Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Time to blog my tall friend"


ha ha...ya I know I've been slacking...sorry just been insanely busy! This mamma of 2 buisness is hard!! The new addition her self has had good and bad days, she was sick (I think pretty much has it beat now) and it's hard dealing with a cranky kid and not knowing how to 'help'. My in laws are in town, they are really great people. I am lucky to have such great in laws! We've just been hanging out...not doing anything too exciting.

But this is a weight loss blog so i should touch on that....I am holding at 246/247...but also my girlie cycle is beyond screwed up... I am 2 days away from having my visitor for 2 full weeks, fun fun joy joy. I thought she was done, but nope she came back....I am chalking it up to not sure how that is affecting my weight loss either... You know how I said I was getting back on the wagon? Well it more turned in to "stepped on the wagon, stepped off the wagon". It seriously is too much right now...I need my is saving me from the mental institute. seriously. We are doing more walks so that is a +. and at night I just don't have the energy to get off my f*t *ss and go upstairs and get that is good too.

So this is short and sweet (well, he he maybe not so sweet, sounds probably a bit bitchy to me...sorry!).

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