Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Post

So we're getting there....244 this morning. It touched back in the 243's but I couldn't do it consecutively. I have a funny thing of weighing 3 times, and then I need to see the same # twice to 'believe' it. Funny how much the scale can fluctuate getting on and off it. And I haven't done any 'business yet' which I usually like to have done before I weigh in. So I probably won't see the 30's at next weigh in, but that's fine, I should by Feb.

I am defiantly going to have some treats today, my 1/2 a me day. I am thinking a chocolate bar at the show. I had their popcorn last time and unfortunately it wasn't worth the points. I'll also have a diet pop, but that is not really indulging. hmmm don't know what else I could have...I like to try and have a day or 2 that is high points but I've been barely been able to eat me AP's never mind touching my FP's!!!

I am going with a friend today, she also wants to stop by an open house around the corner. We actually live about 7-8 houses away from each other, which is nice. and it's her daughter who is babysitting my girls. Also hubby *might* be home early-ish today so if he is I might just stay out till he gets the girls to be, ha ha. I don't know what I'd do, go work out again, go get groceries and be really slow about it?

Oh and I had BOTH girls wake up last night around 12:30am, not sure why or who was first but it wasn't fun being up, as they have both slept so good for a long time. Keera didn't settle back down for about 2h, so I had to go in a couple times. Not sure what the problem was...just hope it's over and done with tonight!!

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Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I love that you call it business. That's just too funny... Have a good half YOU day!