Saturday, June 30, 2007

Check'n in..

Sorry I've been MIA, like I posted a couple days ago, I am visiting Mama at my old home town. I've been pretty busy, and have not been great about staying OP, but not for the lack of trying. It really is sooo hard when you aren't preparing the food, and alot of the food has been bought as it's a large crew here and so busy, so we just do what is easiest. I am trying to eat as best I can when I have control and then (usually for one meal a day) I'll slip OP, the first couple days I tried counting...but again, so hard... I am not planning on going crazy and eat a cazzilion chocolate bars because I've stopped counting till Monday (new week) I am still going to make the best choices, given my options.

I can't really tell you what the scale is saying. My Mom has one, but who knows if it is the 'same' as mine and I don't really want to go get neked in her bathroom first thing in the morning to weigh myself. Thought I did get on it tonight, fully clothed, after diner and I was about what I usually am in the might be 'holding' so far...or my Mom might have a kind scale...who knows. Next week; Monday to Sunday. I only have one 'eat out' meal to worry about. Some old friends and I are getting together for diner at a very good Italian that will be my only I plan to count next week and stay OP.

But off the weight loss note, I'm having a great time here. The weather is great and my dd is loving having a backyard to play in, and seeing all her cousins. Today we went to a local amusement park and it was a great time. DD was asleep before we left the parking lot! I've done a bit of shopping, yaaa, and hope to do some more, including hitting Ikea!!! (Glad I brought the truck!). I don't plan on shopping too much for me as I hope to lose, lose, lose and am planning a bigger shopping trip in Vegas in Nov. (4m away) so I should have a need for new things then.

Well I am off to bed...I hope to check in again soon...I'll be back to regular postings Fri. July 6th...Take care and I hope everyone is being a loser.


Calyn said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time... and sounds like you are doing the best you can food wise! Have fun, look forward to hearing more when you get back! :)

WeightBGone said...

Happy to hear you are having a wonderful time. It is hard to eat the healthy foods when someone else is in control of cooking but you are trying so thats the main thing. Keep enjoying your trip you can get back on track when you return home. :)