Thursday, June 5, 2008


No, i'm not 35 years old and 2 days...I'm down 35.2 lbs since starting WW (june 2007). And I'm in the "Twenties" woot woot.
Sorry on the short side, but nap times over...on to the diner rush...


Colette said...

I have the upmost respect for what you do after reading what you posted on my blog today! HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL???? I mean Damn girl...LOL. I raised 2 kids on my own and if I had 3 I would prolly jumped off a bridge bye now!! Seriously, mine 2 kids are 5 years apart so that did help I suppose, but you have 3 kids under the age of 2 yo? I just don't see how you would have time to eat at all!! I am 217 and I have the feeling you will be passing me up in no time!!
Oh and back to the kids....they are so worth it!!! I'd do it again a million times because when they wrap there arms around me and say "I wub you mommy" nothing int eh world compares to that!!!!
Hope you have a great day too!!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Look at the 20's. That's gotta make you feel great!