Sunday, February 24, 2008

I guess I'm pretty boring when I'm sick!

So still nothing to crazy exciting to post. I'm still not feeling 100% found out I ruptured my eardrum with my infection, hence the pain. I had some crazy gross stuff come out, (ha ha which I saved just to show hubby. He didn't want to look, but I made him. I guess I owe him one now. Probably to look at some giant poop he's had. YES he's asked me in the past and I've refused.) OK I know that was waaaaaay too much info for a weight loss blog...

So I just figured my weight loss for the past 4 weeks and it looks like it's between 3-4lbs. Which I wasn't too excited about. But I guess I have been sick...and haven't worked out hardly ever, and have gone over points/plan more than 1 occasion. I really WANT to get back on track, I feel like I am so close, even though I still have 60 lbs to loose, it feels attainable. And attainable by our anniversary (Nov) and/or Christmas. Either way, this year I will be at goal.

Not sure if I've mentioned this....but March will prove to be a stressfull/happy/pins and needles kind of month. The girls birth mom is pregnant again and due in March (16th). A DNA test needs to be done to determine paternity. If it's potential BF (birth father) #1, then we will be able to (and will) adopt baby. If it is potential BF #2 then the chances are slim as he wants to parent. Sooo we'll have to see how things go. I think I'm busy now...ha things could be ALOT different in 4 weeks (or maybe not but then we know that we are done and this is our family). Really I am good either way. I know that was is to be will happen. I know that I have the children that I am meant to have.

So we'll wait.....and see....and hopefully I don't eat too much chocolate in the mean time.

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I think it's great that you lost ANY weight, even while you were sick...

There must be quite a story there behind the girls and their birth mom if she's pregnant again and already planning to have you adopt... I'm curious and nosy and all of that!