Friday, August 3, 2007

Company company and MORE company

I feel like a hotel, as one group leaves, it seems I barley have time to change the sheets before the next crew is due to arrive. But I like it! Maybe not so grouped together, but I'll take company. Last Sept. we moved 5-6h away from 'everyone' so it's nice to know people will still come visit. We just had my Mom and her husband. It was fun and they helped get some stuff done at that stupid other property we have. They yesterday they were on a mission to find a lake, so at 5:15pm we are driving 40+ min to get to this lake we'd never been to, on recommendation from this family at this "lake" (slew) we had just left. I was beat, and not up for it, but appeased my mom & her husband. Plus when we did get there dd just loved it and it was nice a peaceful. When I got home, I went straight to the shower, as dh was getting out and said "I'm off duty" and proceeded to have a nice long shower, do a facial and have some me time. Can we say ahhhhhhh take me away calgon.....

So eating wise I've been good! I'm still down in the 40's ya me! I thought maybe it was a freak thing, but still there! Last night I was even 250 point something so close to being in the 40's day and night! So I think my 'plan' worked well, even though I didn't even realize I was doing a 'plan'. One week eat just basic points, barley dipping in to FP, next week, go nuts!!! Tonight I splurged and had a small fries from McDonald's...mmmm but they were kind of cold after stopping at subway and then going home, and really not worth the points i'm sure (by the way I still have to figure out how many...) but all the same, yummmmy.

So now I am just waiting for dh to get home from his only day off in I don't even know how many days, and it's another week till he has his reg. 4 days off...he was doing a quad (ATV) rescue from last weekend....but they are out and on their way home so that is good.

Hope everyone is doing grrrrrreat!


Melanie said...

hmmmmm a facial!!! I think I need to treat myself to one of those tomorrow night. I haven't done an at home facial in a LONG time!

Have fun with the next set of visitors!!! ;-)

Aj said...

mmmmm... McD's fries- how I miss them! :-) :-) I kinda forgot about them.. I need to go to McDonald's and get a small serving soon! Glad to hear you are doing well!

Colette said...

Wow can my crew come to visit too?? LOL...JUST KIDDING!

Enjoy your time with your family, I wish mine was closer too.

Way to go on the eating...your doing great!!

Calyn said...

Sounds like you are having a good time despite the revolving door! Sorry your fries were not so good, usually have to eat them hot! Glad DH is on his way home! Enjoy!!! :)