Monday, February 18, 2008

Helpful find

So I found this tool (via WW message boards) and it's quite handy and free! Click here It analizes your recipes and gives you nutritional break down! I just did my cookies in there and they are 4pts each..not that I was expecting them to be low...but just so I know, as I ate the last one this morning..

I had full intentions on going to the gym today; was all packed up, dressed in the gear (aka- had my 'the girls don't budge' bra on) and thought...hmmm maybe i'll call the gym just to confirm the child care it open (it's a holiday today here..but I did ask the lady on friday and she said it was open) well it's not. I am bummed because I so need to get back in to my routin. I guess I could get on my treadmil, but it's not the same... So instead of earning 4 AP's...I ate 4 points I didn't need. Blehhhh.

(hey anyone know why spell check isn't working? I hate not having it!!)


Tina said...

Hey at least you tried right? Kudos for that!

Steph said...

Now that the cookies are gone you can regain your focus. We all have needy moments when we crave a paticular thing....for me, it's better to go ahead and cave rather than eat around it for days and then cave in the end anyway.

Hang in there - tomorrow you can get back to the gym and that alone will make you feel more normal.

Even if you ate 4 points worth of cookie - you still have a great haircut!! HUGS!

Sarah said...

I thought spellcheck just wasn't working for me......