Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blah blah blah

Why do I feel so blah blah blah.....uhggg it's hard to drag my butt out of bed in the am, especially when my dd decides to get up at 6:30am!!! anything before 7am, well really 7:15am in torture for me!!

So I've been doing well OP, just plugging away and fully back OP with no that is good! We are going to the local fair today so that will be fun. I will allow myself some of those mini doughnuts but that's it. They are the only fair food I really love...

Sorry so short, must go iron my shirt!

PS thanks everybody so much for the comments, they really make my day and boost me up!!! *heart* you gals!!!!

1 comment:

Calyn said...

I feel that way this morning...DH was up at 6:15 and making some serious noise... could not go back to sleep :( Hope you had a good time at the fair! Keep up the good work!