh don't think so chicky-dear (note the self talk).

I think I will hit the mall tomorrow and see what I can find for a cleanse. Seriously I am so close to the 20lbs it would be a shame to stop now...

Well off to vegge in front of the boob-tube with my Diet Pepsi (Becky will you still talk to me?).

Happy Sunday all....

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Has it really been another week?

I sometimes feel like this is more my life blog, than a WW blog, but really the 2 are so intertwined...
So I'm still not back OP...I keep thinking about it...or trying to even start with a cleanse (anybody ever try these?) I've done the Wild Rose Detox a hand full of times in the past, it is usually good for 10lbs (but not the reason to do them) and usually help me get back on track and get the sugar cravings gone. I've also found it kinda hard, and long...and I just bought a cleanse for my brother and the lady said the Wild Rose one is a big hardcore, it actually purposely irritates the bowels to make them purger (FUN!!) so you need to stay close to home for the 1st 2-3 days. I really don't find it that bad. Any recommendations?

So no exciting news re: the adoption...I went down to a Dr. appointment for her and also an assessment last sun to wed. It was an unexpected trip but it was probably good I went, and I got to get the information straight from the horses mouth. Also I was able to see her for 2 days (about 2h each day) she recognized me when I came the second day, and had no problem hanging with me (which is good and bad) and when I left the 2nd day she got quite upset and didn't want to go back with the Foster Mom, talk about ripping at my heart strings! It is beyond frustrating that things are moving at a snails pace, and for no apparent reason. I was really hoping for a placement this week coming up, but I didn't' hear anything on Fri. so I doubt it. uhhgggggg.

I am working on getting my house tidy and finding some way to keep it tidy! That is one think I am not fond of being a SAHM or a Mom in general. The tidying and picking up NEVER ENDS, never people N E V E R!!!!!!! and it drives me insane!!!!! sorry ~venting...

The weather is starting to turn here...touching towards freezing at night and the day time doesn't really get over 20C during the day. I am kinda looking forward to the fall, to dress a bit warmer, bake, thanksgiving, Halloween, our anniversary, Christmas ect. and it always goes so fast! I can't wait to do a big Christmas this year, last year we were in our small transition house and went home for Christmas so I did nothing at our house and it was quite depressing. This year, the day after remembrance day, I think I will drag out the decorations!!

Well I should start thinking about lunch for the babe and I....

Friday, September 7, 2007

Does he only live in my neck of the woods?

I am wondering if the Tupperware stealing fairy only lives in my area, or does he make visits to everyones house. I am CONSTANTLY buying Tupperware/gladware/plastic thingys. and I can NEVER find a set (top and bottom) when I need one, which is several times a day. It's not like I have a large family...dh doesn't use them for his lunches...I doubt my 2 yo has a stash under her bed. Where are they??? are they having a secret party somewhere in my house with all the missing socks? Do the two have a secret love affair that causes them to slip away in the night, ever to reappear again? What gives??????

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've been called out....

So I've been questioned by Diet coke & zingers...of my where abouts.... well I am here, sorta.
We got back on Mon. afternoon from spending the long weekend in my hometown and attending a wedding for my brother...before that dh was home for a few days so just busy w/ home + life stuff.
I am struggling with staying OP (surprise surprise). Between traveling, wedding food, life 'stuff', my affair with chocolate...I am hovering under 250. Officially this morning I was 248.4. so I guess up 2.4 from my last 'good' WI. I did go work out this morning, and it felt wonderful...but, when I went to p/u dd, she was a mess, she just started sobbing when she saw me and was shaking and very sad, not a trying to pull a fast one on mom, but really sad. They said she was sad the whole of course that pulled at my heart strings... I had even picked up a personal training pamphlet to look in to that... but now I am feeling I don't dare try 2 days in a row...exp. after today's episode. I know there will be some to say she needs to tuff'n up... but my poor heart seeing her so sad....

Also, eating wise, I had been craving my Indian curry I made a batch...oh my how I love this stuff....I have calculated and it's not horrible bad, just medium bad...but I have eaten alot of it the past 2 days, accompanied with some Naan bread from about YUMMMMMMMMMM. It's prob. a good think I don't have any chocolate in the house as I'd be at the what the h#ll point and give in to that nemise as well.

I am stressed too as we haven't heard much about our adoption. It's been 3 weeks today and really nothing has happened and it stresses me out!!! ahhhhhgggg. I think by the end of this week we are getting a child advocate involved; for the child's sake. When we were away we bought *big girl beds* for both the girls. Matching of course...and some cute bedding; all from Ikea.

ok it's nap time for the child so that means r-e-l-a-x time for mamma-bear....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I accidently worked out today!

So I planned on taking dd to the local gym where they have everything, skating, Field houses, mini golf, basket ball, gym, indoor track ect. So there is suppose to be a 'fun zone' for the kids well it was canceled for aug. but of course she's all pumped to go. So I am standing there ready to pay and I realize this (sign on counter) she is kinda all over the place, then she runs to the child care room and wants in, so I ask her and yup she wants in, so we go in and she's off like a shot, so I think yaaa hoooo!!! sign her in and RUN! (We had big issues going last fall and stopped). So I went and worked out for an hour! Talk about heaven! I did 20min on the treadmill, 10min on the elliptical and the rest of the time stretching, floor work and light arm weights!. She was fine when I went to pick her up. They said she asked about me several times, but really what kid doesn't. So I am thinking I need to go more, and before we become a family of 4! ( I don't think I could bear to dump new dd off at child care for the first while).
I haven't even figured out how many AP's I got yet, but I hardly care about them, I just enjoyed me time, ALOT!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Picture

My dd on our last trip. She is a fan of Cheesies, but I'm sure I didn't have to tell you all that!

Another rainy day..

