Thursday, July 12, 2007

They are alllll gone...

All my FP that is!! Yesterday was a bad bad day!!! Food wise, other wise it was a pretty good day. Even thought I started out so blahhhhhhh

We went to the fair in the late morning. It was fun, dd was barely tall enough for some of the rides, so we only go about 3-4 in, but walked around and saw all the sights...the only splurge I had was my planned mini doughnuts. YUMMMMMMMM I had 7, there are 12 to a bad and dh and I split them, and he gave me an extra one, gotta love him...So this was fine as I was planning on eating them. He stopped and got us subway for lunch, only 7-8pts.

So in the afternoon I am relaxing during nap time, and I have a few (3) 2pt chocolate bars, that dh had just bought, I was trying to have control, but it's chocolate AND the box was right in front of me instead of up 2 flights of stairs in the kitchen pantry.... so ok, not too bad, defiantly dipping in to FP but that's fine, that's what they are there for!!!

So diner....we had planned company of 2 people. I was going to zip out at 4pm and grab some salmon and new potatoes and fresh veggies and do diner for 6pm (small town takes me 15min to grab grocer's ). Well 3pm we get a call from my Great Uncle and Aunt, they are in town, "how do we get to your house" Ok this is fun, haven't seen them for a while (2-3y) and was 'kinda' expecting a call, but not a 'we're here' call!! So I am not sure what their plan's about 3:45pm and I invite them for diner...then the phone rings, it's people calling to look at a house we have for sale, 30min away...they are from out of off I go (I had to not dh and dh is no salesman!!) so this puts me back in town for about 5:30pm....back up plan, pizza's in the freezer...I managed to stop and grab salad fixings and a quick deserts (fruit crumble so moderately ok pt wise).

So it turned in to one of those crazy days...I only had ONE piece of pizza, which was an eighth of the pie, typically I would have 1/2 the pie...well 1/16th of the pie is 7 pts (so X2 = 14pt)...then the dessert which I figured about 4-5 pts...well bummed that I went so over points I finished off the chocolate bars...another 4 last night, YIKES!!! Well I calculated and I ate about 57 pts yesterday...polishing off all my FP so I am just on my regular points for the next 4 days!!

Well off to tidy up...and figure out some lower point meals!! :)

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Calyn said...

We are in the same boat! Sounds like you need to keep those chocolate bars out of the house! Hang in there, we CAN stay OP ;)