Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whoot Whoot

So went to the DR. today to request a cholesterol test (I have on the high side) and want to see if my weight loss and exercise is having a ++ impact on it. So Dr. weights me, at 4:30 in the afternoon, fully clothed and I was....drum roll please.... 219 and 3/4!!! I was so excited! His scale does weigh a few pounds lighter than mine, but to know I am that close to the teens on mine was exciting and felt great! Another good thing, is first he weighed me in kilograms and I was 99.7 so that means I just broke out of the triple digit's for kg's!!!

Oh I forgot to mention the other night I bought 2 dresses for my cruise (haven't even booked the cruise yet!) I couldn't resist, one was a cute t-shirt style knit dress, turquoise for $10, the second was a cotton short sleeve turquoise plaid button front with a cute little tie at the waist, again $10! I bought in REGULAR sizes one a large the other an XL, I can get both on and the button one mostly buttoned up but is very tight so I think it will look great in 20-30lbs, and I'll be in a regular XL, that to me is INSANE!


Colette said...

wooohooo you go girl!! Your going to look so awesome in those dresses, thinner and lighter when you hit that boat!! Watch out!! That's awesome motivation!!!!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

I thought about buying a bathing suit to give me some motivation for my Cancun trip---I think I just may do that since you bought your two dresses!!!

Michelle said...

That's what a ROCK STAR you are!! Awesome news. When will you hear about the cholesterol?