So it's our 2nd day of rain...but really it's not so bad. But I do find it chips away at the motivation for doing anything productive! To date I am down 18.2 lbs! I can't be live I'm so close to the 20lbs mark! Some days it seems like it's gone fast, other days it seems like only 20lbs over almost 3months! I was hoping to be at/under the 200 mark for Christmas/New years...I think that will not quite work, but I'll be close...and alot less than last Christmas!!

I am planning on today being a higher day today, but I'm not too sure what I am going to eat...I'm sure some chocolate will be involved. but I'm sure some may be happy to know I did not consume any chocolate yesterday! (I thought it was longer than that, but opps, I did have some on Sunday...)

We talked to the SW'er yesterday and there is a chance that we could do the placement late next week! Which is cool, but scary at the same time! We'll see how things go. I am making a dress for dd for a wedding we are attending, and I think I might make one up for pdd 'just in case'.

Ok off to the sewing room...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's saturday night people!!!

and I'm bored. Sitting here at the 'puture, while dh eats popcorn and watches a movie on the boob tube. I've been surfing the net for 'toddler' stuff, looking up names (we are using a close variant of her current name) and just being generally bored. OH there is lots I could be doing, and lots I should be doing...but alas, I am not. I am surfing...and seems there are not many updates from my fellow WLB'ers (weight loss bloggers) I thought I'd come post again...

So how bout a little game of get to know ya...If your up for it, copy/paste the questions with your own answers on your blog. I'm sure this gets done lots, but what ever, it's my first time.

1)What skill do you wish you had? to sing, loud and proud! (I'm tone deaf)

2)What size bra do you wear? 40D

3)Do you fart in front of your significant other/or closest to SI? You betcha, in front, behind and once in a while on top of!!

4)If you had to eat only fruit for a day, what would be your fruit of choice? Mango's, with cherry's as a close second

5)What size bed do you sleep in? King sized baby.

Just random, get to know your fellow WLB'er questions...

Well that sums up my wild and crazy Saturday night, well almost...dh has promised a 'treat' tonight...he he he.

Down another pound...but I bought chocoate today...

I don't know why I do just calls to me. We were shopping (looking at 'toddler' stuff) and I saw them...usually they aren't around this time of year...but when they are in season, watch out...I'm talking about eggies...Cadbury Eggies. Not sure if you Americans have them down there (sorry it's a known fact that CND chocolate is better than US). but I just love love LOVE them. Anyways.....they were at walmart today, in the clearance center, on sale to boot. So I bought a large bag; 227g. I was trying to control how many I ate, but then I just lost count. So I get home and I think, I'll just eat the whole bag and get it over with...I had a light breakfast ya know...well good thing I figured the point value first. The entire bag was 22 pts!! YIKES! So I measured out what was left, and what I fed dd and dh, and I figured I already ate 1/2 the bag, so 11 pts worth. Oh well. "Hello, my name is tallmama, and I'm a chocoholic"

But I am down another pound! My body must have needed the water, that's all I can account the continual decline on the scale to. But I am not complaining, I repeat NOT COMPLAINING! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

The scale is my friend today!

So today the scale is my friend...he said I was 248.4 which is a new low for me!! So I am down a total of 16.4lbs! I am quite happy about that! So I am still averaging about 1.5lbs per week, as long as I can keep it at that at least....

So feeling a bit better today, haven't heard from my who knows what will happen there. What ever will be will be.

My hubby had a new low today too! 279.6 lbs, so he is out of the 80's, he's be floating around the bottom of them for a while, so he was happy to be down with am. and i am happy for him! his total to date is 17.4lbs. Usually he would be a good 5-10lbs ahead of me in the loss department, but he doesn't follow the plan religiously. (and we all know I have my days!) also he's diabetic so a bit harder for him to lose.

It's been a rainy blowy kinda day today! I went out w/ dd and nearly got blown over (now you know the wind is blowing if it shakes a 5'11 248lb woman!!) So just back to the house and working on laundry. I was tempted to go to the mall and see if I could find some matching outfits to the stuff I just bought my dd, in a size smaller for our potential dd. but never made it 'cause of the weather. Maybe after nap time...

well time for some couch potato time :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can anybody say "Stress"?

So I am still here, we were out of town till later last night...I am back on the wagon today, though I haven't journals yet today...I got on the scale and it wasn't too scary, sitting around 250-249.4 so I a pleased with that after a few days of off program. So I am sure after a few days back OP and drinking water again I will be where I should be.

So I need to vent, I feel like there is so much going on in my personal life I am going to burst. If it isn't one thing, it's another...
We went on a visit to look at possibly adopting our dd 1/2 sister (we adopted dd as a newborn). She is 19m old and I am scared at the thought of the challenges of bringing a toddler in to a home with an existing toddler (they are 11m 3w apart). I wonder how my dd will do, I worry about attachment with the new one...and just all of a sudden being a family of 4! Some tuff life decisions we've been contiplating the past couple weeks. We have decided to move forward with this adoption.

So I get home last night and there is an email from my Dad (step) basically giving me the guilty treatment because my last visit down he felt I didn't make an effort to talk to him (we did diner). I guess he wanted to talk about his will. Basically he threatened to leave me zero if I continue to "ignore" him. (I was the one to email him last week after not hearing from him in forever, and I mostly initiate the calling). He also does not want to leave me money for fear of me tithing some of it. He knows we pay tithing and strongly does not want any monies to go to "that church". He ends with a "you can tell I was really disappointed". I emailed him back and said to me it's not about the $$, I could care less. I care that you don't seem to be involved in mine and his gd life. He's more concerned he didn't get to talk to me about $$ than being able to spend much time with his gd. He's always been a bit manipulative, and I find it so hard to 'stand up' to him. Uhhhhg I hate dealing with crap like this. I'm surprised that I haven't gained 10lbs in stress eating.

And on a good note, we FINALLY have a firm sale on our renovation property. It's been such a stress having it and dealing with it. But we should close on Sept. 14th so I am sooo excited about this. Plus we are having a fence built as we speak so I can actually go outside with my dd and not be scared of her running away!!

