Monday, January 7, 2008

The joys of motherhood

Pre-curser, if you don't enjoy "joy's of parenting" antidotes, don't worry about reading this post.

So I am potty training my 35m old dd. (that equals almost 3yo!!) and we are on day 5 today, last night the end of day 4 we FINALLY had something in the potty, poop! yaaa. So today we go all day with nothing in the pot and a couple pee accidents. So I know she has to go pee at super so I remove her booster seat and replace it with the potty. She's eating away and then is "done" "done" so I go over and she is half way getting out of her chair, with her foot in the potty and low and be hold, there is liquid in it. I realize her apple juice is just about empty so I wonder; is it pee or is it apple juice. I don't want to giver her a prize for pouring her apple juice in her potty. So how do I figure out what it is you ask? Well I tried smelling, that didn't work, so I dipped my finger in it, warm, yup it's pee.
I love motherhood some days.

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Colette said...

hahaha.....oh yes the JOYS of MOTHERHOOD! Been there and done that! But it's so worth it!!