Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A New Low

Well I think a day of working out, watching my sodium, and drinking water has helped me re-focus and get back on the weight loss. I am 234.4 this morning which is a total loss of 30.4 pounds, 14.8lbs since Jan 1st. So that equals an average of 1.85 lbs per week. It brings me average down since January, but I can blame that on being sick and not working out (and not staying strictly on plans, not drinking water, high sodium).

On another note...I read in the latest WW magazine that a good rule of thumb for reading nutritional info and deciding if sodium is 'high' or not is if it is 5% or LESS for your daily average percent thing (on the info label) then it is acceptable, but if it is more than 5% than it's probably too high and proceed with caution. I like this rule as I was kinda at a loss as to how much was too much sodium. Sodium is a hard thing to get away from! If it's not fresh meat or veggies/fruit, it has sodium!

Well time to get the crew ready for the gym...have a great day all.

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Steph said...

Congrats on hitting new lows!!! Way to go on hopping right back on the gym wagon.......you are doing incredible!