So I am here, back, and back on track. I was hoping to be in the 30's for this wedding in 2 weeks, but I'll be happy if I can be about 245, another 5lbs will still make a difference.

Now off to check up on everybody else. Thanks for listing, sorry for venting!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I think i'm off the wagon....Yikes!!

This week has been so hard, there is lots going on personally, AF is here with a vengeance, and plainly I just am hungry!!! I've done OK up till today, and today I think I fell off the wagon. For diner we did Wendy's and I ain't talk'en no salad. There is still a frosty waiting for me upstairs...+ we are heading out of town on Sunday for 4 not sure when I will get fully back on the wagon. I defiantly don't want to lose my progress, so I will not let go of the wagon, maybe just drag behind it for a few days...wish me luck!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I just *love* teething toddlers

So my dd had a horrendous night last night, so that = Mom and Dad having a horrendous night. She has been a wonderful sleeper since we moved in to this place (April/07) but last night....uhhhhgggg.

so this am dh feels an eye tooth coming thru! at least we know what the problem was/is, that helps! She cried/wined from about 10:30pm to midnight (we checked every 10-15min) and then I finally told dh to get up with her, so they went down and watched TV till about 2am...then she went down ok. But up at 6:15am. So I rocked her for an hour, and she was just a bear after that. Didn't want up, didn't want down, didn't want bed, NOTHING. but a little later she was making an effort to be pleasant. So right now she is napping...we are at the 2.5h mark!! yaaaa. We'll get some abisol(sp) as that worked best when she teethed when she was younger.

I am praying for a better night, I am not a nice person on minimal sleep.

On the food front, I am out of FP, but today is my last day for the week, so all is well. I think af is on her way as I've gained a pound...and I can just tell. It's been a while and I was wondering when I'd see her again, so hopefully I can hold it together food wise this week....

Friday, August 3, 2007

Company company and MORE company

I feel like a hotel, as one group leaves, it seems I barley have time to change the sheets before the next crew is due to arrive. But I like it! Maybe not so grouped together, but I'll take company. Last Sept. we moved 5-6h away from 'everyone' so it's nice to know people will still come visit. We just had my Mom and her husband. It was fun and they helped get some stuff done at that stupid other property we have. They yesterday they were on a mission to find a lake, so at 5:15pm we are driving 40+ min to get to this lake we'd never been to, on recommendation from this family at this "lake" (slew) we had just left. I was beat, and not up for it, but appeased my mom & her husband. Plus when we did get there dd just loved it and it was nice a peaceful. When I got home, I went straight to the shower, as dh was getting out and said "I'm off duty" and proceeded to have a nice long shower, do a facial and have some me time. Can we say ahhhhhhh take me away calgon.....

So eating wise I've been good! I'm still down in the 40's ya me! I thought maybe it was a freak thing, but still there! Last night I was even 250 point something so close to being in the 40's day and night! So I think my 'plan' worked well, even though I didn't even realize I was doing a 'plan'. One week eat just basic points, barley dipping in to FP, next week, go nuts!!! Tonight I splurged and had a small fries from McDonald's...mmmm but they were kind of cold after stopping at subway and then going home, and really not worth the points i'm sure (by the way I still have to figure out how many...) but all the same, yummmmy.

So now I am just waiting for dh to get home from his only day off in I don't even know how many days, and it's another week till he has his reg. 4 days off...he was doing a quad (ATV) rescue from last weekend....but they are out and on their way home so that is good.

Hope everyone is doing grrrrrreat!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is why I like chocolate

I am down to 249.6lbs this am, how does that happen? So officially down 15.2lbs AND I'm in the 40's!!!!!! whooooooooo hoooooooo

So my question do I switch now to 29 points or carry out the week at 30 points? The past 2 days I've eaten 14 and 9 FP consecutively.

Monday, July 30, 2007


hmmm some how I ate 14 FP today. Not sure how it happened....I'm sure it had nothing to do with Chocolate, T-bone steak, cheese bun, chocolate and more chocolate. I need to lay low with the points tomorrow!

but boy.....did it taste gooooooood.

Hmmm Looks like I took the wrong schooling...

Which College Major Should You Be?

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Your major should be Psychology. You enjoy understanding people, especially if it helps you get their numbers. You can save the books for grad school, right now it's all about field work.
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Weigh In Day


I'm down!!! I WI at 251.8!! I can't belive i'm so close to to the 40's! and really sorta skipped the '252's'!! It's a loss of -1.6 for a grand total, so far, 8 weeks of 13 lbs. So averaging 1.6lbs per week. I can take that. I'd like 2lbs per week, but i'll take 1.6. So this *may* be my last week at 30pts per day, then I will go down to 28!! Thats 14 less points per week!
So excited things are happening, even if it's slow and steady. I'll see if I can import my WL chart so far....

Well it didn't work...sorry!

ok off to eat some chocolate!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

jump jump jump jump

That's what my 2.5y/o has been doing for the past hour, where or where do they get this energy? If I had an eighth of it, I'd be running marathons!!!

So I did ok w/ the kisses yesterday.....ummm that brings us to today...hmmmm how do I say this...I haven't been *that* bad...there are some still left (though it is only 5:17pm) I've had 10 points so far. I have more than enough FP, but the same time I don't think I should be loading up on chocolate the night before WI. I've decided I need to have some good treats on Mon/Tues then be good the rest of the week, with just small treats as needed. This past week I did very good the first 1/2 of the week then dived in to all my unused FP. So this week I will try the opposite...

Funny/weird story....We found a contractor to finish the siding on our renovation project (from he#l). Well I was catching a different vibe off this guy, then he complemented me on my hair...hmmm weird for a the next time I saw him, again he was very chatty and again, complemented on my hair, and also invited me to go to lunch w/ him and his crew...(I was there with my dd and my g'ma!). Well he came by our house Fri. to get paid, well the conversation was fine, then he asked if I go to church, I found this weird, but said yes (I do) and then he kinda was hum & hawing and said this may sound weird...and then kinda did this weird ramble thing; that really I didn't understand much off, basically I belive he was telling me his wife left him in May and he has to pay her 1/2 a million + some of his renovation properties, I was quite confused, and he left with saying "I'll just leave that with you". WEIRD!!

