Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lost husband, Nervouse Wife

So my husband went quading today with 3 buddy's. I get a call at 10pm (1h ago) and there quads are broken down and they have to walk out. The cell phone is almost dead and the GPS batt's are low. I lose the call several times. they called another wife with the GPS quordants, and she called to give the to me. I've called the local RCMP (police) and they want me to wait for 2h to see if we hear back from them (so midnight our time). He said by there quardants they are about 3miles from a subdivistion if they keep heading south..but they don't know this, and we don't know if they are heading south.
So yes I am sick to my stomache, i've had the start of the 'nervouse poop's' and have finally stopped shaking uncontrolabley. I know they will proably be fine, but it makes me nervous. Plus my husband is an insilin dependant diabetic. Yes he has his stuff, but not sure how much, or what they have for food. Never mind that stress reeks havolk on his blood sugars, plus the amount of exercise they will have to do to get out!!!
this will be the last quadding trip for a while! Also there are tons of bears up there. They do have fire, and a knife but proably not a bunch else. None are really majorly outdoor knowlagable...

ok signing off for now, but i'm sure i'll be back before the night is thru. Sorry i'm not spell checking this either.


Melanie said...

I hope they are okay. I'll keep you all in my prayers.

Colette said...

hey I just read your post hun...I am sorry about your hubby getting lost. Please let us know he is ok when he gets home!! Praying for him and you!!