Sunday, June 15, 2008

Up.....WAYYYYYY up

So I think that day was just a fluke as I haven't seen a number that good in a couple days. Yesterday 227.4 today 228.8. I think today's WI is a direct result of yesterdays filling my face non-stop with chocolate and bread sticks. Did I mention AF will probably be officially arriving today? So that explains it but does not excuse it.

We'll just have to wait till AF is pretty much done and see what the scale says. 2 days in to this 'week' and I'm 14-18points in to my FP...Yikes! I have full intentions on going to the gym tomorrow. I will do my very best today... I think I just need to go upstairs and throw out the rest of the bread sticks I made yesterday (It was raining, I HAD to bake.. I thought I'd be safe with bread sticks, ummm NO)

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