Then today (sorry turning in to a long story) he's at the house finishing up today. I have a friend and her family staying out there...she asks for the key back and he goes to the truck to get it and comes back and says to my friend "That LXXX (me) she sure is a beautiful woman, I just love her hair". She knew the story before so she couldn't wait to tell me. Weird eh? I don't need to have anymore contact with him, besides him maybe calling today to tell me it's all complete...

And to note, I am very happily married, talked about my hubby on all occasions that I talked to him, put in the conversation that my hubby is 6'8", 300lbs, he's seen me with my dd....and at no time was I looking cute at all, just everyday clothes, no makeup, hair up in a pony...and I told dh all about it, and he said I should tell the guy to go jump off a building (really he said that, funny; he's so old school)
So that is my funny story...

Well time to nuke diner, chat later!

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I didn't realize I haven't posted since Wed. bad me. I've been around, but busy with Grandma and dd. It's been a pretty good week, gone by fast! Nothing too exciting to post...had a yummy diner tonight, salmon with citrus seasoning, white rice (I was craving it) and broccoli. Yum Yum! I bought some Hersey kisses today, thanks to Roni....I am trying to pace my self...well' see how tonight goes, you gals know me and chocolate!

I am not sure if I'll be down this week or not....I gained that pound that I lost earlier in the week with the scare with hopefully I'll be back in the 252's soon!!!

Ok off for some family time!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I feel it, I feel it!!! and ohhh it feels gooooooood

So I am starting to 'feel it'...hmm you ask, what exactly is she feeling???? Smaller, a bit thinner thru the waist...I can tell I am losing!!! yaaaaa. It always goes off my middle first, I'm a BBG (big booty girl). So my waist/upper body always thins out first, fine by me. I can notice in my arms too...I had a jacket that in the winter was just too tight on my biceps. I wore it this past weekend, with a thin t-shirt and no problems!!! I also have a pair of linen short Capri's I bought April/Mayish (size 22 YIKES) and I wore them yesterday and realized that they are just too big to wear now, I even tryed with a belt but just look sloppy and gross. So I think I am back to a solid 20, not peeking in to the 22's like I was a few months back. So I am pumped and think I am in 'the grove'. I tryed to eat more today but still finished off the day only 1pt over daily pts. But oh well. I guess that is a good thing!

An old college friend whom I re-connected with on Facebook posted some pics today of the college I was thin/thinner back then! I am tempted to post on here, but really that was 13 years ago, so *reality check* not going to look like that again...BUT I had short sassy hair and I love it in the pic and I have been 'threatening' to chop my longer locks off...and this temps me even more. I keep telling myself to wait till at least Oct/NOv (5y anniversary+ Vegas trip) and then go to the city and do sort of a make over...I figure by then I will hopefully be down about 30-38lbs; enough to make a difference. So I will try and stick to that plan. But it's hard, some days I feel like such a fat ugly homely looking MOM.

Anyways...enough of my incoherent to bed soon since I didn't get much sleep last night...hmmmm wonder why....

Safe and Sound

So about 3:30am my hubby rolls in; safe and sound, thank goodness!!! I talked to him again at 11:22pm and they found the path and then at 12:30am he called and they figured they were about 15min from the truck. and at 12:45am they were at the truck! This was the point I stopped worring so much. It was still a 1.5 to 2h drive back home. So he/they were BEAT!!! His arms are so covered in bites it's crazy. I didn't know a person could get so many miquito bites!!! He figures they walked out about 10-15km (5-8miles).
They all (4) had to leave their quads (ATV's, 4 wheelers) out there...and who knows when they can get the unstuck...

The small amout of good news...the stress helped me loose a pound. I'm down to 252.6 this am.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost husband, Nervouse Wife

So my husband went quading today with 3 buddy's. I get a call at 10pm (1h ago) and there quads are broken down and they have to walk out. The cell phone is almost dead and the GPS batt's are low. I lose the call several times. they called another wife with the GPS quordants, and she called to give the to me. I've called the local RCMP (police) and they want me to wait for 2h to see if we hear back from them (so midnight our time). He said by there quardants they are about 3miles from a subdivistion if they keep heading south..but they don't know this, and we don't know if they are heading south.
So yes I am sick to my stomache, i've had the start of the 'nervouse poop's' and have finally stopped shaking uncontrolabley. I know they will proably be fine, but it makes me nervous. Plus my husband is an insilin dependant diabetic. Yes he has his stuff, but not sure how much, or what they have for food. Never mind that stress reeks havolk on his blood sugars, plus the amount of exercise they will have to do to get out!!!
this will be the last quadding trip for a while! Also there are tons of bears up there. They do have fire, and a knife but proably not a bunch else. None are really majorly outdoor knowlagable...

ok signing off for now, but i'm sure i'll be back before the night is thru. Sorry i'm not spell checking this either.

I'm alive, I'm alive

Not sure what happened but I've been MIA for a few days, oh wait, I know what it was; life.

So our little side trip was ok, dd didn't do so great in a hotel, we actually packed up 6:30pm sat night and drove home! Sucked up the hotel costs, but it was worth it to sleep in my own bed! and she slept great and was pretty much back on schedule. She actually slept 2 of the 2.5h trip and that was pure bliss, especially considering she doesn't travel so hot.

Eating wise I feel I did really well!!! Sat. am we had breakfast at Smitty's; I had a bagel with 1 cream cheese and it was point wise what I would normally have for breakfast, though I did feel weird only ordering that!! For lunch I did a chef salad with no egg and LF dressing on the side. The salad was pretty low and pretty easy to count. For diner we splurged and went to The Mongollie grill. Basically a do it your self stir fry place with nice abidance. The meal was soooo yummy, and you totally control what you eat, but man was it pricey!! My meal alone was $26cnd...for one meal is pricey and really what is was food wise, too pricey.
I did end up eating 2 full size choc. bars and a bag of chips on Saturday...but used a bunch of FP I not a whole lot of guilt.

