Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've been called out....

So I've been questioned by Diet coke & zingers...of my where abouts.... well I am here, sorta.
We got back on Mon. afternoon from spending the long weekend in my hometown and attending a wedding for my brother...before that dh was home for a few days so just busy w/ home + life stuff.
I am struggling with staying OP (surprise surprise). Between traveling, wedding food, life 'stuff', my affair with chocolate...I am hovering under 250. Officially this morning I was 248.4. so I guess up 2.4 from my last 'good' WI. I did go work out this morning, and it felt wonderful...but, when I went to p/u dd, she was a mess, she just started sobbing when she saw me and was shaking and very sad, not a trying to pull a fast one on mom, but really sad. They said she was sad the whole of course that pulled at my heart strings... I had even picked up a personal training pamphlet to look in to that... but now I am feeling I don't dare try 2 days in a row...exp. after today's episode. I know there will be some to say she needs to tuff'n up... but my poor heart seeing her so sad....

Also, eating wise, I had been craving my Indian curry I made a batch...oh my how I love this stuff....I have calculated and it's not horrible bad, just medium bad...but I have eaten alot of it the past 2 days, accompanied with some Naan bread from about YUMMMMMMMMMM. It's prob. a good think I don't have any chocolate in the house as I'd be at the what the h#ll point and give in to that nemise as well.

I am stressed too as we haven't heard much about our adoption. It's been 3 weeks today and really nothing has happened and it stresses me out!!! ahhhhhgggg. I think by the end of this week we are getting a child advocate involved; for the child's sake. When we were away we bought *big girl beds* for both the girls. Matching of course...and some cute bedding; all from Ikea.

ok it's nap time for the child so that means r-e-l-a-x time for mamma-bear....


Colette said...

Awwww girl you have been under some MAJOR stress there! Look if all you ate was some curry chicken and bread then you DID GOOD!!!

I have been wondering what happened to you too but just figured like me you been busy!! That diet coke can be bossy huh? LOL.....well I still love her. She keeps me on my toes too!

Hang in there...I am pulling for you too hun!!

Swizzlepop said...

I hope things start to settle down soon and that you get good news on the adoption!
Indian food YUM, I love it and we eat it like 2 or 3 times a month. It's not totally OP but it's better than Thai points wise ;)

Keep your chin up and you will do just fine. I hope your DD gets used to you going to the gym, maybe you can help her make a little friend or something or send her with a secirity toy of some sort? I don't have kids so that may not even be an option but just a thought!