Thursday, February 21, 2008

So just plugging along here...nothing exciting to say...still been too sick to work out, and I hate that. Also TOM is showing up, which is fine, I was wondering when she was coming, as she's a few days late. But maybe I'll see a shift on the scale with her arrival (or a few days after).
Hubby is on days off so just hang'n w/ him and the girls. We go for family pics tomorrow. I hope the 2 + 3 yo's don't act their age and things go well. Also I am having date night w/ hubby tomorrow night. I've already planned out my meal w/ the online nutritional guide I found online. I am quite excited to eat totally guilt free! I know how many points I need, I can eat accordingly though out the day and then indulge! Last time we went out I just *guessed* and felt I made a good choice (citrus shrimp salad) and I got home and found out about the nutritional guide....UMMMM 60 grams of FAT later! I was so disappointed. I could have had frys and a burger for almost the same points!

Tomorrow night I am having 11oz(12pts) or 8oz (9pts) steak, maybe frys (8pts) or garlic mashed potatoes (3pts) and if I have the lower point side, i'll probably have calamari (9pts) to start. So I figure I need to budge 20-26 pts.

Well I'm off to beddy dream of my steak........

(ps. yaaaa spell check is working again!!)

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WeightBGone said...

Have lots of fun with hubby on your date night. Hope your weekend goes well. :)