Thursday, October 9, 2008


So just touching base... i'm still around... kinda in a holding pattern still.. it's a tuff time of year! We have thanksgiving this weekend, then it's my cruise (Oct 19 whoot whoot) and then halloween (but i've been feeling the effects of that already) and so on... it also doesn't help that I have been in a baking mood latley. I've found a great recipe for cinnamon buns and then I whipped up a creamcheese frosting to go on to, cookies galor, carmel popcorn, turtle cheesecake, the list goes on and on.
When I went back home last weekend for a funeral (my Nanny; she was 90) ppl still said it' looked like I was still looking slimmer/loosing. My brother made a odd, comment. At diner none the less "it looks like your boobs are smaller". Errr thanks bro, I think. What are you doing looking at my boobs?
So what else is new in my life...hmmmm, just plugging along.. constantly cleaning and doing laundry, bleh. It's starting to cool off here, today it was 0 C. Not sure what that in is F. but it's just right at the freezing level here. I think the snow is coming. Perfect time for a cruise. Did I mention how FREAKING EXCTIED I am for my cruise? The husband as already made a request.. that we sleep neked for the whole cruise, lol. I think he thinks we won't be leavign the room as we'll be 'occupied' the whole time, (well I will be :0 ) opps that was kinda naughty! It will be a very nice, needed break and quality husband wife'ie time.
ok off to vacume.