Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gym Time

So i've been 2 days in a row! Yesterday was a great day, you know the kind where you feeling like you could run forever, or your usual routine feels easy? I ran 45min (5min warm up) and sweated like a PIG and I loved every minute of it. I went today and well as soon as I started I knew it wouldn't be like yesterday, so I ran 25min, and biked 13min and did a couple sets of leg weights. I'm taking tomorrow off and then back thurs & fri as we are heading out of town Sunday to WEd. so I doubt i'll be able to squeeze in a work out, but i iwll bring my runners, just in case!
Also I got a Nano last night! I told hubby I was interested in getting the Nike Apple Sport ipod thingy and well he said ok! So now I just have to buy the Nike part when we are in a bigger centre next week! i'm excited for my new gadgets!

I feel really good about my new way of eating. I feel like i'm eating very clean, no processed food, artificial sweeteners, treats ect. I know the shakes are very processed but when I ease off them I feel ready to make more 'clean' meals and not so many processed ones. Even laying off the snack packs, thins, fugsicles, crystal light ect!

ok nap time for the kiddo's = couch time for tallmama!!

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Michelle said...

Oh I love it when the gym is like that. I hold on to those memories for the tougher times. And I LOVE new gadgets. Let's have a picture!