Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This tag comes from MissJulynotyet .
I'm supposed to tell you 6 random things about me...

1~ I use to kick box; (back in 1997/1998) and retired undefeated. I fought competitors from Saskatchewan to East Los Angles. My last fight weigh in was 162lbs.

2~All 3 of my children were adopted, with much love, after finding out that husband has an extra X chromosome (XXY) that left him sterile.

3~I back-packed by my self to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia a few years after college for 11m.

4~I'm LDS

5~I have my college diploma in Fashion Design. (went to school in Toronto; righ out of high school)

6~I love being naked, even at 265lbs I could care less about being naked.

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My first time tagging ppl...here goes...
Diary of an Aspiring Loser


Michelle said...

Wow, yours are way interesting. A champion kickboxer? Neat! I'm adopted myself :) We actually have a similar reference in our list. You'll see when you read mine, which are up!

Colette said...

Lara you continously amaze me!! An undefeated kickboxer? Man I bet your hubby don't want some of that!! You'd put something on him AJAX wouldn't take off!! LOL

I love your post and the many interesting things you shared!!

Amanda said...

A champion kick boxer--now that is awesome! I bet no one messes with you! :)

zazu said...

kick-boxing - wow, that's impressive! We also have some things in common :)