Friday, November 2, 2007

Howdy Howdy

I am really trying to post more...even if I don't have much to say. I am holding at 244 ish. I had 'dipped down' to 243.8 which was wonderful to see, but now I'm floating some where in the 244's. I really want to make an effor to get to the 30's...that would be COOL!

So I went and got my hair chopped last night!!! I got a good 5-6" off, and I quite like it. the ends were so dead and frizzy and just gross looking. So I went from about bra strap length to about shoulder length. A big change and it's been years (10+) since i've been this short, but I was just so sick of it. I think it helped loosing 20lbs so far, I didn't feel as long hair is/was such a security blanket of the last thing on me that 'looked good'. I am curiouse how hubby will like it, he's back home tonight and doesn't know i got it cut! ha ha ha.

I'll post pics once he brings my camera home...

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