Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1/2 Way to a Healthy BMI

Yup today I am half way thru my battle with 'releasing' my excess weight (I don't want to lose it as when you lose something you tend to find it again someday). I have released 43.4lbs so far (since June 07) and I have 43.4lbs to release and I will be in the healthy BMI range!! I also only have 7lbs to release and I will not be considered obese anymore! Whoot whoot!

I'm heading out on vacation tomorrow so prob. won't be able to post much... I'll be back Aug 4/5th and will check in then... I think i'm going to bring my scale on vacation with me keep accountable; am I hard core or WHAT!


Michelle said...

Holy Toledo yes you are! Congrats on hitting the 1/2 way mark. I love that, "releasing" pounds ;)

Colette said...

Maybe I should have taken my scale to Florida with me???? Maybe I would not have had such a HUGE gain..LOL
Oh well it's all good. I have faith in Core and it's coming off asap!!
Hope your vacation is as awesome as mine!!

Colette said...

Just checking to see if you was back yet! I have missed you Lara!!! :)