Sunday, January 6, 2008

So I was right

The scale was up a bit this morning, which I kinda thought it would. But still I kinda wonder why it went so low on Friday? Weird. I am 246 which is still great, that still means just over a 3lbs lose so far this new year. I also made it to the gym yesterday for another good work out; I was on the treadmill for 30 min and did 10 1-minute walk cycles. Then I hoped on the bike for 10 min. I am still a bit perplexed on how to count my AP's. What I am doing is an average between High and Moderate...for now. After a month or so I'll drop it down to just moderate as my body will be getting accustom to it by then.

Also my husband got a buddy from church to help him move the treadmill back inside today! That will be interesting with the toddlers, I'll have to see if they will *let* me work out. At minute I should be able to wake up early and do some exercise. I feel really motivated and pumped this time and hope this lasts! Not sure why but I just do. It also truly feels so good to work out, I think that helps!

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