Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahhhhh nothing like getting back to your routin

So I realized this past week (my week of sickness) how attached I got to working out. Even though I was still dropping weight (even though I wasn't working out) I was dissablingted I couldn't work out. I felt like I was loosing all that I had worked for the past month an a half. I craved going to the gym, but I just had no energy. Today we finally went. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like crap, and have to blow my nose every ten minites and also cough up half a lung a day. But we went! I just did 45min of moderate to easy riding on the bike. I didn't want to kill my self, and it has been a whole week since my last work out so didn't want to shock my body. But sick and all it still felt really wonderful to get a sweat on!

I realized that I am confortably in the 30's now. With scale readings day and night in the 30's. That's huge!! It happened kinda fast, and I'm not sure when, but all I know is TWENTY'S HERE I COME!!! I figure that I can get to goal by my anniversary; Nov 1st 2008, but will give my self till Christmas (who's kidding who, till Dec. 1st then HOLD). But to realize that I can do it this year is a great feeling!

I think I want to take some more pictures. I did that online thing where you send in a before pic of you and they send you an after pic back. I wasn't too impressed with the after. They didn't get my body shape right at all (i'm a pear all the way and they 'aftered' me as an apple; these thunder thights ain't going nowhere, even after I drop 90 lbs)

Peace out, the girls are awake....

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