Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One of those days, but in a good way...*UPDATED*

(Just life related, not so much food...)
So the day started out quite good actually. I was fairly productive in the am...I vacuumed our bedroom, did the morning dishes, had my computer time...all before 8:45am! So I thought I should take dd to the park, but before it gets too hot. It's been pretty warm around here, about 30-34 C. so we head to the park about 10 to 9am...I was really nice, but HOT already. by the time we got back I was dripping with sweat. Attractive. I figured I got 2 AP.

So I am mopping the floor, it's about 11:30am...I am not sure when the last time I mopped was, but it was in desperate need of it that's for sure! So I try calling my friend (prefacer here...a friend and her hubby are staying in a house we are renovating and trying to sell. It's become a monkey on our back as dh just doesn't have the time to go finish it off and it's so busy around here you can't find anyone to do work...). Her husband said she can't come to the phone because she is showing the house (yaaaa!!) So she calls and the people are there and have some questions....I talk to him...he basically gave me a low ball offer (23K less than list, it's listed under 200K). So I try and nicely say no way, go back talk with your girlfriend and bring me a serious offer.
So they call back once they are back at their cousins...and offer a realistic offer. I counter and they accept! yaaa!!! So of course they are from out of town, and I knew it was best to head straight out there and right the offer, so pack up dd, get a contract from my lawyer..and off we go. So we write the deal (conditional to financing) and things are good. I think this is the first home they've bought because they were kinda unsure of I am a bit leery on that, and we'll just have to see how their financing goes...they have until July 24th. Cross your fingers for me. This would be such a burden lifted from our shoulders.

So food wise, I had a good breakfast, and thankfully had a little muffin treat mid morning, but skipped lunch as i was running back and forth. Didn't get home till 3:30. I just had a thin's...and decided to save my points to indulge during diner, as I was making my favorite!! Chicken Curry. Oh I can not tell you how yummmmmmmmmmy this stuff is! So we have Chicken Curry, cauliflower and corn on the cob. yum yum yum. I have a 2pt chocolate bar and a 2pt fudgcicle for desert and I did not use any FP!! I was craving another Fudgcicle (how do you spell this word???) around 9:30pm but I was strong.

So that was my day yesterday!!! Hope today is a bit more quite...and I can finish cleaning. I am making an attempt to get my home in fairly clean shape, and then making an honest effort to keep it that way...I may even do flylady...(anyone else follow her???)

So also I am just realizing now, that my leg/back aren't too sore today, with all my 'activity' yesterday! That is another good sign.

UPDATE: So I get a phone call this am...and the people are walking away from the deal. I am so mad I could spit. But my gut was telling me this yesterday. I am mad at myself also that I didn't get/demand a deposit upon writing the deal. Oh well learn from your mistakes I guess. Also bummed because I had a phone call this am, but don't have the # to call her back.

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