Sunday was quiet, did the church thing and then enjoyed an afternoon nap... that was a treat! I made a yummy chicken curry for diner...I love curry!!

Monday was good, my g'ma arrived and I ended up being busy so I under ate by 1pt. Today is ending up the same, I am under 1pt...but not going to eat anything at 10pm. I think I will try and have a big point day tomorrow. I know my body doesn't like consistent low point days...

I did WI on Monday and I was down .2...which I am ok w/ as it's down...I think/hope this week will be a bigger will be nice to see 252! I think it will be such a treat to get in to the 40's then I will really feel like I am losing as I haven't seen that # in a while!! Today I did make a treaty desert (I don't normally do a desert) I made a packaged caramel custard, can we say YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY. and it was only 4pts...and that was a double serving!!

Well off to surf some more, see what people have been up too!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

I can't think of a witty title...

So it's Friday...I've been working on the house, it's getting a bit tidier, but gosh it's so much stink'n work cleaning. and really quite pointless with a toddler in tow...My Grandma is coming to visit on Monday for 6 days. Typically someone would be excited about this...but my g'ma is different. She's pretty self that bad to say about a grandma??? and she sorta needs to be entertained. Which is fine if company comes for a day or so, I'm very happy to oblige...but a week...we'll have to see. It will be nice to have the company during the day...and I'll probably get some 'to do' lists done...

So my theory in cleaning like a mad woman is that if your house is really neat, tidy and clean the first time someone see it, that is the way they always remember it, even if every time they come after that, it's a mess. I'm not too sure how true my theory is, but I'll go with it for now.

I've been eating less treats it seems, and doing less carbs at diner...not by planning or anything, it's just working out that way. The scale is budging a bit. .2 that is nice. We'll see how the weekend goes!

So this might be it till Sunday...I still have to finish packing, straighten my hair and work on the front entry way...

Hope everyone has a wonderfully weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

mmmm Salmon...

So tonight I broiled up a beautiful salmon fillet with citrus seasoning. It was soooo yummy. It was all I ate. ( I was doing beets too, but after 1h of cooking still not done so I said forget it). Hubby even said several times how yummy the fish was. AND I think I'm sick...I did not eat a single thing after my meal at about 6:30pm tonight. No chocolate, no fugcicles, no cookies, no double chocolate muffins..nada. Just not in the mood! So I only used 1FP today so that's great. We decided to go to 'they city' this weekend. There is a major centre about 2.5h away, and I have a training thing anyways on Sat. so we are making a weekend out of it. So....I'll need a few extra FP for the weekend. I'm not too worried. Subway and Wendy's are my friends.

Silly me

I forgot to tell you the best thing...I WI this am (I do daily ;) ) and I am 253.6!!!My lowest yet! So I am sure that my heavier WI on Monday was water I was also down yesterday too!

One of those days, but in a good way...*UPDATED*

(Just life related, not so much food...)
So the day started out quite good actually. I was fairly productive in the am...I vacuumed our bedroom, did the morning dishes, had my computer time...all before 8:45am! So I thought I should take dd to the park, but before it gets too hot. It's been pretty warm around here, about 30-34 C. so we head to the park about 10 to 9am...I was really nice, but HOT already. by the time we got back I was dripping with sweat. Attractive. I figured I got 2 AP.

So I am mopping the floor, it's about 11:30am...I am not sure when the last time I mopped was, but it was in desperate need of it that's for sure! So I try calling my friend (prefacer here...a friend and her hubby are staying in a house we are renovating and trying to sell. It's become a monkey on our back as dh just doesn't have the time to go finish it off and it's so busy around here you can't find anyone to do work...). Her husband said she can't come to the phone because she is showing the house (yaaaa!!) So she calls and the people are there and have some questions....I talk to him...he basically gave me a low ball offer (23K less than list, it's listed under 200K). So I try and nicely say no way, go back talk with your girlfriend and bring me a serious offer.
So they call back once they are back at their cousins...and offer a realistic offer. I counter and they accept! yaaa!!! So of course they are from out of town, and I knew it was best to head straight out there and right the offer, so pack up dd, get a contract from my lawyer..and off we go. So we write the deal (conditional to financing) and things are good. I think this is the first home they've bought because they were kinda unsure of I am a bit leery on that, and we'll just have to see how their financing goes...they have until July 24th. Cross your fingers for me. This would be such a burden lifted from our shoulders.

So food wise, I had a good breakfast, and thankfully had a little muffin treat mid morning, but skipped lunch as i was running back and forth. Didn't get home till 3:30. I just had a thin's...and decided to save my points to indulge during diner, as I was making my favorite!! Chicken Curry. Oh I can not tell you how yummmmmmmmmmy this stuff is! So we have Chicken Curry, cauliflower and corn on the cob. yum yum yum. I have a 2pt chocolate bar and a 2pt fudgcicle for desert and I did not use any FP!! I was craving another Fudgcicle (how do you spell this word???) around 9:30pm but I was strong.

So that was my day yesterday!!! Hope today is a bit more quite...and I can finish cleaning. I am making an attempt to get my home in fairly clean shape, and then making an honest effort to keep it that way...I may even do flylady...(anyone else follow her???)

So also I am just realizing now, that my leg/back aren't too sore today, with all my 'activity' yesterday! That is another good sign.

