Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I accidently worked out today!

So I planned on taking dd to the local gym where they have everything, skating, Field houses, mini golf, basket ball, gym, indoor track ect. So there is suppose to be a 'fun zone' for the kids well it was canceled for aug. but of course she's all pumped to go. So I am standing there ready to pay and I realize this (sign on counter) she is kinda all over the place, then she runs to the child care room and wants in, so I ask her and yup she wants in, so we go in and she's off like a shot, so I think yaaa hoooo!!! sign her in and RUN! (We had big issues going last fall and stopped). So I went and worked out for an hour! Talk about heaven! I did 20min on the treadmill, 10min on the elliptical and the rest of the time stretching, floor work and light arm weights!. She was fine when I went to pick her up. They said she asked about me several times, but really what kid doesn't. So I am thinking I need to go more, and before we become a family of 4! ( I don't think I could bear to dump new dd off at child care for the first while).
I haven't even figured out how many AP's I got yet, but I hardly care about them, I just enjoyed me time, ALOT!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Picture

My dd on our last trip. She is a fan of Cheesies, but I'm sure I didn't have to tell you all that!

Another rainy day..

So it's our 2nd day of rain...but really it's not so bad. But I do find it chips away at the motivation for doing anything productive! To date I am down 18.2 lbs! I can't be live I'm so close to the 20lbs mark! Some days it seems like it's gone fast, other days it seems like only 20lbs over almost 3months! I was hoping to be at/under the 200 mark for Christmas/New years...I think that will not quite work, but I'll be close...and alot less than last Christmas!!

I am planning on today being a higher day today, but I'm not too sure what I am going to eat...I'm sure some chocolate will be involved. but I'm sure some may be happy to know I did not consume any chocolate yesterday! (I thought it was longer than that, but opps, I did have some on Sunday...)

We talked to the SW'er yesterday and there is a chance that we could do the placement late next week! Which is cool, but scary at the same time! We'll see how things go. I am making a dress for dd for a wedding we are attending, and I think I might make one up for pdd 'just in case'.

Ok off to the sewing room...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's saturday night people!!!

and I'm bored. Sitting here at the 'puture, while dh eats popcorn and watches a movie on the boob tube. I've been surfing the net for 'toddler' stuff, looking up names (we are using a close variant of her current name) and just being generally bored. OH there is lots I could be doing, and lots I should be doing...but alas, I am not. I am surfing...and seems there are not many updates from my fellow WLB'ers (weight loss bloggers) I thought I'd come post again...

So how bout a little game of get to know ya...If your up for it, copy/paste the questions with your own answers on your blog. I'm sure this gets done lots, but what ever, it's my first time.

1)What skill do you wish you had? to sing, loud and proud! (I'm tone deaf)

2)What size bra do you wear? 40D

3)Do you fart in front of your significant other/or closest to SI? You betcha, in front, behind and once in a while on top of!!

4)If you had to eat only fruit for a day, what would be your fruit of choice? Mango's, with cherry's as a close second

5)What size bed do you sleep in? King sized baby.

Just random, get to know your fellow WLB'er questions...

Well that sums up my wild and crazy Saturday night, well almost...dh has promised a 'treat' tonight...he he he.

Down another pound...but I bought chocoate today...

I don't know why I do just calls to me. We were shopping (looking at 'toddler' stuff) and I saw them...usually they aren't around this time of year...but when they are in season, watch out...I'm talking about eggies...Cadbury Eggies. Not sure if you Americans have them down there (sorry it's a known fact that CND chocolate is better than US). but I just love love LOVE them. Anyways.....they were at walmart today, in the clearance center, on sale to boot. So I bought a large bag; 227g. I was trying to control how many I ate, but then I just lost count. So I get home and I think, I'll just eat the whole bag and get it over with...I had a light breakfast ya know...well good thing I figured the point value first. The entire bag was 22 pts!! YIKES! So I measured out what was left, and what I fed dd and dh, and I figured I already ate 1/2 the bag, so 11 pts worth. Oh well. "Hello, my name is tallmama, and I'm a chocoholic"

But I am down another pound! My body must have needed the water, that's all I can account the continual decline on the scale to. But I am not complaining, I repeat NOT COMPLAINING! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

The scale is my friend today!

So today the scale is my friend...he said I was 248.4 which is a new low for me!! So I am down a total of 16.4lbs! I am quite happy about that! So I am still averaging about 1.5lbs per week, as long as I can keep it at that at least....

So feeling a bit better today, haven't heard from my who knows what will happen there. What ever will be will be.

My hubby had a new low today too! 279.6 lbs, so he is out of the 80's, he's be floating around the bottom of them for a while, so he was happy to be down with am. and i am happy for him! his total to date is 17.4lbs. Usually he would be a good 5-10lbs ahead of me in the loss department, but he doesn't follow the plan religiously. (and we all know I have my days!) also he's diabetic so a bit harder for him to lose.

It's been a rainy blowy kinda day today! I went out w/ dd and nearly got blown over (now you know the wind is blowing if it shakes a 5'11 248lb woman!!) So just back to the house and working on laundry. I was tempted to go to the mall and see if I could find some matching outfits to the stuff I just bought my dd, in a size smaller for our potential dd. but never made it 'cause of the weather. Maybe after nap time...

well time for some couch potato time :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can anybody say "Stress"?

So I am still here, we were out of town till later last night...I am back on the wagon today, though I haven't journals yet today...I got on the scale and it wasn't too scary, sitting around 250-249.4 so I a pleased with that after a few days of off program. So I am sure after a few days back OP and drinking water again I will be where I should be.

