Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not so Mad today...

So thinks are a bit better, for now...I got frustrated enough that I'm doing a 9 day cycle of my husbands Isagenix that he didn't quite finish. 2 day cleanse, 5 shake days (2 shakes, 1 meal) and 2 cleanse day. I needed to do something. Things seem to be moving, but I guess that will happen when you don't eat for 2 days (well I did have some nuts and hard boiled eggs) but I think it's what I and my body needed to get a shift going. Now that I'm on 'shake' days I will make sure I am eating my 26 pts. I come quite close to it with their program but just need to make sure I have some of the suggested 'nuts' for snacks. We all know those rack up the points. I think maybe I was eating too many treats (chocolate) with my points and maybe needed to cut back on eating flex points and activity points. So we'll see how things go!

So I'm on a 16 week count down to my cruise. I figure I could do a minimum of 16lbs lost (209lbs) to a max. of 32lbs lost (189lbs) THAT number seems insane to me that I could be that low by end of Oct. but that is only calculating a 2lbs WL per week. Honestly I seem to average out at 1.5lbs per week which would be 24lbs down (201lbs). So enough analyzing what I COULD do and just start doing!!

I'm back to the gym tomorrow, I hope to be back running my 3M but I haven't been able the past couple times (Thur. and Sat.) but will be there all the same!


MJ said...

I have found that when I get in a rut the best thing I can do is not think about the numbers and instead focus on active activities I like. I try to stay busy and when it's time to eat, I plan a healthy meal, and then I go do something else again. I've been in a bit of a rut lately too and am just now getting re-focused.

Thanks for your comments on my blog too! :)

I'm only 5'3" so my ideal weight is actually about 125- but I'm not that crazy, I'm aiming for 150 and then I'll see how it "fits me". I've always been very muscular, so I can't imagine myself smaller than that.

Learning to live a new healthy life... said...

Hi there, found your blog from DC&Z's comment page. I too was in a stand still for the past 6 months. HOWEVER, I found this exercise program called Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, and let me tell you it totally works. Check out my pics on my blog. In my first week I lost 1 pound and 2.5 inches (1.5 from my waist alone).

Give it a try to help with your loss. They claim you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days. I explain everything in my blog.

Good luck! And have faith, your doing GREAT!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you're sticking with WW while you do the shake. That way when the shake is over you'll still have the healthy eating plan. Did I already tell you I had a four month sort of stalled period? I'm so glad you're hanging in there!!

Miss July...not...yet said...

I totally think those numbers are a good goal for you. I did that for my cousins wedding. My mini goal was 1 lb per week and I am 3 lbs from it...and her wedding is still 4 weeks away so I think I got it.
Glad you are doing a little better.

Oh, and you have been tagged. Check out my blog. :-)