Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I made it to the gym yesterday... and had a good 44min run. Did I tell you guys I got the Nike /Ipod thingy? I quite like it. It's awsome it tracks my work outs, it can even 'train' me if I decide. The weight is slowly coming back down. It really surpirzes me that I can gain that much in that short of time! really I went from 221.8 on Fri. to 227 on Thurs. Can I really blame all that on low water & AF? Or does 5 days of horrible eating really = 5 lbs gained...I think I have to realize I can't just go from one extream to the other (eating totally OP/good to fast food and chocolate all day long). I had a goal to be at 224 for July 1st, which I was... then my next goal was 214 for Aug 1st...ummm I don't think that will happen. and to look back and realize i'm at the exact spot I was at July 1st, and it's now 19 days later... is a big depressing! I guess I still have 2 weeks so I will *hopefully* be under 200 but at the same time we go on holidays July 24th...uhggg.


Michelle said...

Yes, I think you can blame a lot of that on AF. I gain 3-5 pounds during that time. Blech. But you're right, extremes are not good. Balance is good, chocolate is good, but with balance. With balance, it's all good. I'm a broken record today :)

John said...

"Did I tell you guys I got the Nike /Ipod thingy? I quite like it"

I really want the Ipod connector. I wish they had a deal with at least one company other than Nike. Nike's men's running shoes stink.