So I need to vent, I feel like there is so much going on in my personal life I am going to burst. If it isn't one thing, it's another...
We went on a visit to look at possibly adopting our dd 1/2 sister (we adopted dd as a newborn). She is 19m old and I am scared at the thought of the challenges of bringing a toddler in to a home with an existing toddler (they are 11m 3w apart). I wonder how my dd will do, I worry about attachment with the new one...and just all of a sudden being a family of 4! Some tuff life decisions we've been contiplating the past couple weeks. We have decided to move forward with this adoption.

So I get home last night and there is an email from my Dad (step) basically giving me the guilty treatment because my last visit down he felt I didn't make an effort to talk to him (we did diner). I guess he wanted to talk about his will. Basically he threatened to leave me zero if I continue to "ignore" him. (I was the one to email him last week after not hearing from him in forever, and I mostly initiate the calling). He also does not want to leave me money for fear of me tithing some of it. He knows we pay tithing and strongly does not want any monies to go to "that church". He ends with a "you can tell I was really disappointed". I emailed him back and said to me it's not about the $$, I could care less. I care that you don't seem to be involved in mine and his gd life. He's more concerned he didn't get to talk to me about $$ than being able to spend much time with his gd. He's always been a bit manipulative, and I find it so hard to 'stand up' to him. Uhhhhg I hate dealing with crap like this. I'm surprised that I haven't gained 10lbs in stress eating.

And on a good note, we FINALLY have a firm sale on our renovation property. It's been such a stress having it and dealing with it. But we should close on Sept. 14th so I am sooo excited about this. Plus we are having a fence built as we speak so I can actually go outside with my dd and not be scared of her running away!!

So I am here, back, and back on track. I was hoping to be in the 30's for this wedding in 2 weeks, but I'll be happy if I can be about 245, another 5lbs will still make a difference.

Now off to check up on everybody else. Thanks for listing, sorry for venting!

Friday, August 10, 2007

I think i'm off the wagon....Yikes!!

This week has been so hard, there is lots going on personally, AF is here with a vengeance, and plainly I just am hungry!!! I've done OK up till today, and today I think I fell off the wagon. For diner we did Wendy's and I ain't talk'en no salad. There is still a frosty waiting for me upstairs...+ we are heading out of town on Sunday for 4 not sure when I will get fully back on the wagon. I defiantly don't want to lose my progress, so I will not let go of the wagon, maybe just drag behind it for a few days...wish me luck!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I just *love* teething toddlers

So my dd had a horrendous night last night, so that = Mom and Dad having a horrendous night. She has been a wonderful sleeper since we moved in to this place (April/07) but last night....uhhhhgggg.

so this am dh feels an eye tooth coming thru! at least we know what the problem was/is, that helps! She cried/wined from about 10:30pm to midnight (we checked every 10-15min) and then I finally told dh to get up with her, so they went down and watched TV till about 2am...then she went down ok. But up at 6:15am. So I rocked her for an hour, and she was just a bear after that. Didn't want up, didn't want down, didn't want bed, NOTHING. but a little later she was making an effort to be pleasant. So right now she is napping...we are at the 2.5h mark!! yaaaa. We'll get some abisol(sp) as that worked best when she teethed when she was younger.

I am praying for a better night, I am not a nice person on minimal sleep.

On the food front, I am out of FP, but today is my last day for the week, so all is well. I think af is on her way as I've gained a pound...and I can just tell. It's been a while and I was wondering when I'd see her again, so hopefully I can hold it together food wise this week....

Friday, August 3, 2007

Company company and MORE company

I feel like a hotel, as one group leaves, it seems I barley have time to change the sheets before the next crew is due to arrive. But I like it! Maybe not so grouped together, but I'll take company. Last Sept. we moved 5-6h away from 'everyone' so it's nice to know people will still come visit. We just had my Mom and her husband. It was fun and they helped get some stuff done at that stupid other property we have. They yesterday they were on a mission to find a lake, so at 5:15pm we are driving 40+ min to get to this lake we'd never been to, on recommendation from this family at this "lake" (slew) we had just left. I was beat, and not up for it, but appeased my mom & her husband. Plus when we did get there dd just loved it and it was nice a peaceful. When I got home, I went straight to the shower, as dh was getting out and said "I'm off duty" and proceeded to have a nice long shower, do a facial and have some me time. Can we say ahhhhhhh take me away calgon.....

So eating wise I've been good! I'm still down in the 40's ya me! I thought maybe it was a freak thing, but still there! Last night I was even 250 point something so close to being in the 40's day and night! So I think my 'plan' worked well, even though I didn't even realize I was doing a 'plan'. One week eat just basic points, barley dipping in to FP, next week, go nuts!!! Tonight I splurged and had a small fries from McDonald's...mmmm but they were kind of cold after stopping at subway and then going home, and really not worth the points i'm sure (by the way I still have to figure out how many...) but all the same, yummmmy.

So now I am just waiting for dh to get home from his only day off in I don't even know how many days, and it's another week till he has his reg. 4 days off...he was doing a quad (ATV) rescue from last weekend....but they are out and on their way home so that is good.

Hope everyone is doing grrrrrreat!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is why I like chocolate

I am down to 249.6lbs this am, how does that happen? So officially down 15.2lbs AND I'm in the 40's!!!!!! whooooooooo hoooooooo

So my question do I switch now to 29 points or carry out the week at 30 points? The past 2 days I've eaten 14 and 9 FP consecutively.