Sunday, August 24, 2008

No News is Bad News...

Yup, you caught me. I am offically off the wagon. I'm not sure I can even see the wagon anymore.. and you know what that sounds familular to me..i'll have to go back and see if I already used that one.

So i'm struggling because of vacations/camping, a baby that is back to waking up every 2hrs, beyond frustration with my toddler girls and potty training, and being bumbed out seeing pics of me when I thought I was doing/looking good but realising I look just as [fat] *I hate saying that work* as ever. I feel like I am doomed in the 220's and my body won't let me leave. I know a bit of a pitty party, and I know what i'd say to the person if I was reading this blog and not typing it... but that is where i'm at. My cruise in less than 2m isn't even motivation as I think i'm going to gain 10lbs on it anyways...

So I hope to find the motivation soon, but really i'm not too motivated to find the motivation either....


Saturday, August 9, 2008


So I said i'd be back... and I guess I kinda forgot....whooooops! So I next morning post-vac. WI was I think...227? This morning I was down to the 224's so getting back in the right zone. I still feeling incredibly 'eaty' meaning I am full but still want to munch munch munch! But trying to be *good* (fruit has been my savior).

So I guess I have a NSV though... while on holidays, I donned the 'ol swim suit.... not the granny boring one I sometimes post before/after pics of but my 'cute ones' and well they were just too darn big! One kept ridding up my but, it drove me nuts! I guess my bee-hind was big enough to hold it down. At one point I got so fed up with picking it out of my a*s that I just let it sit up there. Nice Lara, nice....

My other suit... a cute 2pc 'tankinie' style, well the empire on this is suppose to be tight enough to hold the girls up, well nope. They kept sliding down so they were kinda hanging out of the bottom, then causing the top 'cup' part to ride up. A nice look also...nothing like super saggy boobs on show.

So I went swim suit shopping tonight, just to get something for the cruise in Oct as I doubt I'll find much for swimwear up north here past Aug. So I ended up getting a cute brown number that DEFIANTLY does the girls justice and a more 'normal' black/red jobbie that I can do what ever in and everything stays in place and I still register somewhere on the cute factor. If you're good, I may even post pics :) Oh did I mention my old suits are 20's and the new ones are a 14 and 16 !!! oh yaaaaa baby!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm baaaaack (and so are some poooounds....)

Stay tooned for my offical post-vacation weigh in tomororw morning... but I jumped on 'er around lunch, fully clothes and a tummy happy with some morning chocolate... I was 228.2. The morning we left I was 218.8 the way did I mention that??? I'll have to go read my blog and see. but yes I got up early (6am) and ran and came home and WI on an empty tummy and I was 218.8.
Vacation was great! The kids did so great camping, which makes things all the more better! I'll post some pics in a few days!
I also ran a 5k race during the first few days of my vacation and let me tell you, it kicked my A*S! Lets say I need to get off the treadmill and hit the pavement!... and that was the last time I ran... July 26th.. it's now Aug. 5th...

and for the record I didn't bring my scale but I think I should have as it would have kept me in line more... I did good the first day and a half...then it all went to hell.