UPDATE: So I get a phone call this am...and the people are walking away from the deal. I am so mad I could spit. But my gut was telling me this yesterday. I am mad at myself also that I didn't get/demand a deposit upon writing the deal. Oh well learn from your mistakes I guess. Also bummed because I had a phone call this am, but don't have the # to call her back.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally a new week

I can't tell you how glad I am to start this new week! Though I am not starting the way I'd like to. I unfortunately have a gain not a loss to report. Bummer!! I was 255.6 this am, last WI I was 254. But I think the 254 must have been a fluke as I haven't seen it since! Yesterday I was getting close...but this am I am back up. I can chalk it up to a whole bunch of things...1) turkey bacon for diner, extra salty...made me retain...2) I *think* TMO is coming...but not sure as she was wacky last month 3)I was bad last week and I just have to face the music that I gained. Yesterday I probably ate 5-8 extra points.

I was thinking I am quite excited to get below 250 as then I will be closer to 200 than to 300!! When I thought of it that way, I was like "uhgggg, I'm closer to 300 than 200 lbs!!!" Yikes! but really, I know, I am on the fence pretty's only 5-6lbs... but we'll get there. I think I will start to feel good, and like progress is being made once I get in the 40's....

So nothing too much going on this week. Hubby is working and it's just the same old grind for me. Lots of things I *should* do...but we'll see. I am quite frustrated with my you gals know /remember about my back? At the Weightwatchen blogs I was posting how they were trying to figure out what was up with my back pain/leg pain. Well after a CT scan it shows that I have a herniated disk AND a bulging disk. Fun. So I've done some physical therapy and that has taken the edge off. It's not as painful as it was about a month ago. But if I push days, then she lets me know she's not happy. and pushing days means too much bending and or lifting.

So hmmmmm how do I care for a toddler and keep a tidy house with minimal bending and lifting...not. So it kinda sucks. Also I was pumped to start exercising and to maybe set a goal to run a marathon/half marathon next June for my 35th b-day...but that is out of the question now. They say I could start with light walking or elliptical mchn. for 15-20 MAX. and to increase oh so slowly. I am frustrated and mad at myself that I use to be able to do these things with ease...and now, for the rest of my life, it will be an issue. and if anything makes me *feel* old; it's this. I know I should be more vigilant about doing my stretching exercises, but really I am frustrated that that's all I can do, so I don't feel like doing it. I know defiantly not the right attitude but I guess I can be a bit stubborn with myself. (and who do I hurt, yup, myself).

And to go along with that, I am not feeling settled yet here at my new house (moved April 15/07). I need to establish a routine for dd and I but everyday just seems to slip by with just the basics of stuff getting done. I hate that I have such a messy house for being a SAHM to 1 child. It's pathetic really....but my reality. Luckily dh could care less, never comments on it....he's just happy to see us when he gets home.

ok sorry for a pretty ranty post...guess it's Monday morning eh? Well off to check out every one's blogs...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I feel bad...

when I skip a day posting!! I had a friend come stay over last night, and it ended up being a busy day... we were able to slip out to a movie (Licence to Wed) last night so that was fun! I have/had been on track...until the movie...I splurged, we shared a small popcorn. I even didn't order it till after I ordered our drinks....but I still feel ok with it. We talked about it and it's all about moderation. In days past I would have ordered a jumbo popcorn AND actually feel good about my choices...along with a diet Pepsi it was a good treat.

I start my new week tomorrow and I can't WAIT to have flex points again. It's been a tough 4 days eating exactly 30points each day. I hate it. but I guess that's what happens when you blow your points in one day. *Mental note* learn from your mistakes, learn from your mistakes!!!

So this is short but it's my veg-out time dd is down for her nap...I'll be back later..I promise.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A pretty good day

So I was thinking...(on the thinking spot :) and realized something, and was excited to come post about it here...and I sat down and then I *blew it* the thing I realized...It was that today was the first day that I didn't have any treats, chocolate, cake ect. Just regular good food!! but I had brought down a mini choc. cookie, the soft kind in bags...I had 1pt I popped it in my mouth and begin to open my blog, then realized, that I just blew it!!! Silly me. Oh well. I guess it's pretty good to only have 1pt out of 30 that was a treat!! I feel pretty full at this point but it is only 6:25pm and I am a pretty good night time snacker so we'll see how the night goes!!!

So the scale has been up the past few days....I think (hope) from water retention as our bottled water ran out and I am a tap water snob....but I have been drinking yesterday and today and today peeing like a race horse all day long!! I have to lay off the drink now as it's a pet peeve of mine to have to pee in the middle of the night!!

What kind of cake are you???

I am......
You Are a Chocolate Cake

Fun, comforting, and friendly.
You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.
People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Now ......and then....

This is me yesterday at the fair (pic on top) I was feeling good about my 10ish pounds weight loss then I saw the pics we took, and I feel like a tub of lard now.....but I know baby steps baby steps. Really what do I THINK I look like? I do weigh two hundred and fifty five pounds...In comparison is a older pic of my thin I know I can do it, been there before...just got to keep at it....The pic was around when dh and I had gotten engaged... 6 years ago May...I was *just* under 200 lbs. I think floating around 195-199lbs....ahhh the good old days...

They are alllll gone...

All my FP that is!! Yesterday was a bad bad day!!! Food wise, other wise it was a pretty good day. Even thought I started out so blahhhhhhh

We went to the fair in the late morning. It was fun, dd was barely tall enough for some of the rides, so we only go about 3-4 in, but walked around and saw all the sights...the only splurge I had was my planned mini doughnuts. YUMMMMMMMM I had 7, there are 12 to a bad and dh and I split them, and he gave me an extra one, gotta love him...So this was fine as I was planning on eating them. He stopped and got us subway for lunch, only 7-8pts.

So in the afternoon I am relaxing during nap time, and I have a few (3) 2pt chocolate bars, that dh had just bought, I was trying to have control, but it's chocolate AND the box was right in front of me instead of up 2 flights of stairs in the kitchen pantry.... so ok, not too bad, defiantly dipping in to FP but that's fine, that's what they are there for!!!

