Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Mistake

So I made a mistake today. I thought I was being good, I had good intentions, and thought I was taking the high road. Let me begin by I love to bake, really love it. It is a bit more challanging with 2 toddlers that are right in there helping away. But I still love it. I also havent' baked since my Christmas baking. I thought hmm cookies, mmm to hard to resist, all that dough and then even if I get some made, they'll be gone soon. So hmmm what can I bake. Bread. Bread would be a good thing to bake. AHHHHH NOT. You try resisting warm, fresh out of the oven bread, with the butter only 2 ft away. The flesh is weak. Very week. I have no more Flex points left now, and to be honest, I probably went over by 3-5. I didn't even eat my chicken as I had devoured so much soft goodness.

oh well. Guess I just need to put my baking gloves up for a while.

(ps. My spell check is not working, sorry for the errors. I hate spelling)

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