Saturday, July 28, 2007


I didn't realize I haven't posted since Wed. bad me. I've been around, but busy with Grandma and dd. It's been a pretty good week, gone by fast! Nothing too exciting to post...had a yummy diner tonight, salmon with citrus seasoning, white rice (I was craving it) and broccoli. Yum Yum! I bought some Hersey kisses today, thanks to Roni....I am trying to pace my self...well' see how tonight goes, you gals know me and chocolate!

I am not sure if I'll be down this week or not....I gained that pound that I lost earlier in the week with the scare with hopefully I'll be back in the 252's soon!!!

Ok off for some family time!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!


Calyn said...

We understand being busy! Good Luck w/ those kisses, I could not keep them in my house... too dangerous! Enjoy the family and have a great weekend :)

BigLoser said...

I'm just like you with chocolate. If I bring it home, it's going in my mouth! lol

Share with the rest of the the calories!