Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Safe and Sound

So about 3:30am my hubby rolls in; safe and sound, thank goodness!!! I talked to him again at 11:22pm and they found the path and then at 12:30am he called and they figured they were about 15min from the truck. and at 12:45am they were at the truck! This was the point I stopped worring so much. It was still a 1.5 to 2h drive back home. So he/they were BEAT!!! His arms are so covered in bites it's crazy. I didn't know a person could get so many miquito bites!!! He figures they walked out about 10-15km (5-8miles).
They all (4) had to leave their quads (ATV's, 4 wheelers) out there...and who knows when they can get the unstuck...

The small amout of good news...the stress helped me loose a pound. I'm down to 252.6 this am.


Melanie said...

So happy they are all home safe!! YEAH!!!

BigLoser said...

Glad to hear all is good!