Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting There

So inch by inch, I'm getting back on track, and more importantly back to weight loss! I am 234.0 this morning. It did bounce in to the 233's but I had 234.0 consistently so I'll go with that. I can taste the 20's they are so close! I am taking a day off from the gym today, don't want to totally over do it, and then I will work out thurs + Fri. which will give me 4 days of work outs. I tryed really hard, and succeeded last night with not consuming any chocolate. I have such a weekness and I know i have to curb my after supper eating/snacking. Instead I opted for a berry smoothie with only frozen berries and a tbs of honey. (I didn't really like the honey but am trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners).

I also love now that I am back working out, I haven't even touch my flex points. I've earned more than enough AP's each day to cover my over daily #. The two weeks I didn't work out I went over both weeks on my FP's (by maybe 5).

Well I gotta get ready for my Dr's appt to check out my ear.

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Steph said...

You are doing GREAT!! I am soooo happy for you and am totally doing a Barbie dance!! WOOHOO - okay so my crazy cravings are better after getting off the artificial sweetener but I'm still struggling with chocolate......the only thing that will kill the craving is for me to eat a pickle - I'm kind of sick of pickles but I'm hoping that after a couple of weeks of abstaining I can learn to live without chocolate or at least learn to live with a smaller portion!

Again - congrats on doing so great. You are ROCKING!!