So diner....we had planned company of 2 people. I was going to zip out at 4pm and grab some salmon and new potatoes and fresh veggies and do diner for 6pm (small town takes me 15min to grab grocer's ). Well 3pm we get a call from my Great Uncle and Aunt, they are in town, "how do we get to your house" Ok this is fun, haven't seen them for a while (2-3y) and was 'kinda' expecting a call, but not a 'we're here' call!! So I am not sure what their plan's about 3:45pm and I invite them for diner...then the phone rings, it's people calling to look at a house we have for sale, 30min away...they are from out of off I go (I had to not dh and dh is no salesman!!) so this puts me back in town for about 5:30pm....back up plan, pizza's in the freezer...I managed to stop and grab salad fixings and a quick deserts (fruit crumble so moderately ok pt wise).

So it turned in to one of those crazy days...I only had ONE piece of pizza, which was an eighth of the pie, typically I would have 1/2 the pie...well 1/16th of the pie is 7 pts (so X2 = 14pt)...then the dessert which I figured about 4-5 pts...well bummed that I went so over points I finished off the chocolate bars...another 4 last night, YIKES!!! Well I calculated and I ate about 57 pts yesterday...polishing off all my FP so I am just on my regular points for the next 4 days!!

Well off to tidy up...and figure out some lower point meals!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blah blah blah

Why do I feel so blah blah blah.....uhggg it's hard to drag my butt out of bed in the am, especially when my dd decides to get up at 6:30am!!! anything before 7am, well really 7:15am in torture for me!!

So I've been doing well OP, just plugging away and fully back OP with no that is good! We are going to the local fair today so that will be fun. I will allow myself some of those mini doughnuts but that's it. They are the only fair food I really love...

Sorry so short, must go iron my shirt!

PS thanks everybody so much for the comments, they really make my day and boost me up!!! *heart* you gals!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

254, 10.8, 2.16

Those are my's a good day!!!! Today, my official WI day I am at 254lbs!!!! I am under the 255 mark!!! yaaa AND that brings my total lose to 10.8lbs AND that makes my weight loss average, over the 5 weeks I've been OP to be 2.16lbs a week, which I consider great. Last time on WW it was 1.5lbs!!!

I truly can't believe what a difference 10lbs makes! Seriously I didn't think it would, especially at my weight but it does! I put on some shorts last night that I couldn't take to Cuba in Jan/07 because they were just too tight, I am noticing things are looser, even the pants I just bought a week ago Friday!! It's a nice feeling, to not just see it on the scale but to feel it in my clothes and to just feel it in my body!!!

So I am back full boar ahead today, last week after I got back I found it hard to get fully back on I ended up not counting and "trying" to make better choices, which worked sometimes and some times not...but I am motivated to stick to and get back on track today. I only have to loose 4 more pounds and I go from 30 points a day to 28 yikes!!! but it will also be a good mile stone! and I want to be out of the 30 pt category before my hubby gets there!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Official Weigh In...after holidays

So I was 256.4lbs today, down .2lbs after a 9 day holiday to my home town, and being off program for about 8 of those days. I am quite pleased! Even to maintain I would have been happy, frankly the way I ate, I would have accepted a 1-2 lbs gain...but I lost!! Some of the treats I enjoyed, (just to re-live the yummy'ness: chocolate; about 3 bars worth, hamburger (2) and fries, and Italian meal out including calamari appetizer (not deep fryed), a pasta dish with shrimp and scampi (marinara sauce) ending the meal with my fav....creme brulee..., pop, a jr. blizzard, croissant, a yummy Greek meal, hot dog, potato salad, choc. cake....mmmmm just to name a few!

So back on track today...I had a mango for breakfast, mainly because we have no food. I need to get some bulk in me, as I am quite hungry and I don't wan to get off course because of a little hunger...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm baaaaack....

and so glad to be back! Let me tell you, I don't know if it's because of this extra weight or what, but in this heat (29-31C or 85-88F) I get soooo cranky and my patience is extremely low!! I could not wait to get home to my a/c (majority of homes around here, including my Mom's do not have a/c). I just felt so cranky and I was just DONE with being away....So now I am sitting comfortably here, in my nice (but messy) a/c house, in very comfortable moo-moo. lol!!

So I decided to hope on the scale tonight, just to try and get an idea where I *might* be. When I left, at night I was weighing 259.8-260 if I recall right, well tonight, after not being OP for 10 days, not drinking a glass of water in about 2 days...and being very hot...I was 257.4!!! So I will be curious what I am in the am...I could possibly be under 255....and especially after I start up w/ the water again! I can't wait to get back OP, I feel so much more in control. and ya I still lost weight off program and eating very naughty things, but i know it would be a matter of days before the weight would be back up to 265 though it seems "oh I can eat anything I want now and still lose" I know that is very far from the truth!

I found I made bad choices just some of the time and good and better ones other times, it wasn't a total off program free for all. Even today, driving back, with a VERY irritable toddler, screaming for food, me not wanting to step out of my vehicle till I was on home soil, we did DQ drive thru (that or A&W) she got her food and I got a med root beer and a med fries....I know doesn't seem that good, but A) it was Dairy Queen I could have gotten an extra large cookie dough blizzard to ease my stress B) I could have gotten a burger to go with my frys...but all I wanted was a pick-me up (caffeine and sugar) and a small 'treat' the fries....

But enough talk about blizzards and frys...back OP tomorrow. I also have to grocery's shop as we have NO food, no milk, no bread nothing!!! does dh not eat when I am not here??? (I KNOW he doesn't clean when I am away, that is clear by the mess of the house, grrrrr)

So off to relax on the couch, drink my water and look forward to WI tomorrow am.....

See ya'all back on a day to day basis now....

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Check'n in..

Sorry I've been MIA, like I posted a couple days ago, I am visiting Mama at my old home town. I've been pretty busy, and have not been great about staying OP, but not for the lack of trying. It really is sooo hard when you aren't preparing the food, and alot of the food has been bought as it's a large crew here and so busy, so we just do what is easiest. I am trying to eat as best I can when I have control and then (usually for one meal a day) I'll slip OP, the first couple days I tried counting...but again, so hard... I am not planning on going crazy and eat a cazzilion chocolate bars because I've stopped counting till Monday (new week) I am still going to make the best choices, given my options.

