Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally a new week

I can't tell you how glad I am to start this new week! Though I am not starting the way I'd like to. I unfortunately have a gain not a loss to report. Bummer!! I was 255.6 this am, last WI I was 254. But I think the 254 must have been a fluke as I haven't seen it since! Yesterday I was getting close...but this am I am back up. I can chalk it up to a whole bunch of things...1) turkey bacon for diner, extra salty...made me retain...2) I *think* TMO is coming...but not sure as she was wacky last month 3)I was bad last week and I just have to face the music that I gained. Yesterday I probably ate 5-8 extra points.

I was thinking I am quite excited to get below 250 as then I will be closer to 200 than to 300!! When I thought of it that way, I was like "uhgggg, I'm closer to 300 than 200 lbs!!!" Yikes! but really, I know, I am on the fence pretty's only 5-6lbs... but we'll get there. I think I will start to feel good, and like progress is being made once I get in the 40's....

So nothing too much going on this week. Hubby is working and it's just the same old grind for me. Lots of things I *should* do...but we'll see. I am quite frustrated with my you gals know /remember about my back? At the Weightwatchen blogs I was posting how they were trying to figure out what was up with my back pain/leg pain. Well after a CT scan it shows that I have a herniated disk AND a bulging disk. Fun. So I've done some physical therapy and that has taken the edge off. It's not as painful as it was about a month ago. But if I push days, then she lets me know she's not happy. and pushing days means too much bending and or lifting.

So hmmmmm how do I care for a toddler and keep a tidy house with minimal bending and lifting...not. So it kinda sucks. Also I was pumped to start exercising and to maybe set a goal to run a marathon/half marathon next June for my 35th b-day...but that is out of the question now. They say I could start with light walking or elliptical mchn. for 15-20 MAX. and to increase oh so slowly. I am frustrated and mad at myself that I use to be able to do these things with ease...and now, for the rest of my life, it will be an issue. and if anything makes me *feel* old; it's this. I know I should be more vigilant about doing my stretching exercises, but really I am frustrated that that's all I can do, so I don't feel like doing it. I know defiantly not the right attitude but I guess I can be a bit stubborn with myself. (and who do I hurt, yup, myself).

And to go along with that, I am not feeling settled yet here at my new house (moved April 15/07). I need to establish a routine for dd and I but everyday just seems to slip by with just the basics of stuff getting done. I hate that I have such a messy house for being a SAHM to 1 child. It's pathetic really....but my reality. Luckily dh could care less, never comments on it....he's just happy to see us when he gets home.

ok sorry for a pretty ranty post...guess it's Monday morning eh? Well off to check out every one's blogs...


Colette said...

Awww tall, I am so sorry your having a crappy day!! I know about the pain issue. I suffer with R.A> (rheumatoid arthritis) and my joints in my hands, arms, knees, and hips get imflammed and hurt like hell. Heck I take all kinds of medicane and try to keep on moving! Its sucks yes but they say God won't put on you more than you can handle. I have to believe that!

As for your gain...that is nothing! I had a gain of 4 pounds a couple weeks ago and was so upset. But I made some changes and I was able to get those 4 pounds off in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately you wont always have a loss..EVERYONE has had a gain at one point or another. But more importantly it sounds like you know what some of your triggers were and your taking steps to correct them!! Don't give up Tallmama...we are here to cheer you on! You can do this and will!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yah Monday's ARE lousy, no doubt about it... And if you think YOUR house is messy, come take a tour of mine (with the 4 crazy kids in it) Trust me, you'll feel so much better about yourself... such is life though.

I have a herniated disc too... I discovered it when I was at my high weight about 6 months ago(that is when it bothered me the most)... I was told that I've probably had it since high school, but I never really noticed it bothering me too much back then. I HAVE noticed that losing 25 pounds has really relieved a lot of the pain I felt every day. Maybe that will be the case for you too? Keep your chin up... before you know it you'll be 6 months down the road and at least 30 pounds sneaking down towards the "below 200" mark!!!!!!!

junkfoodaholic said...

one way to look at a little gain is to hope that next week you will have a big loss.

I know that my house is trashed being summer and all. I know that kids a myself are the mose important things right now. The house, laundry, cleaning (unfortunatly) aren't going any where. hope you had a great day.

Calyn said...

Ah, Mama hang in there! And I know how you feel, I just found today that I have 2 bulging disks in my lower back!!! ((hugs)) Hope your day gets better :)