Thursday, July 3, 2008

Talk About Some Up's and Downs!

So not sure how posting gets away from me.. but it does and I'm sorry... I keep thinking about blogging... "oh I should post about this...or that".

Well the first thing was that on July 1st (Canada Day, yah Canada) I weighed in at 224.6lbs!! That was 40.2 down (yes you may recall I posted this accomplishment a few weeks ago, but the weight did not stay off). So I was super pumped. The good think also was that I felt 224.6lbs meaning I finally felt a tiny bit slimmer than I had in a that was all good and fine till my BBQ that night. Now I didn't go hog wild, but I defiantly wasn't couting points. I knew I'd be up but 5bls come ON!! and day 2 of 229 is not making me happy. It seems like I touch in the #'s i'd like to be, then back up to these stink'n high 220's. It's PISSING ME OFF!!!

I missed 2 days at the gym (1st and 2nd) and got back on the wagon today, though it was a struggle and I could not run the 3miles that I had been doing, but all the same I went to the gym and I left sweaty, yah me.

So my Mom said (after I asked) that she would watch the kiddo's in Oct. for hubby and I to go on a CRUISE!!! I have been needing a vacation for awhile; I loooove traveling and haven't been away since Jan 07. (I know it's not that long ago). So we are looking at a 4 day Bahamas cruise out of Miami. I get so excited just thinking about it. Anybody cruise before? Hubby's been on 1 and I haven't' been before. We are just doing a shorter one as it's our first time leaving the kids and for us to fly to Miami is a good day's travel so it's a 6-7 day trip. Any parent knows that even 1 day away is rejuvenating in it's self so 4 will be magical! It's also the week before our 6 year anniversary so we'll tie that in too! So another reason to stick with the program, even thru my frustration!!


Colette said...

OMG thats awesome!! Talk about inspiration and motivation... well you just got it sister. Lara you could be well under 200 by then!! You can so do this!
I have never been on a cruise but I will one day! I ditto your comments about even one day away is rejuvnating and you and your hubby deserve some time away!!
Awww I'm so jealious! I do hope you have a great time and enjoy yourself!!

zazu said...

You will love the cruise! Although 4 days will not be long enough ;) Enjoy!