I can't really tell you what the scale is saying. My Mom has one, but who knows if it is the 'same' as mine and I don't really want to go get neked in her bathroom first thing in the morning to weigh myself. Thought I did get on it tonight, fully clothed, after diner and I was about what I usually am in the might be 'holding' so far...or my Mom might have a kind scale...who knows. Next week; Monday to Sunday. I only have one 'eat out' meal to worry about. Some old friends and I are getting together for diner at a very good Italian that will be my only I plan to count next week and stay OP.

But off the weight loss note, I'm having a great time here. The weather is great and my dd is loving having a backyard to play in, and seeing all her cousins. Today we went to a local amusement park and it was a great time. DD was asleep before we left the parking lot! I've done a bit of shopping, yaaa, and hope to do some more, including hitting Ikea!!! (Glad I brought the truck!). I don't plan on shopping too much for me as I hope to lose, lose, lose and am planning a bigger shopping trip in Vegas in Nov. (4m away) so I should have a need for new things then.

Well I am off to bed...I hope to check in again soon...I'll be back to regular postings Fri. July 6th...Take care and I hope everyone is being a loser.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

and Good night

So here ends another fabulous day on the WW plan....I *just* ate all my regular points (all 30 of them). I made a bigger lunch, which turned out quite fabulous if I do say so....I was temped to take a picture...maybe next time.

Pasta Zucchini
1 to 2 cups of pasta of your choice (4 to 8 pts)
sauteed zucchini and onion (I uses a sweet onion) with your favorite seasoning blend
Top pasta with 30 grams (1pt) of skim milk cheese, then top w/ sauteed Z+O...and I drizzled 2 tsp of good olive oil (trying to add points but also adds some flavor) and salt pepper to taste.

Was quite yummy with out having an actual 'sauce' per-say. The hubby really enjoyed it as well. Ours was 11pts. but again we have high points, you could do a nice lunch/diner for 5-6 points...Makes me want to do more pasta dishes....

On my previous post I comment on my treat today I ate (out of 30) 6 points of treats....hmmm eh not that bad...

So nighty night....oh and I am heading out of town tomorrow, but I will do my best to keep posting....

Goooooood Morning....

So I wake up to another rainy, grey day, uhgggg. I hate how they play havoc on how you feel!! It's been several days now too.
So I WI again this am, sorry I am an addicted WI'er. So I was down another .8lbs! PLUS!! Now it seems I am in the 250's in the morning AND in the evening!! So a total and official member of the 250's. yaaaaaa. I also realized that I only have about 6-7lbs to lose before I drop in points! From 30 to 28! Yikes. But really I find 30 too many to eat right now. I was looking back on my journals, and I really do eat a lot of 'treats' with my daily points. Like for example yesterday I had 10 out of my 30 points in treats (ummm 4 fudgciles and 2 Popsicles). Most days it's at least 4-8points for treats, which really is alot!

I recall before on WW I thought to myself that I should do my best to eat all my daily food as healthy food and any treats I have use only my FP for them....but eating 30pts of reg. food, yikes that's alot!! But really I guess I could have a glass of milk or 2 or some cheese and that would help use up the points too...What do you guys do, regarding treats and what /how many points you use?

These next 10 days are going to be challenging...I am going to my Mom's place and I already, out of 10 days, have 5 meal based actvites plus 1 trip to an amusement park planned. Yikes!!! But I will just plan to do good, and my Mom knows that I am on WW so I know she'll prepare better meals. Plus her husband can't eat any flour products so that helps out as well.

Well I should go work on the laundry for my trip, and tidy up this mess called a house. Oh for breakfast I deviated from my usual, life cereal or Cheerios and milk. I had instant oatmeal with 2 T of raisins, quite yummy and only 3 points! but I will have to remember to have a mid morning snack...

Monday, June 25, 2007

there are people all around.......

Wasn't I surprised to come back to my little blog and find a handful of people 'found' me! I am so excited! Even more excited to have some blogs to read again! I will do my best to 'add' everyone as links or friends or what ever it is everyone else is doing....I was *just* starting to get the hang of the weight*watchen's kinda have to re-train myself again here...

So the day has been good, probably because it's been raining CATS & DOGS here allllllllll daaaaaay long. and because I have like no groceries....sooooo not much snacking going on....except for the 3 fudgsicle I've had today ;) and, I can not lie -I will probably have more by the nights end. BUT before I get chastised...I still have 4 regular points and haven't even dived in to FP yet....and I'm PMSing...

For diner we had Subway Subs' boy did I miss them, YUMMY!! I have a 6" turkey bacon w/ cheese on brown and just mustard for sauce + veggies = 8 points... pretty yummy. You could back off of the bacon (1pt) and cheese (2pt) and it would be a 5 pt meal!! But for me, with 30 points to eat, I do the cheese and bacon.

Down down down, I am down

So today was WI and I am down 5lbs from last week, though I was UP 2.4 lbs that week, I think a water issue. Anways todate, after 3weeks on WW I am down 7.4lbs offically. Also today dropped me in to the next lower BMI #'s (35.9) and ALSO I am down a whole BMI point from when I started. It shows me that even losing a few pounds make a difference on your health! Like really I *only* lost 7.4 lbs but to lose a whole BMI point is really great I think....

So today I am in full glum, rainy depressed mode...I know quite a turn from the paragraph above, but it's been raining so much lately, and the house is a mess as with my disc issues it hurts to clean, and really I HATE cleaning soooo that all together makes for a messy house...

I am going to visit my home town on Wed. and I am quite excited about that, so I have to get all packed up (just me and the toddler) which will be a big effort. But looking forward to staying w/ my Mom and having her help!!! Gotta love Grandparents!!!