Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another rainy day..

So it's our 2nd day of rain...but really it's not so bad. But I do find it chips away at the motivation for doing anything productive! To date I am down 18.2 lbs! I can't be live I'm so close to the 20lbs mark! Some days it seems like it's gone fast, other days it seems like only 20lbs over almost 3months! I was hoping to be at/under the 200 mark for Christmas/New years...I think that will not quite work, but I'll be close...and alot less than last Christmas!!

I am planning on today being a higher day today, but I'm not too sure what I am going to eat...I'm sure some chocolate will be involved. but I'm sure some may be happy to know I did not consume any chocolate yesterday! (I thought it was longer than that, but opps, I did have some on Sunday...)

We talked to the SW'er yesterday and there is a chance that we could do the placement late next week! Which is cool, but scary at the same time! We'll see how things go. I am making a dress for dd for a wedding we are attending, and I think I might make one up for pdd 'just in case'.

Ok off to the sewing room...

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