Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back; me and the weight...

So i'm back from my little jaunt the beginning of this week (left sat afternoon, back wed. night) It was busy; always so much to do... and we went specifically for my one dd's Dr. appt. which went well but the test it's self (VCUG) was not fun.

So I ate, and ate and ate and ATE the entire time. Didn't help that af came, I was away from *my* kitchen, my step mom is a great cook, I am week for chocolate and fast food. I don't think I drank more than 1 cup of water the entire 4 days. Seriously. Why do I go so off kilter? I brought my work out gear, but of course had no time to work out. So today at the gym SUCKED as I feel like i'm back at square one.

Plus today was such a crappy day. Just really sucky.. the girls were driving me CRAZY, had me in tears this morning, which I hate and has only happened once or twice before.. some days I just don't like my life very much. Which I hate saying... but it's true. A tell-a-marketer called tonight at bedtime, and I told him, it was bed time and NOT a good time, so he asked if he could call earlier tomorrow, to which I replied "my life is hell right now, no time is a good time." I think he actually hung up on me, after a hurried "oh i'm sorry".
Sorry this is turning more in to a rant... i'll be fine in a day or two once the hormones level out and I get back in to my routine...oh and my back hurts to top it off...oh and I saw 227 this morning. blah.

ok good night....


Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Oh you poor thing....I can sympathize with those bad days...weeks. I've actually had time where I too just broke down in tears---sometimes for the silliest of things. It will get better!!! << HUGS >>

Colette said...

Lara when me and my hubby split up Rebecca was 6 months old and Josh was 5 yo. I remember being so over whelmed at times I would just sit in the middle of the floor and cry!!
Afterwards I always did feel better but on the other hand would also feel like I was a bad mother for having a "melt down". I had to come to the realization that yes I am a mother but I am also human....with emotions and feelings! There will always be days like that and its just a part of life. Now if I have one of my "melt downs" my kids are the first ones who will come to me and hug me and say "I love you mom...your a good mom and don't cry". And truely in the end all that matters is what your kids think!
Your a wonderful mother and a very loving person. Don't be so hard on yourself.... remember this saying when things get bad... "And this too shall pass". Things will get better my friend!!

Anonymous said...