Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another boring post about Gym Time!

So another great day at the gym, 45min on the treadmill (7m walking/talking, 38min running) felt really good. So I think my body does pretty good if it can have a day off between runs...not saying I will do that, but just expect less on back to back work out days. So this is day #3 this week at the gym. I have full intentions on going to the gym tomorrow as well, so it will make it 4 days.

I think I am starting to pms...sore boobs ect so I am preparing myself for a lull in weight loss for a week or so. Trying to mentally prepare for that week of not much movement on the o'l scale.

Also I was reflecting on my struggles about 2 weeks ago regarding being so frustrated with maintaining...and I think the problem was I was just eating too many points. Plain and simple. I was eating my daily points (28) plus all AP's I earned plus a good portion of my flex points. That worked fine and dandy 30-40 pounds ago. But my body changed so my points needs changed. I needed to eat less points and exercise more. Wise old advice I know. These days I am eating right about 26pts a day... period. I might throw in a once a week splurge meal to stir things up, but for now this is what is working for me! I think we have to remember that our bodies are changing and evolving all the time and they adapt AMAZINGLY well to what ever we throw at them so we have to change it up all the time.


Brooke said...

Hey, found your site via MJ's site, via Michelle site... just thought I would let you know that I am reading along. It's cool to meet someone else in this weight loss battle that is also 5'11!! :)

Michelle said...

Glad you found something that works. Were you eating above 4 APs a day? Just curious. Our leader says no matter how many you earn 4 is the max you should be eating. Anyway, as long as 28 is working and you're not feeling bitter and deprived then do it. Are you eating no flex points either? If not, please consider adding a few back in. 28 Points a day is not enough for the long term, IMHO. And this is all about the long term.

Miss July...not...yet said...

sounds like you have an awesome plan! Great job on going to the gym so much. I need to follow in your footsteps.