Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm alive, I'm alive

Not sure what happened but I've been MIA for a few days, oh wait, I know what it was; life.

So our little side trip was ok, dd didn't do so great in a hotel, we actually packed up 6:30pm sat night and drove home! Sucked up the hotel costs, but it was worth it to sleep in my own bed! and she slept great and was pretty much back on schedule. She actually slept 2 of the 2.5h trip and that was pure bliss, especially considering she doesn't travel so hot.

Eating wise I feel I did really well!!! Sat. am we had breakfast at Smitty's; I had a bagel with 1 cream cheese and it was point wise what I would normally have for breakfast, though I did feel weird only ordering that!! For lunch I did a chef salad with no egg and LF dressing on the side. The salad was pretty low and pretty easy to count. For diner we splurged and went to The Mongollie grill. Basically a do it your self stir fry place with nice abidance. The meal was soooo yummy, and you totally control what you eat, but man was it pricey!! My meal alone was $26cnd...for one meal is pricey and really what is was food wise, too pricey.
I did end up eating 2 full size choc. bars and a bag of chips on Saturday...but used a bunch of FP I had...so not a whole lot of guilt.

Sunday was quiet, did the church thing and then enjoyed an afternoon nap... that was a treat! I made a yummy chicken curry for diner...I love curry!!

Monday was good, my g'ma arrived and I ended up being busy so I under ate by 1pt. Today is ending up the same, I am under 1pt...but not going to eat anything at 10pm. I think I will try and have a big point day tomorrow. I know my body doesn't like consistent low point days...

I did WI on Monday and I was down .2...which I am ok w/ as it's down...I think/hope this week will be a bigger loss...it will be nice to see 252! I think it will be such a treat to get in to the 40's then I will really feel like I am losing as I haven't seen that # in a while!! Today I did make a treaty desert (I don't normally do a desert) I made a packaged caramel custard, can we say YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY. and it was only 4pts...and that was a double serving!!

Well off to surf some more, see what people have been up too!!!


Colette said...

Welcome back Tallmamma... I sure have missed you!!

Colette said...

Welcome back Tallmamma... I sure have missed you!!